Photos and Highlights From The Block Triple Threat First Room Challenge

The Block Triple Threat Bedroom

The Block is back with a bang!

Tuesday night’s episode skipped the warm and fuzzy intros and launched straight into an epic challenge the new couples will have to battle through to secure their spot on The Block Triple Threat β€” delivering three rooms (bedroom, living/dining and bathroom) in one week! After each of these room reveals, one of the six couples will be going home leaving just three couples who will join our returning Blockstars.

Here are the six new couples who will soon become three…

Luke and Ebony
Ebony and Luke from Western Australia
Brooke and Aimee from Victoria
Brooke and Aimee from Victoria
Tim and Anastasia from South Australia
Tim and Anastasia from South Australia
Jess and Ayden from Queensland
Jess and Ayden from Queensland
Josh and Charlotte from New South Wales
Josh and Charlotte from New South Wales
Jess and Mark from New South Wales
Jess and Mark from New South Wales

Tonight we saw them complete the first part of the challenge β€” delivering the bedrooms β€” and wasn’t there a mixed bag of design aesthetics?! Jess and Matt (pictured above) fumbled under the pressure and scored the lowest, seeing them leave the competition.

It’s exciting to already see such impressive rooms this early in the competition β€” a sign we’re in for an ah-mazing Block season!

Charlotte and Josh took out the win with this stunning bedroom. Judges Neale and Darren were blown away with the lime wash wood panel wall (that they first assumed was wallpaper), quality linens and sophisticated styling.

Josh and Charlotte's winning room
Josh and Charlotte’s winning room

Brooke and Aimee may have started going a bit cray cray with the lack of sleep and intense pressure but their ‘Industrial Country’ style got a big tick from the judges, securing them second place.

Brook and Aimee's bedroom
Brook and Aimee’s bedroom

In third place was Jess and Ayden with this playful and cheerful room. We love that they injected their personality and thought outside the box with their wardrobe solution.

Jess and Ayden's bedroom
Jess and Ayden’s bedroom

Totally shocked that they came in fourth place were Ebony and Luke (in a good way, they thought for sure they would be going home). Neale complimented them on the overall design of the space (surprise surprise, Ebony is an interior designer after all πŸ˜‰ ) but they got marked down for their finishes, which they knew were not up to standard. We’re tipping this couple as one to watch!

Ebony and Luke's bedroom
Ebony and Luke’s bedroom

Just scraping through by half a point in fifth place were Tim and Anastasia. They got big ticks for their art and eye for texture but were marked down for poor finishes and oversights like making a wall powerpoint a feature.

Tim and Anastasia's bedroom
Tim and Anastasia’s bedroom

In sixth place and leaving the competition tonight are Jess and Mark with this bedroom. While there were some aspects we loved β€” like the cement vase and black and white cushions β€” overall the room lacked cohesion and didn’t work.

Jess and Mark's bedroom
Jess and Mark’s bedroom

It will be a nail-biting week as we see the contestants kill themselves to deliver the living and dining area, followed by a bathroom! What three couples do you think will join our Blockstars? What did you think of The Block Triple Threat first room? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Gaaaaahh!!! I missed it!! I’m gutted I’ve already missed some Block episodes… BUT, after I realised I’d forgotten to watch I thought, “Never mind, I’ll just read Gina’s wrap up when she blogs about it.” And then I slept easy after that πŸ™‚ xx

    • Yay! What did you think of the rooms Dan? Do you have a favourite? We loooove the winning room, especially the copper sideboard. Can’t believe they pulled it off in 24 hours!

  2. Can someone please tell me where tim and anastasia got that beautiful( Indian) artwork from in there room reveal…please please. Please I love it.

    • Hi Rach,

      Thanks to our reader Anna who shared where the bedlinen can be found – Weylandts in Richmond. Happy shopping πŸ™‚

  3. The picture that Anastasia was looking at at 40 winks of the American indian – does anyone know where I can get this or who it is by? 40 Winks only had one – I am sure I have seen it somewhere else…

  4. Hi
    Does anyone know the artist for the piece in Tim and anastasia’s lounge room and also the flower looking pendant I have to have them

  5. Any chance you know where Jess & Ayden sourced their mirror with the drawer in the living/dining plus their coffee table? Loove them!!!

  6. Did you please find out where Josh and Charlotte got their lamps? Somebody already asked and I am also in love with the lamps… also, where did they find the wooden material for their wall?
    Thank you in advance, I am so looking forward to your findings! !!

    • Hi Jas

      Those gorgeous bedside lamps are from Forty Winks – we’re tempted to go out and buy them too!

      The wooden material on the wall is most likely from Carpet Court as they are a sponsor of the show but unfortunately we can’t be 100% sure. If anyone has more info about the lime wash walls, please share πŸ™‚

  7. Hi there,
    I would love to know where a can get the cow artwork used in Josh & Charlottes elimination room.
    I have just spent nearly all day trying to find it.
    You help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi, do you know where Josh & Charlotte found their bedside tables and bed (bed head) please. I adore that simple look but somehow I cannot find them in a small town where I live. Thank you for your help!

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