Apartment Therapy made a house call!

Apartment Therapy made a house call!


One of my all time fave sites — Apartment Therapy — made a house call!

They shared some highlights of my home and asked me to talk about my inspiration, favourite rooms and what I’m most proud of — essentially what I love about my home!

It’s a quick read with photos of our kitchen, master bedroom, guest bedroom and ensuite. Check out the Apartment Therapy house call here and feel free to drop a comment!

Style Curator Apartment Therapy

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  1. So cool!!!!!! I’ll pop by and have a look 🙂

  2. So awesome. Well done Gina. What a beautiful home you have created!

    • Gina Ciancio

      Thanks so much Anthea! It’s taken quite a few months to settle in but I feel like I’m finally making progress and finishing the house, yay!

  3. Gins may I ask what colour light your down lights are – are they 3000k warm white or a higher Colour. I was looking at 4000k but proving difficult to source. Thanks

  4. Hooray go you! Lots of lovely comments on the house tour too 🙂