Christmas Giveaway From STYLE CURATOR


One of our favourite things to do is plan a giveaway competition for all our lovely readers!

We wanted to make our Christmas giveaway our biggest and best yet so we put the call out for brands to join in.

We were blown away with the response and are so excited to have a stack of ah-mazing goodies to give away.

This competition has now closed and you can read about the winners here.

The prizes

Heavenly scents

The first prize pack includes a bunch of divine products (valued at over $150) to help you create a heavenly smelling home.

1. TΓ„NDA, large candle in your choice of scent. Christmas Spice, Oak Moss & Amber, and the Native Florals are just some of the amazing scents to choose from


2. TΓ„NDA, triple wick candle in your choice of scent

Triple wick TANDA candle


3. Glasshouse Fragrances, White Christmas fragrance diffuser

Christmas giveaway diffuser

4. Glasshouse Fragrances, Night Before Christmas hand wash

Christmas giveaway

To win the ‘Heavenly Scents’ prize pack, simply comment below to tell us what your favourite Christmas smell is and why.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Designer dream

The second prize is an Acapulco replica chair (valued at over $150) from Outdoor Living Direct.

Outdoor Living Direct is Australia’s leading online retailer of outdoor furniture and have kindly given us this tri-coloured chair built from UV resistant polyethylene rattan powder coated aluminium, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Acapulco chair

To win this gorgeous chair, tell us where you would put it in your home and how you would style it in the comment section below.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Paint alert

The third prize is $200 worth of paint from our friends at Haymes.

Not only do Haymes have a stunning array of paint colours, they are also an Australian made and owned business since 1935 which is why we choose to partner with them.

You may have seen their latest colours in our Haymes Colour Forecast 2015 post? You can now get your hands on $200 worth of paint from this latest collection or any of their ranges!

Haymes 2015 Colour Forecast
Rhythmic Palms, part of the Haymes 2015 colour forecast

To enter this prize, we want to know what you would paint with your Haymes paint and why? Got a room that’s in serious need of a makeover or perhaps a creative DIY you want to take on? Now is your chance to make it happen!

*The winner will need to collect the paints of their choice from their closest Haymes stockist.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Styling session

The fourth prize is an e-styling package from Jasper & Eve (valued at over $200 with bonus gift).

Whether you’ve recently moved or renovated, or are just struggling to create the space you want, Leslyn from Jasper & Eve will work with you to create a customised moodboard including:
– furniture and soft furnishing suggestions
– suggested colour scheme
– fabric suggestions, and
– product listing including weblinks to purchase the furniture and accessories online.

e-styling package

You may have seen the moodboard Leslyn created for us — now it’s your turn to get a professional styling session of your own.

You’ll also get a bonus gift of a pastel linen tea towel in your choice of colour from her online store.

Tea towel

To win, tell us why you need this e-styling session in the comments below!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

There’s no limit to how many times you can enter each prize but each entry must be unique. Open to Australian residents only. Competition closes midnight Sunday 14 December 2014.

We will select the winners based on the most creative answers.

Good luck!


  1. I would put the Acapulco chair on my balcony because living close to the beach it would be perfect timing sit with a good book.

  2. I would love to use some Haymes paint to spruce up our wooden outdoor furniture so I can enjoy sitting in the garden with my husband, watching our fish in the pond πŸ™‚

  3. Cinnamon is my favourite smell at Christmas reminds me of my nam,s Christmas pudding. She is now long gone but still in my memories

    • It’s amazing how smell can bring back memories and what a beautiful memory to be reminded of each time you smell cinnamon πŸ™‚

  4. My favourite christmas smell would have to be the smell of a live christmas tree.. we havent had a real tree for years but it always takes me back to christmas morning, checking out what santa has delivered!!

  5. This may sound weird but the smell of water on hot cement- reminds me of water fights on Christmas day with the new water pistols or Chrissy day swim. Also that it is hot enough weather to make that smell so must be Christmas time πŸ™‚

  6. But as far as Christmas smells goes it would have to be the delightful combo of cinnamon, ginger and spice…and cranberry…so Christmas-y!

  7. Hmm that Acapulco replica chair would look amazing in my new beachside apartment when it is finished being built…hello balcony chair!

  8. My favourite smell at Christmas time is the smell of a real christmas tree. Have not had one since I was a kid, so this year I found one, and now its in my lounge room.

  9. My home is my castle thats seen better days, How can you help me? Let me show you the ways!

    Gorgeous accessories from ceiling to floor, and frangrance throughout visitors will simply adore.

    An e-styling session would give great delight. It would be a daily reminder that a polished castle’s in sight!

  10. That STUNNING chair!! I would put mine in the spare bedroom (when we eventually have one! Oh the dramas of living in a one bedroom apartment!) and style it with my beautiful reindeer hide that we bought in Finland last Christmas. Don’t worry, the reindeer wasn’t just used for its fur, I promise!

  11. My favourite scent in the entire world would be newborn baby smell.
    Something about the powdery, subtle yet sweet scent of newness is divine.

  12. My daughter has just bought her house and it needs a bit of TLC. She didn’t get a chance to paint before she moved in but I know the whole family would pitch in and help so I would really love to win the Haymes paint prize for her.

  13. My little man in my life turning 4 soon is in due need to move onto a nursery into a BIG BOY room – would super love to makeover his nursery into a superhero big boy theme room. I need a Haymes rich colour scheme to make this superhero makeover work!

  14. I’d be thrilled to have my new ho-ho-home smell like Christmas all year round. If I had to pick a favourite scent, Vanilla Hazelnut as it reminds me of mum’s Christmas cakes baking.

  15. My favourite Christmas scent is frankinscense & myrrh. It reminds me of Christmas Eve sitting around the free with my nieces and nephews in their new pyjamas, watching their faces as they open their gifts from all our family.

  16. My heavenly Christmas scent is unusual because it’s the smell of popcorn! Brings back childhood memories of threading the popcorn on cotton and making Christmas garlands to drape on our tree. It would take us ages because we would eat any many as we threaded πŸ™‚

  17. I would love some help with ideas & resources for renovating the American Cape Cod house my husband and I have just purchased!! A challenge we’re excited about!!

  18. With my Haymes paint I’d give the rumpus room a new lease on life, letting it come to life with a gorgeous new colour……and I’d have to do the main wall in the entry hall too. Can’t wait to do it now I’m thinking about it.

    • Great idea! The entry is such a forgotten space at times but has immediate impact on how you and guests feel about your home. Good luck!

  19. I can se it now, a beautiful Acapulco chair, slightly shaded on the back deck. A relaxed and refreshed 40 year old, tall glass of Pimms and lemonade in one hand, magazine in the other… what’s not to love about summer!

  20. Scent of tea rose reminds me of my Grandma. Whenever I’m down I’ll just lit a scented candle (tea rose scent) it gives me comfort and remind me of her lovely face πŸ™‚

  21. The scent of stewed cinnamon apple from my Nan’s baked apple pie makes my heart flutter and stomach rumble knowing a Christmas feast is not too far away

  22. Vanilla and sugar is the smell of Christmas to me. When my nana was alive we’d always have a day set aside leading up to Christmas where we would bake vanilla sugar biscuits for presents but she’d never eat them. I was a child so that wasn’t something I noticed then, but when I grew up I found out that the recipe we used was passed down from her grandma (and who knows how far back it goes) and, in a family of 11, home-made vanilla sugar biscuits were always her “treat” Christmas present. She got so sick of them that she couldn’t stomach the thought of another one but she wanted the tradition and recipe to be passed down. I can’t wait til my son is old enough to do the same with my mum, it’s a great bonding day.

  23. Wow – love that chair & remember years ago when my nana had one just like it under her grapevine covered pergola. I don’t have a grapevine covered pergola but I do have the perfect spot for it on my patio & know it would suit it perfectly.

  24. My favourite Christmas smell is the real Christmas tree. We get one every year. My kids won’t let me get a fake one. I love the smell of it as you walk in the door.

  25. Would love love love that Acapulco replica chair to put in my little man’s room room with a few natural fibre cushions (and a soft toy or two) so we can have a great place to sit and read books and go on adventures to amazingfaraway places.

  26. My ‘taste’ in decor (I use the term liberally) is apparently so bad that my girlfriend, upon seeing one of my rooms, quickly dispensed advice, very specific, stern advice.

  27. I’m moving house over Christmas and leaving my old secondhand furniture behind. The Acapulco replica chair would be my fresh start in furnishings for my new house.

  28. I graduated high school this year and am making the big solo move to the city for University – 2 hours away from my country coastal home. I’d love the Acapulco chair as a reading sanctuary in my new room, with its’ breezy colours to remind me of my beachside home and family living 2 hours away.

  29. My fave chrstmas smell is pavlova with passion fruit and fresh berries – brings up sweet memories of summer, gatherings and is so Australian!

  30. The smells of gingerbread and orange. Every christmas when I was younger, these smells coming from the kitchen weeks leading up to Christmas. Gingerbread men, puddings, cakes!! Those smells are forever embedded in my memory πŸ™‚

  31. I spent a wonderful Christmas a few years ago with family in Sicily and loved the smell of chestnuts roasting over an open fire. They tasted good too!

  32. I would love to glue the Acapulco replica chair to my bum so I could use it in every room. Unfortunately, my bum is big enough as it is so I’d put it on my balcony – my favourite place to relax and have a cuppa.

  33. My favourite Christmas smell is the freshly picked grass the kids collect for Santa’s reindeers. Reminds me how wonderful it is to believe unwaveringly in something!

  34. I’d love the styling session because over the past 8 years, our house has transformed and is now focussed around our two children. I’d love the opportunity for someone to have a look at our space to help me “re-sophisticate” it!

  35. Would love to paint my sons room, with a feature wall, or similar, he thought it was so boring he decorated it himself, it is now full of faint texta marks, and red paint, would really love to freshen it up

  36. When we moved into our new place the colour scheme seemed to be burnt orange. I would love some input to get it back on track and looking stylish

    • Mmmmmm mmmmm, burnt orange πŸ˜‰ Sounds like you could really benefit from a styling session with Leslyn and getting her new colour recommendations!

  37. My favourite Christmas smell is … Calamine lotion! It sounds absurd, but I just love how special and unique an Aussie Christmas is, and the smell of Calamine always reminds me of the restless, hot night of Christmas Eve, where my mozzie bites and excitement kept me from sleeping every time!

  38. HEAVENLY SCENTS – I LOVE the smell of a fresh pine Christmas tree.
    December 25 is undoubtedly nearing when that aroma wafts through the house!

  39. DESIGNER DREAM – I’d put the Acapulco replica chair in the lounge at my daughter’s new flat!
    It’s white everywhere and sparsely furnished… Some blue-green cactus pot plants would look fab with it!

  40. PAINT ALERT – I have an exterior wall painted in a feature steel blue, a HAYMES colour! After 14 years, it’s overdue for revitalising.

  41. The smell of gingerbread from all the baking done is a heavenly scent which I definitely enjoy and reminds me of joyful Christmas!


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