Father’s Day giveaway

Fathers Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we have curated an amazing prize pack to help your Dad in the style stakes!

This competition has now closed. Congratulations to “happy_fiffi” who won with this hilarious entry via Instagram. We selected this comment because of her Dad’s dorky sense of fashion and his dorky sense of humour!

I’m embarrassed to even post this one, haha! My dad always has to wear his ‘DP’s’ swimming… that stands for ‘dick pointers’ ??? (most commonly known as briefs or swimmers). Every time he wears them with his belly (yep soz dad lets be honest you do have a belly) I’m pretty sure my sister almost dies from the sight… and then he yells out ‘Got my DPs on lets go to the beach’ and we go bright red.

The prize:

There’s over $400 worth of luxury products in this prize pack!

– Signature collector jar of Himalayan Bouquet Tea from Cup Above Tea

– Glass and cork Keep Cup from Biome

– Quickmount armband from LifeProof

– iPhone6 Fre case from LifeProof

– Klang headphones from Sudio

– Luxury Shadow bath towel from Sunday Minx

Mobile is increasingly becoming the device of choice for people to access the internet, read ebooks, stream music and even watch videos.

To help Dad enjoy his mobile experience, we’ve got a stylish white and grey iPhone6 case from LifeProof that’s waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and drop-proof so he can take his tech along on all his adventures, whether thats surfing, hitting the slopes or trails! The LifeActiv armband with quick mount means his phone will never be more than arm’s length away.

He can ditch the standard headphones and enjoy superior sound quality with Sudio black and bronzed headphones. A leather case is also included to keep the headphones safe and we’re sure he’ll love the 3 button remote and stay-in-ear design.

After all that activity, he’ll no doubt want to unwind so we’ve included a jar of premium tea from Cup Above Tea. The Himalayan blend is a semi-oxidised oolong tea from Nepal with delightful florals like a tropical garden in bloom. And he can drink it in style from his glass and cork Keep Cup from Biome.

Finally, the pack includes an intensely soft monochrome towel in on-trend geometric pattern from Sunday Minx.

What’s not to love?!!

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How to enter

Enter via Instagram:

1. Follow us on Instagram.

2. Repost the giveaway image to your Instagram account saying the most un-stylish thing your dad has done and why he needs this pack of luxury products. We want to hear your dorky Dad stories!

3. Include #scfathersday and tag us @stylecuratorau when you repost.

Enter via the blog:

We understand not everyone is on Instagram which is why we’re also giving you the chance to enter this competition right here!

Simply, subscribe to our e-newsletter filling in this form and comment below to say the most un-stylish thing your dad has done and why he needs this pack of luxury products in his life.

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You can enter as many times as you like during the competition period on Instagram and in the comments below but each entry must be unique.

Note: This giveaway is open internationally but people outside Australia may be asked to cover shipping costs. Giveaway closes 11.59pm Wednesday 31 August 2016. We will select one winner who we believe has the most inspired entry, judging their relevance, creativity and originality. The winner has 48 hours to claim the prize or we will select a new winner. Judging between 9am – 5pm (AEST), Thursday 1 September and winner announced within 24 hours. Shipping times vary depending on location, we cannot confirm prize will arrive before Father’s Day.

Good luck!!


  1. What a great competition! My dad does most of the normal dorky dad things – awful jokes, making up rhymes, that sort of thing – but the funniest thing he does every summer is sit in front of the cricket on tv and promptly fall asleep for the duration of the match. And he still insistently tells me, “Cricket is a sport worth watching.”

  2. dad liked a few beers and we had some friends over for a barbie and he decided he would go for a swim in his PJs lost the bottoms soon as hit the water dad we love you

  3. My dad wears crocs with socks! He has his everyday pairs and even ones for special occasions (and yes, always with the socks!!) The prize pack would totally up the ante on his coolness #stylish #blesshim #coolkid

  4. My Dad has a giant pair of wooden clogs he bought in Holland when he was ” young ” and he brings them out whenever I bring a new friend home

  5. My dad has got diabetes and put on a lot of weight since his divorce and needs to get fit, listen to music to uplift him and live again.

  6. My Dad loves the beach, wears budgie smugglers and is and is a fairly large & hairy man- stylish not!!! But his love of life, love for his family and big personality is all the style he needs!

  7. Hummm in what century wearing shorts and knee high socks was considered stylish?????You guessed it is happening in our house. This gorgeous pack would help enormously to speed up the process of getting in line with up to date style.

  8. Wearing shocking clothes! Between my sister and I, we have to co-ordinate his wardrobe otherwise its brown shoes, navy pants, black and white jumper . . . . you get the idea. Its cringeworthy

  9. As dad is short mum always has to alter his trousers. Unfortunately she always manages to cut too much off and they look terrible. Although dad couldn’t care less.

  10. My dear husband ( daddy to our 7 Year old daughter) considers himself to be quite stylish….in the light, however….getting dressed in the dark has caused a few mismatches that were later discovered ….thinking mismatched shoes, a different suit jacket to suit pants, jersey’s worn inside out or back to front….bless his cotton most likely mismatched socks.

  11. He once wore the same shorts for 15 years. Elastic were gone, the fashion was…never there. In fact he is still wearing them.

  12. My dad was diagnosed with pancratic cancer almost a year ago. It’s been a hard journey for us 3 daughters keeping his spirits up but dad’s now been set on wearing socks and sandals almost daily. It gives us all something to joke with him about but he could use this pack to give him something to cheer him up during all the hospital visits.

    • Sorry to hear Bianca and hope he’s on the road to recovery. Wishing you and your family a happy Father’s Day this weekend x

  13. My husband is celebrating his first Father’s Day this year. He brought our daughter for a daddy’s day out in the baby carrier and didn’t realise he had been walking around the market with pee down his shirt from a nappy leak.

  14. My unstylish father, does suffer from one MAJOR faux pas. He still insists on swimming in his jocks! He needs serious guidance in style.#scfathersday

  15. My Dad is the best guy ever, but can be very unstylish such as wearing joggers with jeans out to dinner or overdoing it with cologne sometimes! He also calls getting an Uber, ‘You’ber which cracks me up!

  16. Run out of milk at 8pm? No matter, why not head to the local supermarket wearing an 80s style ‘Alf’ TV sitcom T-shirt, PJ bottoms and a pair of holey, paint-stained Dunlops? #dadstyle

  17. Came in and collected me from the school dance in his pjs and mum’s fluffy pink slippers on purpose because I’d given him attitude earlier in the evening!

  18. Sounds like most of the Dads here have a bad sense of fashion, which my Dad certainly does too (Hawaiian shirts unbuttoned just a bit more than you’d like without a beach in sight, or worse yet his tie dye shirts with technicoloured prints) but my Dad is also unstylish at heart. The ‘normal’ rules of how to act in public don’t apply to my Dad who happily sings at the top of his lungs in a crowd of strangers, or breaks into dance as you walk past buskers or any other music he likes, or who makes the *most inappropriate* Dad jokes that make me want to crawl under a rock. Despite all this, I still love him and continue to go out in public with him even though I know it will end in some sort of humiliation. These stylish products would certainly help detract from his unstylishness… when we go to the beach people might look at that stylish Sunday Minx towel instead of his budgy smugglers and next time he breaks out into random song, people might think it’s playing from those chic headphones…. I can hope!

  19. My dad is the most embarrassing dork ever! When I was 14 or 15 years old I had friends over for a sleepover. We were a little too noisy for the neighbours who came over around midnight to ask that we keep the noise down. Dad greets them wearing only his bright red undies! He still wears them to this day – nearly 15 years on! He loves them and even has a name for them – old red! His lucky undies! PLEASE HELP.

  20. When mum was first diagnosed with a kidney disease and part of her treatment was take to Steroid medication, the first thing our dad said ( with the action at same time ?? ) was “So you’ll now be a body builder!! The whole family laughed yet the treating doctor didn’t find his sense of humour funny at all. We still talk and laugh about this proving laughter is the best medicine.

  21. Ummm… BUDGIE SMUGGLERS/DT’s with Lowes pluggers and a too small terry toweling hat (insert monkey with hands over its eyes emoji). Omg… NOT cool Dad! From that moment on, my sisters and I bought him clothes for every Birthday / Father’s Day / Christmas for what we called ‘Project improve dad’s style so we’re not embarrassed to be seen with him’. Haha!! Love you Dad!!

  22. I have a great Dad but style isn’t high on his priority list. Dad’s fave sandals were held together with staples so they never died. He wore them with high waisted short shorts ??? The products in the Fathers’ Day giveaway will wake up his sense of style. Thanks for running this and giving back to our much loved but stylishly lost Dads. #scfathersday @stylecuratorau

  23. This prize would be AH-mazing for my husband! Im sure my sighted would appreciate him being more stylish. The most unstylish thing about him is his pulled up socks… Yep. He’s a 31 year old grandad who refuses to go barefoot anywhere and will never wear shoes without socks, and those socks MUST be pulled up high! He’s even lost his leg hair where his socks are, which makes quite a funny picture when you do get the rare glimpse of him with no socks on. As you can see.. We need the help!
    Xx Chloe

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