Gina Ciancio, voice of STYLE CURATOR, share’s her home build journey; Demolishing an ex-guvvie house to make way for an architectural home.

Kitchen inspiration

Time to Start Planning the Kitchen

The slab to our house has just been poured and now it’s already time to start planning our kitchen… and I need your help! I’ve been keeping up with all your comments on the articles we publish and know you’re a bunch of incredibly stylish people! I’m asking you to […]

House demolition

Construction Update 2: House Demolition

They came in like a wrecking baaaaalll… All I could hear in my head as our house crumbled was Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ song. In one morning our ex-guvvie house was brought down to rubble, by the end of the day half the debris was removed from site to be […]

Pre demolition

Construction Update 1: Pre-Demolition

The demolition date to knock down our ex-guvvie house is locked in — Monday 8 September 2014. After more than a year of design, construction applications, costings and dealing with banks and waiting for approvals, we finally have the green light to knock our house down and start with the […]