Our favourite Comments from Readers in 2014

Nothing makes us happier than reading comments from you!

Not only are you such a lovely and supportive bunch, you’re also super stylish 🙂 (Our kind of people!)

When Gina called on your styling expertise to help her design her kitchen, you went above and beyond! This is just some of the advice Karen offered.

Gina, I’m planning my kitchen too! Must discuss ideas! Love marble, one way to include it without too much risk of damage is in the splash back… Huge impact.

Yes to colour for the cabinets something to add warmth as the marble and concrete could become cold looking – do you know what I mean?…

Many of you are just as much a Block-head as us! And the things many of you said (that we didn’t dare!) about the room reveals had us laughing out loud. Like this one from Elisa.

Max and Karstan, OMG, I kar-stand their barthroom! My favourite part of their bathroom is the reflection of the camera man in their second photo. Does that count as a favourite part? No? Ok, well then I guess I don’t like anything about theirs. Points purely for effort perhaps, but style… baa baom!

Kylie found her perfect kitchen inspiration and we couldn’t help but smile along with her.

I’m so happy to have the Block in my life … Just trying to pick my new kitchen bench tops and colours to go with my wooden floors … I can totally see it now 🙂

The comments that made us most happy were for our Christmas giveaway. Like this one from Chantal.

I have a Haymes-ergency! My bland dining room is in need of some rich navy paint to create moody interest and my new artwork pop.

And this one from Cathy.

A clean new look for a clean New Year, thanks to STYLE CURATOR, I’m reinventing my bedroom at the moment.

It’s pretty hard to believe we launched STYLE CURATOR less than six months ago and we’re sitting here looking back through hundreds of comments from you to try and find our favourites!

Really though, we don’t have favourite comments from readers — any feedback you leave, whether you’re seeking help, providing suggestions or just want to say ‘hi’, we’d love to hear from you!

Looking forward to bringing you loads more STYLE CURATOR in 2015, xx


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