From finding an architect to my top building tips, I chat with Undercover Architect


Last year during the crunch time of our build (when I was asking myself if our house would ever be finished!) I went to the Gold Coast for a few days to attend ProBlogger, a conference for Australia’s blogging community, where I met the lovely Amelia of Undercover Architect.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, I loved chatting with Amelia who could completely empathise with how I was feeling and offered great tips and advice. Soon we’ll have her on SC sharing some of her wisdom!

Her blog, Undercover Architect, is all about helping homeowners create a home that makes your life better with a goal to help you save time, money and heartache.

Amelia recently interviewed me to share my experience of building, asking me everything from why we demolished and rebuilt instead of renovated, how we managed the budget, challenges and my top tips. You can read that interview here.

Undercover Architect

It’s a bit surreal to see the past 3 years summarised into one article like that and makes me realise what we’ve accomplished. From two twenty-something-year-olds with a pretty risky idea, my husband and I took the plunge and knocked down our crumbling home to build two architect designed homes (one for us to live and a smaller dwelling to rent). We finished the build just over four months ago and now I’ve got the fun job of finishing and styling the interiors. You can follow the full journey as I blogged about it here.

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Gina is the Editor of STYLE CURATOR, an award winning Australian blog about the pursuit of a stylish home. She is passionate about sharing her love of design, architecture, decorating and homewares. Having recently finished the build of her dream home, she's now tackling the never ending job of styling it. When she's not blogging or working with interior styling clients, you'll find her running after her 2 year-old son Patrick or getting her hands messy in a creative project.


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