Doorbells just got smart: App controlled doorbell

Sleek doorbell

There’s something about home tech that really excites us — especially when it’s easy to install, looks great and just works.

From light bulbs you can control on your smartphone to bladeless fans, we love discovering new design that makes home life simpler and more stylish.

This latest home tech by Ding is a sleek doorbell that’s driven by technology.

“We believe you need your doorbell to be simple (no lengthy user manual to setup or use), beautiful (because you’ve already spent a month picking out paint colours) and smart (because the rest of your life is already on your phone),” says John Nussey, co-founder and CEO of Ding.

“The Ding Smart Doorbell is made up of three parts: a subtle doorbell button, an elegant doorbell chime that sits in the home and a free smartphone app. When a visitor presses the button, the chime dings in the home and also places a voice call through the Ding smartphone app, allowing users to talk with the person at their door from anywhere.”

That means this doorbell will not only help when you’re out of earshot in the garden but when you’re at work expecting a delivery or even when you’re in another country!

App connects to doorbell

We love the pared back and elegant design of the button and chime which can either be wall-mounted or free-standing.

Some of the features that also gives this doorbell our tick of approval is the ability to silence the chime when you (or baby) sleep, to talk with the person at the door without having to open it, and the simple set up (just chime to your wifi and you’re ready to go).

“Smart on the inside. Ding is a two-part system meaning that unlike other smart doorbells, if someone steals your button they won’t have access to your network,” explains John of its security.

“And Ding doesn’t control the locks in your house, so there’s no fear of opening up your home to strangers.”

Currently at the end of a Kickstarter campaign, the team at Ding have raised almost double the funds required to get production of Ding underway. You can still back the campaign to enjoy a 20% discount and to be one of the first to receive a Ding doorbell once they are released mid-next year.

Find out more about Ding here or join the Kickstarter campaign here.

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