Growing Cactus

Tips growing cactus

As one of our all time favourite designers Darren Palmer says, flowers and greenery give the sense of life in a room and should be used to style a room where possible.

What better greenery to include in a room than a cactus—adorable and available in a wide range of species, you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

If you’re anything like us and every living plant you bring in your home tends to die, here are some helpful tips on how to care for your cactus to give it the best shot of survival.

  • Make sure your cactus is in a pot that has good drainage
  • Use a cactus compost rather than potting mix to pot your cactus as it’s more sandy and allows good drainage
  • Keep your plant in a sunny position
  • Don’t overwater it (once a week is plenty)
  • Make sure the pot is big enough for the cactus—once your cactus fills the pot, you’ll need to transplant it into a larger pot
  • If your cactus is outside, keep an eye out for pests and diseases such as yellowing of the skin, larvae and dry rot. There’s lots of advice online for how to treat each of these if you need it.
  • Why settle on just one cactus when you can arrange several species in a larger pot to create a cactus garden like in our pics below. You can even have some fun with them by adding cute characters like our cowboy.

    Do you have a cactus at home? Post it on our Facebook page or tag us in your Instagram photo—we’d love to see all the types of cacti you have!

    Growing cactus

    Growing cactus

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