5 Ideas for the Exterior of your Home to Steal from Melbourne

On a recent visit to Melbourne, we took some time out to enjoy the beautiful Spring day.

Walking through the laneways, there were so many details and design elements we loved. Here are 5 ideas for the exterior of your home to steal from Melbourne.

1. A boldly painted door

Increase your curb appeal with a boldly painted front door. This small, inexpensive update will have an immediate impact on how you and others perceive your home. After all, first impressions count.

Don’t be afraid to opt for something outside of your comfort zone as it can easily be changed for future updates or owners.

Why not check out our Haymes 2015 Colour Forecast story to pick one of the hottest colours for the year ahead.

Bold coloured door
Colourful doors in Melbourne

2. Outdoor wall art

Often when we think of art for our home, we consider art for inside — in the front entry, by the dining table, or in the master bedroom — but art for outside the home can be just as important.

A striking wall sculpture can create an entrance that will set you apart from your neighbours.

Whether it’s made from metal, wood, PVC or even plants, you can find wall art in almost every shape and size — if you’re feeling arty, you could even attempt to make your own!

Metal wall art
Wall art

3. Terrace garden

Terraces can be forgotten spaces, especially if you live in a city with cold winters where they go unused for many months.

If you’re lucky enough to have a terrace, why not transform the space into one you can appreciate — it could just become your favourite room of the house! They are often positioned to catch the morning sun and can become a mini sanctuary for you to enjoy your morning coffee and news.

Adding greenery to your terrace — hanging pots, garden wall, taller ferns and even palms — can add warmth and interest to the space while also providing privacy by way of screening.

Terrace garden
Terrace garden

4. Pop-up room

While technically not an idea we stole from a house (we spotted this pop-up seating area outside a café), we love the idea of using a mix of stools and tables to create a relaxed seating area.

Having fold-up or stackable stools and tables at home are great for entertaining. Not only can you put them away when they’re not needed, they’re so easy to move about that you can place them wherever you like — perhaps on the back verandah for a BBQ, down on the lawn for a picnic or in the front yard on Australia Day!

Pop-up room
Pop-up room

5. Burst of greenery

This garden bed caught our eye with the clever use of different plant heights and textures.

Set your garden apart from the rest by creating an interesting composition using different colours (even shades of green), form and textures.

Then consider the vertical height of plants. By creating several tiers of planting, you will create the illusion of a more deep and expansive garden.

Think about a garden you saw recently that you enjoyed, what set it apart or made it special? Tell us in the comments below!

Garden in Melbourne
Garden with great use of texture and height

There you have our 5 ideas for the exterior of your home, do you have one too? We’d love you to share it with us!



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