Best of 2015: Top Styling and Design Tips


At STYLE CURATOR, we’re all about the pursuit of a stylish home and one way we can help you achieve that is by bringing you advice of stylists, designers and reno experts.

You can find a stack of helpful tips in the ‘Advice‘ section of the blog but today we’re rounding up our top 8 of 2015!

Tips to create a stylish kitchen on a budget

Nikki of nooksandcranny shared her fab tips on how to create a stylish kitchen on a budget. With the increase of DIY kitchens and home reno projects, we’re sure you’ll find her advice useful when tackling your kitchen!

Integrated appliances
Kitchen renovation by nooks & cranny

What height to hang pendant lights?

We solve the mystery of what height to hang pendant lights! It’s all about size, scale and function…

Top styling and design tips

Top tips to declutter your home

Don’t groan… decluttering is without a doubt one of the most effective ways you can bring style to your home. And it’s FREE!

Cat Brown is an expert declutterer and shares her practical advice on how you can simplify your home.

Before and after decluttering with The Real Estate Stylist
Before and after decluttering with The Real Estate Stylist

Top 20 hard to kill indoor plants

While we may love our indoor plants, we’re not all that great at keeping them alive! We tracked down 20 of the hardiest plants that even we can keep alive. (This post is one to pin for future reference.)

Top 20 hard to kill plants feature

10 electrical and lighting things to consider when building

We were lucky enough to get some serious 1-on-1 time with lighting expert James Nagel (aka an illumination scientist!) to understand the top lighting and electrical things to consider when building. If you’re about to build or do a major reno, this is another must read!

Darren and Dee kitchen

8 quick fixes to get your home ready for sale

From building to selling… find out how you can get the maximum asking price for your property at sale!

The Real Estate Stylist

How to select the right white paint

It’s only after you get it wrong that you realise there’s no such thing as just ‘white paint’. From cool white to warm white, undertones of green, yellow or blue, there are literally thousands of shades of white paint!

Haymes Colour Stylist Erin Hearns explains it all…

Painted in Haymes Organic 1. Image by Eve Wilson
Painted in Haymes Organic 1. Image by Eve Wilson

20 bedside styling ideas

It can get a little depressing seeing all these ah-mazing homes on Instagram and in magazines and feeling a little let down by our own homes…

While we can’t all have magazine-worthy homes, we can have beautiful pockets in our homes that bring us happiness and joy. The bedside table is one such place and with these 20 styling ideas, you’ll be sure to create a bedside you love.

How to style your bedside table

Can we help you with any interior or design advice? Tell us your challenge in the comments below!


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