Destination Style – 31 Days of Home Style with Haymes

Destination Style
Image courtesy of Madeleine Stamer

Our friends at Haymes are taking over the month of May with ‘Destination Style’ — a collaboration with their favourite creatives (including us, hooray!) to share style inspiration across art, lifestyle products, use of colour and a whole lot more!

Each day of May, they will share a tip from the likes of Hunting for George, Nathan + Jac, Simone Haag and Julia Green — all in the pursuit to help you fast-track your journey to Destination Style.

31 days of home style
Image courtesy of Madeleine Stamer

What is Destination Style? Haymes knows discovering your personal style can be a journey — it takes investigation, experimentation and flirtation with different looks before we finally acquire the confidence to curate the things we truly love into a look that could only be ours.

With 31 days of home style inspo, they are helping everyone learn how to create character-filled spaces that ooze individuality.

As well as this, they’ll be running a handful of giveaways from Hunting For George, Madeleine Stamer and offering 10 Haymes Colour Consults to inspire and spark your creative journey.

Follow @Haymespaint on Instagram and Facebook for 31 days of Destination Style along with the hashtag #HaymesDestinationStyle.


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