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Watering garden

In the garden: Summer gardening guide

It’s not exactly our typical summer (when will it ever stop raining?!) but there's still plenty we can and should be doing in the...
Gina_garden_for winter

In the garden: Winter gardening guide

You may not think there's much to do in the garden during the cold winter months, but that's far from true! Our winter gardening...
Gina garden

In the garden: Autumn gardening guide

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The days become mild and mellow as the crazy heat starts to subside and there's plenty of...
Prune plants

In the garden: Spring gardening guide

Over the years, we've come to appreciate that one of the greatest things that makes a house feel like a home is what's happening...
Homegrown vegetables to grow in summer

What to grow in summer in Australia: Summer planting guide

When it comes to food, we all know that fresh is best. And there's no better feeling than eating fresh produce that you've grown,...
Trinket tray

Father’s Day gift guide ideas that you can buy online!

It might seem a bit early to be posting about Father's Day, but given current events you can never be too prepared! Avoid postage...
Maze compost bin

How to in the garden: Composting guide for beginners

Ever thought about starting an at-home garden compost but it all just got a bit too hard? Well, we're here to help get you...
Easy care garden

5 step guide: How to choose the right trees for your garden

Choosing the right trees for your garden can feel overwhelming and we often leave landscaping in the ‘too hard basket’. But it needn't be with...
Killing weeds without chemicals

How to make a natural weed killer with just 3 household ingredients

All this rain lately has been great for the garden... but how about the weed situation?! 🤯 I don't know about you, but...
Custom lumbar cushion

22 quick ways to freshen up your home in 2022

Supported by Tempur If ever there's been a time to hit the reset button around the home, it's now! After a turbulent couple of years...
Shed makeover 1

7 ways to organise your garden shed #shedspo

Is it time to dust away the cobwebs and get your garden shed under control? I recently tackled this job and it's made such...
Water settings

Product review: Hoselink retractable hose reel

The hot weather is here and with it, the need to water our gardens! After years of bent and busted hoses, I bought two...

20 things to do at home to keep busy during isolation

We feel the need to start this post with a question — how are you? Honestly, how are you going? With one disaster after another,...
Pool fence

Stylish fencing you can do yourself – it is possible with ModularWalls!

Supported by ModularWalls Fencing is a job that traditionally requires professionals to install — costing an arm and a leg! But there’s a fencing solution on...
Tiered garden with wooden pontoon and lighting

10 common landscaping mistakes and how to avoid them

With the warmer months nearly upon us, entertaining outdoors is a common ritual for Aussies. The warm seasons tend to encourage us to change...
Graya Creek House

How to choose the right mulch for your garden: One that looks good and...

With the weather quickly cooling down, the last thing on your mind might be stepping out to do some gardening but there are a...
Prayer plant

Top 10 trending indoor plants and where to use them

There's no denying the love of indoor plants just keeps gaining momentum! Like fashion though, indoor plants also go through trends. So let's check...
Three Birds_outdoor entertaining

Decorating a rental outdoor space or balcony: Styling tricks and hacks to personalise the...

Outdoor entertaining is one of our fave things to do, especially in the warmer months. But if you're renting, it can be difficult to...
Spring onions in garden bed

In the garden: How to start a veggie garden

Growing your own veggies can seem like a daunting task and we're the first to admit, it's something we've previously put in the 'too...
Faux flowers

Beautiful Christmas table styling ideas on a budget

It's the most wonderful time of the year. We just LOVE Christmas — it's a time to spend with family and friends, AND another...
Landscaped front garden

How to affordably landscape your garden: Get the biggest wow factor on the smallest...

Your outdoor area can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home but landscaping your garden can often be...
Bathroom baskets

Six 15 minute organising and decluttering hacks you can do today

Supported by The Reject Shop It's been just over a year since we moved into our new home and while I've been making strides to...

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