Art clocks, the Hunting Collective online auction 2016

It’s not surprising Hunting for George is a finalist in the Best Small Independent Retailer 2016 when they not only create their own impressive range of homewares, art and bedding, they also do things like collaborate with artists across Australia to create a limited edition set of art clocks!

The Hunting Collective collaboration is a passion project pioneered by Hunting for George Co-founder and Brand Director Lucy Glade-Wright. It’s the second time she has given 12 Australian artists blank Hunting for George clocks and an open brief and the results speak for themselves.

Andrea Shaw clock
Andrea Shaw clock

“The Hunting Collective means a great deal to me,” says Lucy. “I have always been fascinated by the creative process and the Hunting Collective allows me to explore the processes of some of Australia’s most talented artists.

Our main objective behind this project is to document and share these creative stories in a bid to inspire a new collection of Australian talent.

From the layered abstract works of Sarah Kelk to the pictorial work of Geoffrey Carran, each clock is completely unique and signed by the artist.

Geoffrey Carran working on his clock
Geoffrey Carran working on his clock
Sarah Kelk clock
Sarah Kelk clock

The clocks are available for online auction NOW and there are only four days left to bid. If you’d like to get your hands on a one-off piece by a talented Australian artist, see below for bidding details.

How To bid:

Go to Hunting for George and login or register (don’t forget to set your bidding name in your account).

Enter the maximum price you are prepared to pay, there is no auto bidding or scheduling of bidding. Your bid will be final and bump the price to the amount entered.

Refresh the page once your bid is confirmed. All auctions finish between 9pm and 11pm on Friday 9th September.

Good luck!

Hunting for George
From left to right: Cam Stynes, Leona Fietz, Beci Orpin, Sara Hingle, Ren Pidgeon and Georgia Harvey, Bobby Clarke, Geoffrey Carran, Sarah Kelk, Otis Carey, Amy Wright, Nathan Johnson and Andrea Shaw.
Nathan and Jac clock
Nathan Johnson clock


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