WIN Set 2 Nathan + Jac Cushions, STYLE CURATOR Birthday Giveaway #4

WIN Set 2 Nathan + Jac Cushions, STYLE CURATOR Birthday Giveaway #4

As if one giveaway a day isn’t enough, we’re excited to announce our next birthday giveaway in celebration of our 1st birthday — your choice of set 2 Nathan + Jac cushions!

Valued at up to $225, you won’t believe how stylish these latest release Nathan + Jac cushions sets are!

This giveaway has now closed.

We recently featured Nathan + Jac when they launched their debut collections — Monochrome, Envy and Wild Heart — featuring carefully curated cushions, artwork, homewares, books, furniture and rugs.

WIN Set 2 Nathan + Jac Cushions

WIN Set 2 Nathan + Jac Cushions

How to WIN set 2 Nathan + Jac cushions:

– Choose your favourite set 2 Nathan + Jac cushions from their collection

– Follow Nathan + Jac and STYLE CURATOR on Instagram

– Comment below ↓↓ to tell us which cushion set you chose.


*Note: only open to Australian and NZ residents. Competition closes midnight Friday 31 July. Winner will be drawn randomly. We will be checking Instagram handles when we announce the winner.

Hurry and enter now for your chance to win set 2 Nathan + Jac cushions!

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  1. Happy 1st birthday yet again! Who couldn’t go past the Zoe and Isabelle set? These two pillows are a deep dreamy blue and will draw attention to anyone’s eye. Hoping these can find a special spot in my new home to be!


      Ohhhh gorgeous choice Laura! How exciting you’re about to move into your new home! Be sure to enter all our giveaways – we’ll be announcing lots more soon 🙂

  2. Brooke Whitehead

    Leah and Lilly! Pink tones

  3. The cushion set I love is the Audrey & Minnie!!

  4. Ying Ying Tan

    Love Lexi and Minnie – done!

  5. Cassandra

    Leah & Lily! But they’re all divine!

  6. Beautiful cushions. My pick would be the Leah and Lily Or the Audrey & Minnie. @mrsmummabrown is my Insta tag

  7. Amber Christie

    Love love love the Leah + Lily set!

  8. i’m totally in love with the cloe & mia combo – a simple yet elegant pair!

  9. If I have an Australian shipping address (soon to be Australian resident again) can I enter? The Leah and Lily set is tempting me! It would be perfect in my daughter’s glamorous new bedroom.


      Hi Johanne, absolutely! How soon do you think you’ll be in your house by the water? Love following your building progress 🙂

      • Thank you Gina! Theoretically, we should have house keys in October, but the builders seem to be about 3 months off schedule!! They tell me they are still aiming for October, but I find it hard to imagine how they can make up so much time.

  10. Chan Sutherland

    Chloe and Mia are pretty special. Love the soft colours and textures. Happy Birthday!

  11. The Audrey and Minnie set is gorgeous!!!

  12. My pick is the Zoe and Isabelle cushion set, beautiful colour combo!

  13. Sarah Bennett

    Dolly & Minnie for sure! That gorgeous dusty pink and matte silver is so pretty 🙂 they look perfect to snuggle into whilst reading my fav book on the lounge!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! How exciting! EEEE! We love love love love Leah + Lilly! They would fit perfectly in at Merrymaker Land! XOXOX

  15. Katrina Bohan

    Oh my goodness! Monochrome perfection in Kara and Inka! So amazing! Happy first birthday Style Curator x

  16. Just had a look at Nathan and Jacs gorgeous decor and after ummming and ahhhing over them all I decided the monochrome set of cushions would look best sitting on my sofa! Thank you

  17. Kara and Inka

  18. Leah and Lily I love!! They would fit perfectly in my home 🙂 Thanks

  19. Audrey and Minnie are absolutely fab! I don’t believe there is such thing as too many cushions in a home, especially in winter! P.s congrats on the 1st birthday !


      Thanks Kat for the birthday wishes and we have to agree, there’s no such thing as too many cushions 😉

  20. Would welcome Audrey and Minnie into my home any day!

  21. Love Lexi and Minnie

  22. Esther Khaleesi & Skye have my vote, gorgeous winter wonderland ice colours. Love!


      That set is gorgeous Tennille but it’s a triple cushion set and this giveaway is for your choice of 2 set… which of the 2 sets would you choose? 🙂

  23. Loving the Zoe and Isabelle in Envy set. Theres nothing better than being able to change up the cushions on your couch every few months and it just lifts your whole living room!

  24. monica scurlock

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

    Love Audrey & Minnie

    Haved followed both on Instagram – jonmic2

  25. Ellie Aitken

    I think this throw is awesome i totally love the colours in it.It looks like it would be beautiful to cuddle under.l think every-one would love one of these throws

  26. salvatore

    Lexi and minnie. Suiting my decor to perfection.

  27. Leah & Lily! Soft & pretty

  28. Laura Powers

    @laurafpow on instagram following and liked on fb – I love ZOE & ISABELLE perfect colours for my lounge

  29. kz supreme

    Kara and Inka , super 😀

  30. Love the “Chloe and Mia” cushion set!

  31. Leah and lily is so beautiful!! I can picture it perfectly in my living room.

    Following both on instagram, under ying_lovestodance.

  32. Audrey and Minnie both stylish yet so sophisticated and stylish. Reminds me of growing up of film stars and glamour and old Hollywood charm. Love to introduce charm and sparkle to our home. Following on Instagram under saltystarfish

  33. Zoe & Isabelle. Love the sophisticated yet elegant style.

  34. jody buhagiar

    Rebecca and Lily. Great colour combination.

  35. Rebecca and Lily are a perfect match. Happy birthday! Great giveaway.

  36. Oooh, I love Audrey and Minnie, I love all the colours.

  37. Lucy Marshall

    I have a cushion crush on Nathan & Jac and love their collection. Our couch is currently cushionless so Chloe & Mia would feel right at home!

  38. Jill Walton

    I am green with envy for the PETA & ANNABELLE set.

  39. blakester

    Chloe & mia , the colours are wonderful. Happy Birthday!

  40. tizzerina

    Lexie and Minnie is my fav <3

  41. irene fernandas

    In love with PHOENIX, LEXI & LISA .

  42. catherine burns

    ZOE & ISABELLE , gorgeous!

  43. Rebecca and Lily would be very much looked after in my house! Only for the “good room” of course. Love Everything Nathan & Jac x

  44. ashlee ford

    I would love the LEXI & MINNIE cushions , they are divine!

  45. Monochrome all the way! Although Envy is pretty gorgeous too! Look forward to stalking the IG feeds 🙂 jessbradford80 (private acct)

  46. Joel Challis

    Monochrome! Love these 🙂

  47. Lorraine Redfern

    Loving the colours of Peta & annabelle.

  48. Carlee brake

    Grace + isabelle DIVINE! Entered and followed!

  49. The Kara and Inka work in perfectly with my colour palette – love the Leah and Lilly too though

  50. Soooo hard to just choose two…….
    Lisa and inka would be fab
    Great birthday giveaway x

  51. Pauline Stewart


  52. Followed, LOVE Lisa + Inka!!!!!

  53. Alyssa Robertson

    Lisa and Inka would look amazing on my sofa!

  54. melanie whittle

    Followed on instagram as operationhotmother
    I love the Kara and Inca cushion set

  55. Kirsten larkin

    Rebecca & lily

    I’ve entered and liked everything for added entries! Thanks so much! Happy birthday!

  56. I love Rebecca & lily 🙂


    following 😀 @fuzzybunni90

  58. Christina Bishop

    Rebecca & Lily. Happy Birthday Style Curator! Congratulations on your success so far! xx

  59. Entered and followed all on instragram (handle is turquoisekestrel)

  60. lynne lillington

    Lisa and Inka would set off my red .black and white decor and Happy Birthday Style Curator

  61. Susan Ferguson

    Phoenix, Lexi and Lisa would look great on my black leather lounge!


      We love that trio too Susan but this giveaway is for your choice of 2 set cushions from their collection 🙂 Which of their duo sets would you pick?

  62. Pam Harrison

    Gorgeous. I love cushions. On the bed, on the couch. They make things interesting!

  63. Dolly and Minnie are sweet and look soft. Liked on FB

  64. Following both 🙂 Love the LISA & INKA pillows!

  65. I love AUDREY & MINNIE, I can already see them on my lounge with me relaxing in contentment.

  66. Loving Leilani 1 and Scarlet

  67. Laura Caygill

    I absolutely adore the LISA & INKA and think it would go wonderfully with my current bedroom suite!

  68. gained bonus entries

  69. Bettina Brent

    Follow already, love Leah and Lily xx

  70. Lucy Robins

    love Leah & Lily!

  71. Justine Drake

    so pretty! Done 🙂

  72. Katie McInnes

    They are stunning! Too match the house I would probably go Esther, Khaleesi and Skye 🙂


      Gorgeous choice Katie but this giveaway is for your choice of 2 set cushion – which of the duos would you pick? 🙂

  73. Crystal Marie Donohue

    Leilani I & Scarlett cushions please! 🙂

  74. Audrey and Minnie are just gorgeous!

  75. Meryem Celik

    Lisa & Inka
    For my rockstar

  76. Following both.
    Love the Leah and Lilly set. So pretty!

  77. Chloe and Mia!

  78. Or perhaps Leah & Lily

  79. Karen Thompson

    Entered and following. Love the Lexi and Minnie set. Thanks

  80. Dolly & Minnie

  81. Katherine

    Happy Birthday! If I’m lucky I would choose the Audrey & Minnie set, followed on insta @jonkonnu

  82. Loving Audrey & Minnie x (@jdya)

  83. Elizabeth Archer

    Liked and followed on Instagram…and would absolutely LOVE the Audrey & Minnie cushion set!

  84. Love the Dolly & Minnie 🙂

  85. Stunning cushions! Leilani I & Scarlett are my favourite though 🙂 Happy 1st B’Day!

  86. Eva Kiraly

    Kara & Inka 🙂

  87. Chloe & Mia.
    Long time follower of Nathan + Jac

  88. Cocoa Loco

    Loving the Lexi & Minnie set, simply divine!

  89. Dolly and Minnie, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and followed both on instagram

  90. LISA & INKA

  91. I am obsessed with nathanjac. Loved their cushions in this months inside out. My pick if I was so lucky would be Zoe & Isabelle. They are stunning.

  92. Catherine Chugg

    Leah & Lily pretty please!

  93. Oh, so hard to choose, there are a few I adore!

    I would go for the Dolly and Minnie though – just gorgeous.

    Following Nathan + Jac … and Stylecurator of course 🙂

  94. Shana coyle

    I adore the Peta & Annabelle cushions!

  95. Maria Stringer

    Grace and Isabelle thank you

  96. Caroline Gunnulson

    Loving these cushions, already subscribed

  97. Subscribed and entering – I follow both you and Nathan_jac on instagram. I have loved watching you grow.

    I love the Kara and Inka set. Perfect neutral colours that will work with any theme. Which is great for when I want to change up the lounge room.

    I also love the sweet pastel of the Dollie and Minnie cushion set. Such a lovely range.

  98. Following both! My fave is CHLOE & MIA

  99. Natalie Stoute

    I’m a cushion addict! Love all of them, but my favourite is Audrey and Minnie. Following nathan_jac on insta 🙂

  100. Christine

    Last chance to win!

  101. Following 🙂 Love LEAH & LILY!