Cool Clock Collaboration

Just last month we introduced you to Hunting for George when they unveiled their latest bedding range. And now, the clever duo have done it again, launching a cool clock collaboration with 12 creatives from a variety of mediums, including fine art, illustration, collage, street art, design, craft and photography.

Cool clock collaboration
12 limited edition clocks

The 12 artists are:

Diana Ellinger: Australian painter living and working in Madrid — her work blurs the line between figuration and abstraction

Peaches & Keen: Duo who work mainly with found elements from their garden, or plants they find on walks and excursions

Laura Blythman: Her work often involves experiments with colour on paper, by cutting and pasting to layer and create a new artwork

Kasper Ragulus: Artist based in Aireys Inlet, known for layering colour to create intricate paintings

Pete Cromer: Designer, illustrator and happy art creator who has a beautiful style of painting that involves very simplistic shapes of either personalities, animals or people

Clare Plueckhahn: Multi-talented photographer covering surfing, fashion and food

Pop & Scott: The faces behind those ever popular Pop & Scott pots featured on The Block

Lucas Grogan: Melbourne artist known for his quirky art — all in the colour blue!

Sarah Hankinson: Ah-mazing illustrator who adds pops of colour with watercolours, she has worked with major brands including Harpers Bazaar and Maybelline

Hey Stubby: Street artist / designer / fashion label guy, Jack has an eccentric and somewhat comic-style approach to art

Ellie Malin: Print media artist based in Melbourne, her colourful bold art works reflect a playful approach to image making using bright colours and form

Esther Olsson: Abstract artist who loves colour and corners

Our favourite clock by Lucas Grogan
Our favourite clock by Lucas Grogan

Each artist was given a blank Hunting for George clock and an open brief — free to create a clock that resembles their individual signature style. The results are incredible, so much so that Hunting for George has not put a price on the clocks — instead they are going to auction to let the public decide.

You can bid on the 12 limited edition clocks until midnight Sunday 30 November 2015 at the Hunting for George website. The majority of the money will be going back to the artists, but a portion will also be given to Waverly Industries, a not-for-profit organisation that provides support and employment for people with disabilities.

Lucas Grogan
Lucas Grogan, artist behind our favourite Hunting for George clock. Image via Hunting for George

What’s your favourite clock? Tell us in the comments below!


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