Gina Ciancio, voice of STYLE CURATOR, share’s her home build journey; Demolishing an ex-guvvie house to make way for an architectural home.

Front of our house getting bricked up

Construction Update 8: Bricks and Windows

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that our block was little more than a concrete slab. Since the last construction update, all the windows and doors on the first floor of both houses have been delivered and installed. Talk about a moment of excitement and relief to see all […]

Kitchen inspiration

Time to Start Planning the Kitchen

The slab to our house has just been poured and now it’s already time to start planning our kitchen… and I need your help! I’ve been keeping up with all your comments on the articles we publish and know you’re a bunch of incredibly stylish people! I’m asking you to […]

House demolition

Construction Update 2: House Demolition

They came in like a wrecking baaaaalll… All I could hear in my head as our house crumbled was Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ song. In one morning our ex-guvvie house was brought down to rubble, by the end of the day half the debris was removed from site to be […]