Underside of Chestnut pendant in pink

Giveaway: Win One of Two Chestnut Pendant Lights

You know we love to spoil our readers and thanks to our friends at Curious Grace, we are giving two lucky people the chance to win a Chestnut pendant light by Studio Snowpuppe in your choice of colour.

We included this pendant in our ‘Top 10 must have home decor items 2015‘ post the other week and now you can be leading the design trend by winning one for your home.

Pendant light
You can select your favourite colour

Hand folded in The Netherlands and made from FSC certified butterfly paper, this pendant light comes with a 3m long grey fabric cable and E27 porcelain socket.

We can imagine this light looking great in any room of the house but especially your study or living area!

How to enter:

We’re making this giveaway easy peasy! Simply subscribe to our free weekly e-newsletter community and comment below or on one of our social posts to say what colour pendant you would like.

Competition closes midnight Thursday 26 February and we will draw and announce the winner on Friday 27 February 2015.

Valued at $159 each, hurry and enter now!

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Note: If you are already part of our e-newsletter community, you do not need to subscribe again. Just comment below or on one of our social posts about the pendant lights to say what colour is your favourite.

Underside of Chestnut pendant in pink
Underside of Chestnut pendant in pink

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  1. catrina murray

    Love the Pink!!!!

  2. Adore the pink and would love to have it in my new house!!!

  3. Hola, thanks for sharing such beauty!
    I love all colours!

  4. Oh my…I LOVE these!!! I just went on a massive homewares splurge, this grey pendant would top it off just nicely πŸ˜‰

  5. love the crisp simplicity of the WHITE

  6. Love the white, beautiful and classic πŸ™‚

  7. Love them all! But I think classic white would be the best choice for my new house – my living room needs a stunning pendant!

  8. White! Or grey! Or mint! Or pink! Oh no – soooo hard! Let’s say white! x

  9. MINT! What a colour! And you know that’s a big deal for me to say when I’m the pink queen!! I love these competitions, everything is always stunning!!

  10. Ooohhhh its a tough choice! But think the white- classic and stunning!

  11. Love the white – stylish and classic!

  12. White would be perfect for my place!


      Kaitlyn, Belinda and Nicole all opting for white! Like you say, a stylish and classic choice that is sure to work beautifully in any space πŸ™‚

  13. Amy Petersen

    the pink please to go with my pink room.

  14. Kathryn Tupper

    oh the grey one, or the mint one these are beautiful and hypnotic. Love the precision and aesthetic appeal of them all. They are real thinker pieces.

  15. Narelle Rock

    the mint coloured is just divine.

  16. Gabrielle McKenna

    White is so gorgeous and clean, cant go wrong!

  17. Love the grey <3

  18. Would love to win one of these! White or grey are my pick, they’d go perfectly with the new office I’m setting up πŸ™‚

  19. Mint is gorgeous!

  20. White

  21. Love the pink, so pretty

  22. White please and thank you in advance :p

  23. Adrienne Harries

    Grey would be perfect in my home

  24. Green would be nice

  25. Jet Pesquiza

    Grey looks perfect for my room that I’ll be redecorating before uni starts again!

  26. Amanda Santoro

    These are just stunning! I love the green x

  27. I love the mint one

  28. Mint please! Love them all!

  29. Rebecca McKenna

    Mint green is absolutely gorgeous. My dream is to convert our new home – which is a shabby little terrace house at the moment – into a modern, sophisticated but feminine love nest. That mint green lamp would go incredibly well with white and rose pink striped walls… Candy shop style… As crazy as that sounds. Absolutely love it and would LOVE to win. Thanks for the opportunity.


      Wow, talk about some brave design choices to really show off your personality Rebecca! We hope your renovation dream comes true πŸ™‚

  30. Amelia Kingston

    White is the best, almost retro, and perfect for a vintage/modern house!

  31. Julia Beschorner

    The mint is such a fresh pop of colour!

  32. Elizabeth Cameron

    The Chestnut pendant light is always pretty in pink.

  33. Natalie Scott

    Simplicity and freshness in white.

  34. Love the white as my house is so clean it would embrace it haha

  35. I like the grey pendant.Grey is said to be a calming colour,great for setting the mood in the room.

  36. Would love a little minty fresh in my home!! xx

  37. White is always right:)

  38. Ashley Sims

    These pendants are so chic and simplistic ! The white would go perfect in my daughter River’s nursery <3 (: #PrincessRiverneedsthis

  39. Grey! love all the colours but grey will suit the living room of my new house. so ecited to start decorating with one of these chestnut pendants

  40. I love the mint one!

  41. Grey would be the bomb! Pretty please

  42. Grey yes please!

  43. Plain White would match my house perfectly!

  44. Alyssa Robertson

    The grey would look amazing in my hallway!!!

  45. The pink lady! It’s delish!

  46. I love the grey.

  47. I love them all!!!!!

  48. White is white hot and would style in well any colour in the room!

  49. All very beautiful colours, the grey would go best with everything in my house, but I love love the beautiful, calming green colour, maybe I could change my furniture to match the pendant?

  50. White would look amazing

  51. Such a difficult choice, they are all gorgeous. Then I thought about how the colours would evolve when lit. Think I will have to choose classic, crisp white , thanks!!


      He he Kim, it’s hard to pick when they’re all soooo pretty πŸ™‚ Classic white seems to be most popular though!

  52. Shelley Chandler

    I love all of the colours, but particularly the white and grey!

  53. Love them all! But if I have to choose, classic white would be the one. Can’t go wrong!

  54. What a great giveaway! I would love the mint pendant sooo much! These are so beautiful and would add a fantastic pop of colour to my study. Fingers crossed xxx

  55. That Mint green pendant is so gorgeous. It would complement my retro decor wonderfully!

  56. I love the white one!

  57. Mandy Graham

    Pink or Mint. Stunning. xxx

  58. graham buckingham

    My daughters would love this in their room to share!

  59. Wendy Gilroy

    We would LOVE the white pendant light for our kids playroom – just so gorgeous and contemporary! x

  60. Love the Grey!!!

  61. Catherine Cannon

    The mint would be perfect for my daughters room.

  62. Tina Clausen

    Pretty in Pink please, gorgeous :-).

  63. Love the white! Classic but still interesting.

  64. All the colours are beautiful but I would love to choose the white because I rent and have recently updated all the light fittings with paper lantern style shades (at my own expense) and this would be a perfect update and still complement my current shades; some stunning style amongst the simply cheap style!

  65. These Chestnut pendant lights are glorious. The grey one would be my pick for sure.

  66. Kira Bongetti

    I love the pink! Beautiful!


    We are currently renovating our home…The grey pendant light would look exquisite in our spare room, like a burst of colour against all-white.

  68. Caroline Lissaman

    Love my all time favourite colour. Feminine and pretty pink!

  69. Diana Aleksovska

    The white definitely πŸ™‚

  70. i would like white please

  71. kirbie caldwell

    White would be perfect for my shop

  72. grey, could go anywhere

  73. Cindy Chandra

    White! This will suit my new soon-to-be-completed new home which has light grey wall and white cabinets. As it’s a small house, I’ll definitely have this over my kitchen table so every visitors could see this stunning pendant!

  74. They are all delicious and appeal to my heat so I would choose mint green as green is the colour of the heart chakra.

  75. Green for me please ! And I shall be green with envy if some other person should win this fantastic prize.

  76. Grey is a nice neutral colour, and this is a lovely shade (pardon the pun). Elegant and stylish – simply beautiful!

  77. Love the grey – it’s so classy and would be perfect in my hallway

  78. Debra-Lee Chester

    Silver!! This would match is beautifully with our new master bedroom we are renovating at the moment!!

  79. Such a beautiful pendant!! I love the swirling detail when looking at it from the underside.

    The mint one would be amazing in my bedroom which I am trying to convert from drab and cluttered, to modern and sophisticated but with a few main features of colour in a pendant (such as this one) and some cushions I picked up really cheap.


      There’s nothing like a bedroom makeover! And like you say, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to transform a space to become fab! Have fun redecorating πŸ™‚

  80. Love the grey, would go lovely in my house!

  81. xzavia green

    Loving the mint green

  82. Mint looks pretty pastel sweet to me πŸ™‚

  83. The white is clean and fresh, bit of art deco simplicity.

  84. Omigosh – in love! I’d love a pink one for our super stylish mini diva (aged 3).

  85. I love the grey one!

  86. Laura Climatianos

    The white is an absolutely stunning statement piece!

  87. Gorgeous colours, I think I can’t go past the versatility of the white

  88. shannan sullivan

    pink or mint please

  89. I like white because it’s bright!

  90. The mint is cutest by a mile

  91. The white will be a stylish way to reflect the light

  92. ngaire burgess


  93. I like the whtieeeeeeee

  94. The pink is by far the best. So romantic!!

  95. I can’t decide between the pink and white! Let’s go with… pink!

  96. Claire Langley

    Mint Green please. Very trendy colour right now.

  97. Kristie Seeger

    White please. X

  98. Mint please πŸ™‚

  99. I’d love the grey please – neutral and on trend. They are gorgeous!

  100. Wow these pendants are so uniquely stunning! the white would love so stylish in our bedroom, love these!!

  101. Love the pink but I think grey would look fantastic with my reddish dΓ©cor.

  102. The mint green would brighten up any room!

  103. CATHY Bowdler

    Beautiful shades, The Grey would be terrific in my family room.

  104. I’m loving the green!

  105. The grey looks fab!!!!!!

  106. Teagan horrocks

    Love love love the mint πŸ™‚

  107. Rosslyn Tadd

    Mint green for gorgeous dreams. That’s my favourite.

  108. Love love looooooooove the white colour!

  109. Cathryn Goldstone

    I Love the Grey, this would tie in fantastically with out black, yellow, white and grey master bedroom.

  110. White please πŸ™‚

  111. oooooh, grey would be perfect for the new nursery! <3

  112. Come into my fold! I have a lonely bulb waiting for a friend. I think the grey would look great against my navy walls over the dining table. Thanks for the opportunity.

  113. I love the pretty grey, its a staple every day. Subtle but fun, will be the perfect lighting choice for the little one to come!

  114. Michelle Field

    so nice!! grey please

  115. Jacinta O'Neill

    I am a pink girl through and through, and if my partner won’t have it in our room it will be perfect for our baby girl!

  116. Rhiannon Green

    Beautiful fresh Grey please

  117. Loving the white. Beautiful and classic. It will never go out of style

  118. Stef Santalucia

    The Pink Chestnut Pendant Light is just what I’ve been looking for!

  119. Cheryl Moulton

    I love these shades and my choice would be the grey, this would look perfect in my dining room xx

  120. Would so love the pink for my little girls room, thank you.

  121. It’s a hard decision but I’m going with the white or the mint!!!!! Great comp Style Curator, THANKYOU πŸ™‚

  122. I think the white would really glam up the boring ceiling πŸ˜€ I just love it!

  123. The Pink Pendant is to die for! Perfect match for the color palette in my home πŸ™‚

  124. Like all colours

  125. Laura Scriven

    White πŸ™‚

  126. i think the grey suits my eclectic decor (but i’d make them ALL suit it – dagnammit!) cheers!

  127. Kell Ballinger

    I’d love to be daring and say Ice Mint….but the grey is perfect for our home.

  128. I have equal parts love for the grey and mint, but I’d have to go with the grey.

  129. I would love pink!

  130. Loving the mint! — Very fresh —

  131. How gorgeous are all the colours but a grey one would enhance my son’s room. So grey for me!

  132. Grey please

  133. I can’t get over how pretty the pink one is! I’d love to hang it above my bed; I’d always be staring up at it and admiring the intricacy of the folds. These lights really are works of art.


      Careful Sarah, you might not get to sleep hanging it there – too busy staring at how pretty it is to get to sleep πŸ˜‰

  134. Michele Collins

    I can’t decide either pink or mint but daughter likes the gray

  135. I like the warmth of the pink

  136. White for sure!

  137. sheldyn warwick-hart

    LOVE the Grey and the white! But i’d be happy with any of them. As an interior design student this is a dream chance to win!!

  138. Love all of them but would choose the White so it will always go with the theme of my room!!

  139. Aah, I love all of them! White would definitely go the best in my home though.

  140. love the grey

  141. Shellie Reid

    The gorgeous MINT colour would deLIGHT!!!

  142. White, pure and simple

  143. Michelle Williams

    white for my scandinavian / monochrome growing home

  144. White please

  145. Micaela Tomalin

    They are all so perfectly pretty, but i would have to say white!

  146. White to go with my study

  147. Mint Green is gorgeous

  148. The grey would be a beautiful feature in our study. We start renovations in June and are seeking those perfect statement pieces to make our home both fabulous and truly ours.

  149. Maria Goodman

    They all look lovely.
    But Pink or Green would suit my monochrome styled home as I’ve been told i need to add more colour.

  150. Stephanie Gatt

    Loving the mint! Stunning

  151. All of them are gorgeous, though the white pendant would have to be my favourite. Perfect for my scandi inspired home!

  152. I love the grey!!

  153. Phillip Cunningham

    Green as it would go so well in our lounge room.

  154. Alison Milford

    Just bought a renovators delight and I am thinking I could build a room around the white pendant. Though all colours are amazing πŸ™‚


      Such a great idea Alison. Always wise to select your ‘hero’ piece first and build the room around it πŸ™‚

  155. I love the green one!

  156. Kathleen Willes

    Love the Green!


      Olivia and Kathleen both loving the green – the colour we picked when we designed our Top 10 must-have home decor 2015 post πŸ˜‰ Good luck ladies!

  157. Karen Thompson

    It is a toss up between the white and grey for me. But I will go with the white please πŸ™‚

  158. Rebecca Carson


  159. natalia grana

    love the white. so crisp and clean

  160. Love all the colours cos the design is so perfect but will have to favour Green πŸ™‚

  161. Grey please! πŸ™‚

  162. I love all of them but the white is my favourite!

  163. White would work beautifully in my family room πŸ™‚

  164. Belinda Robins

    The white looks great and would fit in at home

  165. monica scurlock


  166. Patricia Harkin

    Just love the green!

  167. White hot hehe. We love white. Just beautiful!

  168. The pink would be the perfect finishing touch to my daughter’s bedroom.

  169. White πŸ™‚

  170. I would love the white pendant, or maybe the pale green, I think I need both, wishful thinking!

  171. Melanie Vassallo

    The PINK is perfect !!

  172. My wife would love the grey chestnut light!
    She swears she can make her own, but she’s so busy it will never happen.
    Help me give her one, I hate to hear her sigh when she looks at our current dissapointment πŸ™‚


      Oh no Ralph, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you have a disappointment in your home. Fingers crossed you can put a smile on your wife’s face πŸ™‚


    Grey would be perfect for me, hide the dust and blend beautifully with the colours I have used throughout the home.

  174. Grey would be the best colour to match the dΓ©cor of any room in my home!

  175. White is oh so lovely and bright!

  176. Pink so I can girlify my house some more

  177. Purple or blue if available

  178. Rachel Sciberras

    So cute! I like the grey

  179. Love the Mint Green, will really freshen up my lounge room.

  180. The white is crisp and elegant.

  181. Simone Holloway

    Oh the grey is just stunning!

  182. Heather Stewart

    So lovely! would love the grey!

  183. The white and grey are stunning! Love love love!

  184. Love the mint!

  185. Sophie Brennan

    White for sure…. will be awesome although i may have to buy it a twin to put over my dining table πŸ™‚

  186. White please! Love it!!

  187. White please! Absolutely gorgeous!

  188. Would love the White!!!!

  189. Would love the White!!!!

  190. I would love the grey.

  191. Frances Last

    I would love to win the light green Pendant Light. I have high ceilings in the kitchen and dining rooms and this is kind of light I have been looking for.


      Wow, that would look stunning and with a 3m cord included with the pendant light it could definitely work πŸ™‚

  192. christine morros

    I love them all, I think the Green would blend in with the rest of my decor, Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  193. White please! I can put it anywhere, if not everywhere!

  194. Definitely the white.

  195. Jessica Ashbrooke

    Love the pink it’s super cute

  196. White please πŸ™‚

  197. Christina Nikoloska

    I’ve just discovered you and i love your website.
    My husband and I both like the green. Very pleasing and soft to the eye… makes me feel relaxed.
    Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to have the pleasure of them being in our home.

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