WIN WIN WIN: 2 x $100 Block Shop Vouchers

WIN WIN WIN: 2 x $100 Block Shop Vouchers

Supported by The Block Shop

It’s GIVEAWAY TIME on the blog again and this time we’ve partnered with our friends at The Block Shop to give away TWO $100 gift vouchers for their online store.

Contrary to what many people may think, The Block Shop isn’t just a pop up store in Melbourne — it’s also a 24/7 online shopping oasis! We’re talking cushions, wall art, furniture and lighting, as well as things you might not expect like technology and even workwear.

This giveaway is your chance to not just drool over the fabulous products in The Block room reveals each week — now you can get your hands on them!

Win Block Shop voucher

How to enter:

You know we like to make our giveaways easy peasy to enter! Simply subscribe to our free weekly e-newsletter community and comment below to say what product/s you would buy from The Block Shop if you won. You can find all the latest products at The Block Shop online here.

Competition closes midnight Wednesday 1 April and we will draw and announce the winner on Thursday 2 April 2015.

Sorry international readers, this one is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

Hurry and enter now!

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Note: If you are already part of our e-newsletter community, you do not need to subscribe again. Just comment below to say what product/s you would buy.

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  1. What a great comp! I would buy this ‘Mountain Reflections’ artwork ( as my house is in some desperate need of art and colour!


      Great choice Sarah! We love the shapes and colours of that art piece!

    • If I was the lucky winner, I would definitely put the vouchers towards the Marri floating bedside tables that Charlotte and Josh used in their bedroom. Just perfect!!

  2. I have already made one purchase off the block shop! The Darling poster from Josh and Charlotte’s room. If i won a voucher i would love to get a couple of these gorgeous copper candles to go with it…or another poster to match Darling πŸ™‚


      It’s pretty addictive isn’t it Melissa! Ha ha πŸ™‚ Well hopefully you can add those stunning copper candles or another poster to your collection, x

  3. I would love to buy the Ando Pendants to go over my kitchen bench top, they are stunning!

  4. Linda Beecher

    Ando pendants love them! As I love Josh and Jenna’s style very much. We need them
    In our kitchern!!!


      They are such stunning pendants aren’t they? Have you decided what finish you would go with (cork, copper or concrete)?

      We love a bit of bling but they’re all beautiful πŸ™‚

  5. Yay! I would put the $100 voucher towards a peach wave the flag cushion and an Eclectic candle


      A woman after our own heart! GREAT choices Amanda!

      We met Zoe from Cushionopoly the other week at Life Instyle and she is so lovely, just like her cushions πŸ™‚ And we are seriously obsessing over those Eclectic candles!

  6. If i was lucky enough to win block shop vouchers i would definately invest in an everyday statement piece such as the oak wood floor lamp or the watch out wall clock in oak. Both pieces i would enjoy seeing everyday in the house we were fortunate enough to just purchase!!

  7. Oh! So many choices! I would definitely buy the Coral Sea print by Lindsay Blamey. So stunning!


    Stunning is definitely the word for it Rebecca! Fingers crossed for you πŸ˜‰

  9. I have fallen in lust for the Ando pendants! These would make a timeless statement in our house- the biggest decision would be where to hang them/m- bedroom, dining or lounge!

  10. I’d buy the Replica Jason Miller Modo 10 chandelier. I woulove this so much over our dining table


      Uhhh, we just had to pick our jaw up off the ground – that light is insane! Nice choice, Christiana!

  11. If I won the vouchers I would use them towards the beautiful Nordic Kitchen Stools Ayden and Jess used for our newly renovated kitchen x

  12. I’ve been lusting after a Tom Dixon candle for quite awhile now, so I think I’d put my voucher towards one. There’s a little spot on my shelf reserved specifically for it! πŸ™‚

  13. I would love to win the voucher to put towards a print for my newly renovated house which needs some colour.
    Been looking for a while for the right print and the block shop always has it.


      Nothing like some new wall art to make a room complete. And you’re so right, The Block Shop always has a great selection πŸ™‚

  14. If I was the lucky winner, I would put the vouchers towards the Marri floating bedside tables that Charlotte and Josh used in their room – just perfect!!


    so beautiful and calming a piece I would to create around.

  16. Krystal Browne

    I am lusting over the Calella Quilt Cover and if I won, I would definitely be putting it towards this. I love the texture of the washed linen and the neutral colour makes for loads of styling options!

  17. Love the Ando pendants…. my voucher would certainly be spent on them

  18. Claire Mcilroy

    My partner and I live in perth, western Australia and absolutely Love the show. We recently bought a house and can’t afford any art yet so its looking fairly plain. I would purchase a stunning piece like The great blue hand painted artwork to bring colour and excitement into our living room and compliment it with cushions.

  19. I am loving the prints and colors at the moment, and especially love the ‘little hills in mint’ print.

    Fingers crossed

  20. Wow if I won I would purchase a gorgeous artwork piece from Kirsten Jackson. SInglelove actually kirsten-jackson canvas print. I am picturing now in my loungeroom.

  21. There is too many to choose ! I want it all. I’ve just moved into my first house & my walls are screaming out for some art!!! How amazing would my front entrance look if I won this voucher

  22. I would definitly be buying the Elliot pendants, plus I have my eye on some beautiful artworks.

  23. Accessories, accessories, accessories… A home is nothing without accessories!

  24. Annabel Foster

    I would put it towards some beautiful cushions to go with the incredible new couch my husband and I just bought. Loving the Cubed patterns especially, so many gorgeous pieces to choose from!

  25. Sophy Jennings

    I would buy the Eclectic by Tom Dixon Orientalist Candle as I have wanted one for ages! And also the Katie McKinnon for elk in the wood cushion because I love her work πŸ™‚

  26. Abby Harvison

    I’ve been looking for some cushions that go well with my duvet cover and throw but I also love the duvet covers they sell and the beautiful hand-painted artworks. I don’t think I could go past them!

  27. I would buy the whole shop if I could! What my house is really missing is a macrame and I LOVE the ‘raw in copper’ from the block shop.

  28. I have such a hard time choosing art for the house and I would love to choose a piece from The Block shop for our lounge room. Sooo many gorgeous pieces to choose from!

  29. I will buy one of the yellow Aztec or Moor rug to bring colour and cheer into my living room in winter. Got some yellow accents planned in there now.

  30. Laura MacLeod

    I almost hope I don’t win so I don’t have to choose

  31. I would love to own Lindsay Blamey Coral sea Limited Edition Art Work. My lounge room needs colour!!

  32. Ooh, I would have bought Darren Palmer’s book, but I just bought it elsewhere! So would definitely have to put the voucher towards the Round Antique Fob Style Mirror, just beautiful!

  33. Courtney Dettman

    I have a mega crush on the CHARLIE CUSHION, in PASSION. So rich and vibrant! But it doesn’t stop there, I also heart the METALLIC SILK RIB BEDSPREAD, the OAK KITCHEN BOARDS, COBALT PEONIES VS OCEAN ZAG CUSHION, and the THE ORIGINAL ROUNDIE BEACH TOWEL, THE MAJORELLE. Oh dear!!


      Wow that’s quite a list, Courtney! Ha ha.

      You’ve certainly got your luxe-glam style sorted with those pieces πŸ™‚

  34. Rebecca Hunter

    I love all your products! I especially love the hand painted Coral Sea painting – it’s so colourful & beautiful.

  35. The printed Vinyl Cockatiel Wallpaper – we’re mad about birds in this house and it’s so cute!

  36. Haley Coventry

    Nordic Taburet Bar Stool at least part of one πŸ™‚ in European Oak! Love love love love love these!!

  37. Sandra Quinn

    Mmmm! Big decisions. Love so much. Probably some plant pouches/bags. I went to buy the copper one but it was sold out!! Hope they get some more soon. πŸ™‚


      Hanging planters are the way to our hearts, haha! We’re about to publish some indoor hanging planter ideas… stay tuned πŸ™‚

  38. Belinda J B.

    YAY! im already i subscriber – but oh my little eye spied the Coral Sea | Limited Edition Print | Colourfields Series print! Love the vibrancy and design to really create a feature wall for my home office. Would love to enter your fabulous giveaway. Keep up the great work. Following on FB and Twitter.xoxo

  39. The Glass bay limited edition print would look fantastic up on my wall- splash of colour and so “the block” love it!!

  40. Theresa Wilson

    Totally in love with PARIS ANTIQUE BLUE – PSEUDO VINTAGE BIRCH CLOCK. It’ll fit nicely on my new floating shelf and be as much a very needed timepiece as a perfect colour accent in my white and black room.

  41. Lesley Ann Walker

    CANDY STRIPE CRASHMAT BEANBAG – what wonderful colours that will suit any area of our home for comfort where I want to relax

  42. Jackie Bernoth

    I love the Brickbox Shelving System – just what my boys need for books, Lego, etc.!


      That shelving is so clever and great that if offers flexibility. Stepping on lego barefoot is one of the most painful things ever!

  43. Craig Patterson

    I love the eclectic by Tom Dixon orientalist candle but would need a bit more cash to put towards it

  44. I would buy everything in there if i could. I want to get bed side tables, pendants, pillows, pictures and everything else.

  45. I’m with James, anything I could get my hands on. But mainly anything to out my pot plants in, mirrors, cushions!!!! Timber! Leather! Yesssss!


      Mirrors, cushions and anything pot plant related is always a good idea. Do you have any favourites from The Block Shop?

  46. Aleksandra Secerkovic

    Thanks for the chance, i would get staggered stripe crash mat bubble for my daughter who has Autism and is non verbal, so she uses iPad for communication and one of the lovely candles for this tired mummy as i rarely get to treat myself πŸ™‚

  47. I would love to get my hands on some Vintage Timber Fruit Crates to use as shelves in our bathroom!

  48. Tricia Lafferty

    That brass cot would definitely finish the dream room for baby my goodness I thought I was dreaming when I first saw it and to be able to have a chance to win it my gosh pinch me now!!! Style curator have the best giveaways

  49. Alyssa Robertson

    The mirror would look amazing in my hallway. Adding light and space to one of the most used parts of the house!

  50. Planet luxe hand balm and planet luxe EVERYTHING ..its a love affair x


  52. Love the Winter Nights, Silent Ruby and the Dancing Queen Artworks… Would brighten my days and add some colour to my world…

  53. I’d have to go the Two Up Cushions…so gorgeous, particularly love the peach and mint

  54. I love the Coral Sea limited edition print!! Would match my bedroom perfectly πŸ™‚


    I would love the “Savanna Artwork Framed” placed just inside the entrance to my home. This eclectic work would bring a touch of modern whismical for everyone to delight in!

  56. natalia grana

    I so love the I love you to the moon wall timber laser cut hanging/mobile. its quirky and sweet
    I love reading it over and over. a constant reminder of the love in my house

  57. I love the “dancing queen” hand painted artwork! It reminds me of the 70 s when everyone was in the moment and not checking their phones every 5 minutes!

  58. I would love to win this prize! I would put my vouchers towards the Limited Edition BOHO print in copper — because I am love with copper at the moment! It would have pride of place in my new kitchen. x

  59. I would buy Dreaming Palms hand painted artwork, it will be perfect in my lounge room.

  60. Alison Milford

    Ok So practically I would love the Archer 1 Floor Lamp but I keep on going back to the Boho Copper Print … It would be a good decision to have to make!!!!

  61. Please pick me!!
    I would love to purchase ”Cloud” artwork by Marija Basic. It will look perfect hung above our bed.


      Haha Emma! We can wish you luck but the winners will be picked randomly πŸ™‚ Great choice in artwork <3

  62. Would love to win anything but love the ‘Glass Bay – Print (Colourfields Series) by Lindsay Blamey

  63. I have a few bare wall at the moment so a new artwork would be great!

  64. Katrina Tomaszek Been eyeing this fellow off for a while πŸ™‚

  65. It was so difficult to choose…going to go with the Archer Floor lights! I saw a massive one in the lobby of a trendy Shanghai hotel — reminded me so much of Pixar! x

  66. Its a close call but I will go with the two up cushion in peach and mint ( ), with the left over spending money i would buy the mint concrete planter ( to match it.

  67. I have been searching for the perfect throw rug for ages and I think I’ve found it in the block shop

  68. Jessica Tibbits

    Blue Girl | Signed Artist’s Print by Sarah Carter Jenkins. I’d go for the large size. Gorgeous.

  69. dierdre wilkinson

    Fletcher Magnifier, the handle reminds me of an old fan I inherited from my mum


      Hi Dierdre, what a fab find! You’d even have some cash left over to pick up something else in store πŸ˜‰

  70. Gilbert from last night!!

  71. Sharon Fawcett

    I love the Morella Vintage Table Lamp, it look amazing in our house, the only problem would be keeping hubby’s hands off it!

  72. Jacki Gillett

    So many amazing things but i can’t go past the Alexa Arm Chair.. with winter setting , what better place then to curl up with a blanket (a Crush Throw would also be perfect!), a cup of tea and good book! Heaven!

  73. $100 to spend on The Block Shop oh my where would I start I a sucker for linen so that’s where it would go .

  74. Would have to be a Hux & Co terracotta pot. Mint would look great in our bathroom with a fern. Or maybe the watermelon with a few succulents…the possibilities

  75. Ando pendants or Unika pendants.. Just built on a new porch and Im making a “song and dance “over picking lights


      Both gorgeous options, Linda! What kind of style is your porch? Hampton’s glamour… coastal chic…??

  76. The Archer 1 floor lamp is what I’m drooling over πŸ˜›

  77. Tanene Donnelly

    I would put my voucher towards the Small Ethnicraft oak M Rack. I don’t have anything to store my books on and this would be perfect.

  78. Olivia Huxley

    Where to spend a $100 voucher for the block shop?? Definitely can’t go past the Sombre Seas canvas from Urban Road… Those storm clouds look amazing!!

  79. So many beautiful things would have to have a long think about what I would buy with the voucher!


      It’s not easy when there are so many gorgeous things to choose from! Are you more into homewares, art, furniture or furnishings?

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  81. The Remilled Marri dining table would add a dash of retro vintage to our very beige and boring home.

  82. Lara Daebritz

    I’m just in the process of redecorating my bedroom and the Mountain Reflections artwork would suit my new ‘look’ at the perfect price!

  83. Melissa Kelly

    I am in need of new towels and have heard good things about the Turkish towel collection. Would put winnings towards these and also some of the removable wall stickers to freshen up my daughter’s room.


      Those towels are absolute luxury, great choice! And wall stickers are so fun, especially love the dots and triangles from The Block Shop πŸ™‚

  84. Kelly Roberts

    There is not one single thing that I wouldn’t buy from the block shop and my home is an eclectic mix of many styles so this voucher would be perfect for me and my young fella, who also loves making sure his room is a teenagers dream ! Fingers crossed for a win to help us out in the style department

  85. joe crisafulli

    The Oxford King Duvet cover would be like sleeping with royalty!

  86. The Antler and skull bell jar. Have been looking for that one item to make a statement in my formal lounge. This is it πŸ™‚

  87. Ying Ying TAN

    So many amazing items its definitely hard to pick. My choice would be the Living Frames Vertical Garden and a couple of Herringbone black and white bath towels =) Thanks for the opportunity!


      Wow, we hadn’t seen those vertical gardens before, so clever! Also adore those towels, great choices and good luck!

  88. Michele bayssari

    I would really love to get my hands on the Darren Palmer book. I have grown to really love his design style. We are nearly finished renovating and I am in desparate need for some styling and design guidance. X


      Hi Michele, how exciting that you’ve nearly finished renovating! Sounds like the perfect time to get your hands on Darren’s book and be inspired by his signature style πŸ™‚

  89. Kelly-Marie R

    iHome IDL45 Dual Charging Stereo for all my Apple tech. I am always needing to charge them and this is a stylish way to do so

  90. Nathan Brereton

    I’d really like to get my mitts on Darren Palmer’s ‘Easy Luxury’ book. Really like what he does on The Block.

  91. I’d love the Gelato Stripe Hammock in Emerald and the Lisette Stripe Cushion to laze around on my new verandah in style.

  92. I would love the fig tree copper candle and the small triangle removable wall slickers.


    Love it! Great choices Rachael, especially that copper candle! You could even use it as a mini pot plant once the candle is used πŸ˜‰

  94. I would love the gorgeous SOH copper candles! About to finish styling our guest room and would love the copper touch!


      Just gorgeous! We adore copper too and a little pop of it can add just the right amount of bling. Good luck! x

  95. There are so many beautiful things on The Block Shop but as soon as I saw the Geo Gem ($199) I knew I had to have it! I have been lusting after gorgeous tribal-vibe wallhangings like these forever! Hubby just finished building our fireplace and I have nothing for the mantle! This would look perfect hanging above the fireplace!

  96. It’s got to be the Anrol Designs ‘Get Sh*t Done’ Bronze/Copper Metalic Print! I’m a huuuge procrastinator by nature and reckon hanging this on one of the walls I stare off into space at would be a nice (and totally needed) reminder to get back to what I’m meant to be doing. Or, I could go the other way and get a gorgeously lush Living Wall Art plan by Stix & Flora, which would give me something pleasant to look at while I daydream… Clearly I’ve got an angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other πŸ™‚

  97. I’m loving Scandi style at the moment so it would have to be the pastel Two Up cushions!

  98. Would absolutely love the Splash Canvas, my new apartment is in desperate need of some bright colours!

  99. Cheryl Moulton

    I would buy the *Replica Tom Dixon Beat Light Tall Round Pendant* it is exactly what I have been looking for, but I would have to buy two. Dining and lounge rooms would then match

  100. Adele Smith

    Love throw blankets so the Harlequin Dream Plush Throw and the Bold Chevron Throw Blanket – Chocolate/White are a good start.

  101. Rachel amanatidis

    Turkish towel set gorgeous colour which would match my bathroom perfectly ..good quality bath towels are a must

  102. I think the Minimal copper wall clock would look amazing in my new kitchen. It’s a suble way of incorporating the copper trend into my decor. I love the clean lines and how stylish it looks. It would add that metallic accent to the concrete, and natural timber palette we have in mind for our kitchen/living room.


      Such a stylish choice, Claire! Agree with everything you said and can see this clock looking beautiful in your home long after the copper trend passes (fingers crossed it won’t be for some time yet!) πŸ™‚

  103. Kim Miller

    It would be a toss up between the Living Artwork and the Ply Ribbed Table Lamp.


      Both statement pieces, Kim. A hard choice but hopefully one you’ll have to make πŸ˜‰ Best of luck!

  104. Love the Prisma | Boyd Credenza for the retro look in the home.


      Oh wow, that is a gorgeous piece and the voucher could make a small dint in the cost, he he. The shape and geometric details are to die for!

  105. I could do with some luxurious new towels, so would probably stock up on some of the Turkish towels πŸ™‚

  106. Joanna Harrison

    I’d love some super stylish coat hooks to sort out my handbags… natural Nipple it is then!

  107. I would love to get my little fingers on that pink flamingo cushion! It’s just so sassy and would look amazing on my black leather couch, Love it!!

  108. The Pai Beaded cushion really caught my eye.


      Stunning! And it’s on special at the moment so you’d have a little extra in the bank to pick up something else πŸ™‚

  109. Renee Fraser

    Omg I just love reading the Style Curator weekly newsletter… So many helpful tips… I’d love to win the copper candle it’s just stunning

  110. I love the pineapple book ends! It would be great to organise the many books I have scattered across the house.

  111. Melissa Creswell

    I would love this print to brighten up my life

  112. I love the Zillpa Half Tone Basket Charcoal, so pretty πŸ™‚

  113. Jessica Ashbrooke

    I’d buy the Two C’s my favourite cushions and candles to spruce up the home


      Amazing what a difference cushions and candles can make to a space – especially the gorgeous ones available in The Block Shop!

  114. Would absolutely love the Gilbert the French Bulldog print – suits my quirky personality and the minimalist styling of me home!

  115. I would love to buy one of the Coral Sea artworks, they would be the perfect thing to brighten up our bare walls!!

  116. I would love to see the ‘Noon Petite’ Oak Table in our newly renovated house. We’re doing up our first nursery too which is super exciting and would love the Gumball Pouffe to brighten up bubs room!

  117. I would love some artworks to brighten up the living area, its looking pretty dull in there!


      Nothing like art to transform a space! Are you more into the minimalist style or bright and colourful, or even inspirational quotes? Too many options in The Block Shop πŸ™‚

  118. I absolutely adore the Elliot Pendant which featured in Jess and Aiden’s bathroom. I am currently feverishly renovating my bathroom whilst studying The Block for ideas. This pendant would be perfect over my new feature bath! Whimsical wonder pus beauty!

  119. *wonderous … Not sure why it auto corrected to wonder pus?!??! 


      He he, good old auto correct! Sometimes it gets it so wrong – like turning nut butter into but butter every time! LOL.

      But yes, that pendant is just wonderous πŸ™‚ How exciting that you’re redoing your bathroom now! We’re about to do 4 bathrooms *freak out* and are in the same boat – thank goodness for the Block and so many inspiration bathroom ideas πŸ™‚

  120. Rita Zammit

    The curved wooden bowl is one of a few things that id like. I’d use it as a fruit bowl… It’s just really eye catching. It’s like “hey there, I see you lookin at me, don’t blame you… I’m so hot right now… By the way have you had a piece of fruit today?”
    There’ll be no excuse for our family to miss out on our daily serves of fruit with that eye candy fruit bowl!


      Ha ha, Rita! Love your humour πŸ˜‰ A very cool bowl that would allow plenty of cash left over for a few more pieces. Good luck!

  121. Amber Boyce

    So many lovely items to choose from. I’d love the Abstract Art Print in Ombre, and Chevron Multi Plush Throw … and that’s just to start πŸ™‚

  122. So many beautiful items to choose from. I’d start with the gorgeous bamboo/cotton bath towels. Oh, and I love handmade soap. So luxurious.

  123. I’d love some of the coral crosses towels – I absolutely love the colour and they’d look great in my bathroom!

  124. I’m still in love with the “Rainbow Cale, Coral, and Damselfish” print by Katie McKinnon which was featured in the first week or two so I’d have to put this voucher towards that!

  125. Amy Petersen

    I would love some luxurious Leif products and the living wall art in lemon sorbet! Such amazing products and would brighten up my living space.

  126. Love the candles and hand made soaps


      Candles and hand made soaps are always a good idea πŸ˜‰ Do you have any favourites from The Block Shop?

  127. Candice Nolan

    coral crosses towels are divine!

  128. Michelle Camfield

    The pink oak kitchen board by Tree Horn Design would go perfectly in my kitchen!

  129. new cushions, rug, anything that can change the look of my room

  130. Farrah wigg

    Some bright cushions to put a pop of colour in my living area would be lovely!


      We have such a cushion crush – it’s incredible what a difference they can make! Do you have your eye on any in particular?

  131. Bronwyn Giblin

    So many amazing things for me
    I’ve managed to choose 2 things you see
    they are The Driss Olivewood Cutting Board
    and the Cityforest Green true luxury
    but anything I’d love as I’m not greedy
    Thanks STYLECURATOR for this opportunity

  132. Julia Mason

    I would put the money towards the Water Springs Canvas Print, cause it looks like what wishes feel like, and to have that on my wall each day would bring piece.

  133. Love it all,I guess I would choose the light fitting.


      There are so many lights, pendants and lamps on The Block Shop – do you have a favourite?? Would love to know what you’ve got your eye on πŸ™‚

  134. Tina Clausen

    I would adore the beautiful Milano Ikat Cushion, such fresh colours.

  135. Gelato strip runner and 4 x Gelato stripe napery sets for my 16 seater table

  136. Judy Thomas

    I would buy some Lief body cleanser and hand balm

  137. I would love some new cushions to brighten the lounge and give a pop of colour. Or maybe some towels its nice to have lovely towels. So much to choose from!!!

  138. Victoria S.

    Love the Aqua Living Wall Art!

  139. sheldyn warwick-hart

    I would absolutely love the copper teranium by nest emporium and the HARRY THE HARE GICLEE PRINT by for me by dee. Both right up my alley and amazing additions to my little house.

  140. Lila Hough

    I would buy the beautiful copper terrarium, I have been looking everywhere for one just like the one in the Block Shop!

  141. I am loving the poets walk, central park New York photo and would love it in my home

  142. Sharon Markwell

    Carlin Cushions Diamond Geometric Cushion Covers would brighten up my loungeroom and bring me into the 21st century.


      Wow, such an unusual cushion – it has a Mexican feel about it. Geometric shapes are so in right now πŸ™‚

  143. Spencer Scolyer

    Would definitely get the girlfriend some of the peach and mint two up cushions (her two favourite colours!)


      Aren’t you Boyfriend of the Year?! No doubt you’d get some massive brownie points if you won πŸ˜‰ Fab choice in item!

  144. Nicole de Gail

    If i won, I would buy the awesome Copper Terrarium perfect for inside my apartment, I’d probably put a Starfish Plant in it. Also I would get the Orient Lantern Tea Light it’s so pretty.

  145. Wendy Hatton

    Something nice for the bathroom would be on my list. Bellini towels and Fragonard Rose & Almond Oil soap sound heavenly.

  146. Rebecca Jamison-Jone

    I have always wanted the Yellow and blue bird heads that Trixie and Johnno used in their bedroom on Skyhigh. I really love them and keeping checking to make sure that they are still in the Block Shop!

  147. Stacey Shailer

    Some new Bellini Bath Towels would be a treat, and some wall stickers for my 3 kids’ bedrooms πŸ™‚

  148. I love the GELATO STRIPE HAMMOCK. So relaxing!

  149. We are about to renovate out bathroom so anything bathroomy is on our radar! We love mosaic tiles in beautiful morrocan colours.


      Ohhhh so exciting Brooke! Those tiles would add such a beautiful statement to your bathroom, good luck!

  150. I love the styling of soft furnishings cushions & throws. Combinations I would not have normally thought of.


      Hi Karen, mixing different soft furnishings can make such a difference to a space – do you have your eye on any particular pieces? πŸ™‚

  151. The geometric prints

  152. Carolyn Jeffers

    I would love some new wall art. My Monet prints are at least 25 years old.


      Art has been such a popular choice in this giveaway! Do you have any particular favourites? πŸ™‚

  153. Nikki Pask

    One of the framed prints or paintings, our home needs colour and drama on the walls.

  154. The succulents in concrete pots look perfect for a starter gardener like me

  155. I would love a bit of colour and vibrancy splashed on my walls. Definately need a few prints and paintings

  156. Ingrid Proctor

    I would love the brick box shelving system looks great

  157. I’d likely get the IHOME IDL45 STEREO!

  158. Daniela Cayetano

    I’d use my voucher towards a Lasseter table lamp, to have an homage to an iconic piece of design history in my home office.

  159. David Bromley silhouette popup cards – unique gift to send to friends

  160. Love the ‘Gilbert the French Bulldog’ Giclee print — soo cute πŸ™‚

  161. The 1965 Art Series Cushion will light up my living room (and my clothes if I put it in the washing machine).

  162. Rebecca Costa

    I love the indian in orange A3 ARTWORK PRINT | LIMITED EDITION By Matt Stewart just amazing

  163. My 17yr old son’s room is in need of a serious makeover. So the voucher would go towards pieces to make his room more adult, and less young teen.


      That’s such a lovely idea Kellie πŸ™‚ Have you seen any items on The Block Shop that would suit his new bedroom?

  164. Deborah Onley

    I’d love to buy the Sunraysia or Sebastian (my son’s name) Pendant light for our stairwell


      Both great choices Deborah! Love the industrial look of Sunraysia and the warmth of Sebastian… too hard to pick πŸ˜‰

  165. andrea brown

    love the balloon dog and nice to see macramΓ© is back (I have some originals still)

  166. Eva Kiraly

    I’d love the Floating Marri Entertainment Unit

  167. I’d love to buy the Double flower box vase because it is so cute and a great decorating idea that is practical

  168. I’d love the Luke Table Lamp.

  169. Meeghan O'Donnell

    What to choose would be tough. Every Block room has things that I’d adore in my life.

  170. Jennifer B.

    I’m converting the abandoned teenager’s room into a guest room!
    After painting in more subdued tones, I’d buy the HOSIER CANVAS PRINT as the focal point for the main wall!

  171. A Christian Lacroix scented candle (I have a scent obsession) or the Careen canvas print (I’d style everything else based off that!)


      Ohhh that canvas is soooo pretty! Love the blotchy watercolour texture <3 And candles are always a good idea, especially Christian Lacroix πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  172. For me it would be the York Road Sofa. Ultimate comfort, lux look

  173. Ann Penhallow

    If I won, I’d buy two SoH glass candles – Sunraysia and Night Jasmine. I think nothing makes a home more comfortable than a delicious, memorable scent!

  174. Charlotte S

    I’d love the L’Ascari Gardenia scented soy candle so I can prolong the Spring/Summer season as we head into short, cold days, and the gorgeous XL Gold Spots Wash paper bag as I’ve been looking for a laundry hamper that won’t ruin my bedroom decor and this is perfect!

    Thanks for the chance, they have some lovely items πŸ™‚

  175. Vy Nguyen

    I would love to get the Oak Kitchen Boards and the Toby the Giraffe Giclee Print to inject a bit of humour into any room!

  176. Kristy Rodrigues

    I need a whole heap of Cushions to finish off our loungeroom. Looking at Blue accents so would begin with the “Milano Ikat Cushion”

  177. I really love the cute Owl Bookends – they are simply gorgeous! I also like the light bulb vases for something different.

  178. Kristy Sumitomo

    I would love a crashmat beanbag for my bedroom.

  179. Anything copper is what i would buy!


      He he, Alison, we’re like a Bowerbird for all things copper! Have you found anything in particular at The Block Shop you love?

  180. Some artwork for the bare spot on the lounge room wall πŸ™‚


      Art can make such a difference to a space – have you shortlisted your favourites from The Block Shop?

  181. Raewyn Metcalfe

    I have been eyeing off the Nordic bed so the extra cash would help!!!

  182. Michelle Williams

    Geo Prints and Marble Concrete Planter, perfect for my monochrome growing home.

  183. Robert Sheridan

    those striped Loom hand towels in Darren and Deanne’s appartment