DIY wall organiser

Close up of spice jar attached to shelf
Close up of spice jar attached to shelf

Make your own chalkboard wall organiser!

We are always forgetting important dates and things to do (like paying our rego for a few weeks eeeek!) so have come up with a practical and stylish DIY wall organiser.

This one will go up in our kitchen but they are also great to use in your entry or home office.

DIY Wall Organiser

[ingredients title=”Items you will need”]

  • Piece of wood (ours is 60cm by 34cm)
  • Strip of wood for the mini shelf (our is 60cm length by 2.5cm depth and width)
  • Piece of cork board (ours is 26cm by 15cm, we used a cork placemat from the Dollar Store)*
  • Electric drill*
  • Blackboard paint (we used Haymes Enamel Dabs)
  • Coloured paint (we used Haymes Tinkerbell)
  • Medium and small paint brushes
  • 3 small wooden hooks
  • 3 wooden pegs*
  • Old spice jar*
  • Glue gun
  • 30cm wire*
  • Chalkboard Texta*
  • Push pins*
  • * Items not shown in picture.


Items you will need for DIY Wall Organiser
Main items you will need

Tip: We bought our wood as offcuts from the ‘Trade’ section of Bunnings. It will cost you next to nothing and mean you won’t need a saw at home to cut the wood down to size.


1. Paint your piece of wood in blackboard paint and your hooks and shelf in colourful paint. Once dry apply a second coat.

Paint wood trims
We love the colour of Haymes Tinkerbell

2. Decide how you want to layout your organiser. You could go with our design or come up with your own. Some people add old tea tins or mini boxes to stand pens in (rather than rest them on the shelf), or add a wire across the width to clip things onto — the choices are endless but we decided to go with something quite simple and practical.

3. Using your glue gun, glue your cork board in the lower right corner of your wood piece. Align the edges of the cork with the edges of the wood backing to get a smooth finish.

4. Glue your mini shelf so it aligns with the top of the cork piece.

5. Glue your small hooks in the lower left side of the wood piece. We like to place them randomly for interest but you could glue them in a straight line if you do not like the asymmetrical layout.

6. Glue the three wooden pegs in place. We started with the peg that aligns with the cork and then worked left, spacing them about 7cm apart.

7. Cut the wire in half (these wires will wrap around the spice jar for extra support) and glue the centre of the wires to the top of the wooden shelf approx 8cm from the left of the board. Hold in place with pegs and allow to dry overnight. Once dry, remove the pegs that were holding the wire in place and use a generous amount of glue on the face of the shelf to secure the spice jar. Wrap the wires tightly around the jar.

Close up of spice jar attached to shelf
Close up of spice jar attached to shelf

8. For security and so the organiser can hold extra weight, use an electric drill to reinforce the hooks and shelf from behind. (We’ll only be hanging our keys from our hooks so have skipped this step.)

Voila! There you have our easy and inexpensive DIY wall organiser. Now you can leave sweet notes to your family each morning, remember those important things to do and smile looking at your cute succulent as you make your morning coffee.

If you take on this project we’d love to see your photos! Tag @stylecuratorau when you share them on social media or post the link in the comments below.


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