Join the #stylecuratorchallenge: July challenge — #stylecuratormademedoit

This month we have a very SPECIAL #stylecuratorchallenge because it’s our birthday month! Yes Lovelies, the blog is turning 7 and we want to celebrate in a BIG way… we’re calling it #stylecuratormademedoit!

All month, we’d love you to share photos or videos showing how you’ve used an idea from the blog for your home. It could be a DIY, styling trick, home organisation hack… ANYTHING!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing how you’ve taken inspo from the blog and made it your own so don’t hold back. We’d love you to join the #stylecuratorchallenge this month! Keep reading for all the details, including what you could win for joining in!

Coffee table details
Perhaps you’ve picked up some styling tricks that you now use in your home? Share them for our #stylecuratormademedoit challenge

How to join in

1. Take a pic or video showing how the blog has given you inspo for your home. 

It could be:

…Any way Style Curator has influenced your home!

2. Share your pics or videos with us. Simply share a video, pic (or 2… or more!) showing how SC has inspired your home and upload it to Instagram.

Be sure to include in the photo caption the #stylecuratorchallenge and #stylecuratormademedoit hashtags as well as tagging us @stylecuratorau.

We can only see photos shared on public accounts. If your account is private, you can still join the challenge by sending us your photo via email or DM.

3. Follow along. Follow @stylecuratorau for challenge updates and to see if you get featured!

4. Spread the love. It’s always more fun when others play along, don’t you think? Like, comment and encourage others to join in the challenge  who doesn’t love a bit of love? Also, follow the #stylecuratorchallenge hashtag to check out what other people have uploaded.

Placing DIY heart wall light in room Join the #stylecuratorchallenge
Or have you made a DIY from the blog? Join the #stylecuratorchallenge and share it for #stylecuratormademedoit

The prize

Because it’s our birthday month and we want to party, the prizes are going to keep on rolling. Rather than 1 winner at the end of the month, we’ll randomly award people throughout the month for sharing their entries. 

We have 10 x $100 gift vouchers to our favourite stores to give away.

New to #stylecuratorchallenge?

Hello and WELCOME! We love new faces around here! Our group of styling enthusiasts is growing each and every week and we love it! We would love you to join in the challenge and can’t wait to see your pics!

There’s no need to feel shy or intimidated. We’re a fun and supportive community and you’ll find your photos will get lots of love from others who join in. You might not think your space is perfect but our challenges aren’t about that.

It’s about making small improvements around our home each month (so we really can achieve the stylish homes we dream about), giving it a go and having fun! So don’t hold back — you could be holding the inspiration someone else has been looking for!

It’s also a way to meet other interior-loving enthusiasts and connect with them online. Plus it’s a great excuse to style your home.

Organising under your kitchen sink Join the #stylecuratorchallenge
Perhaps we’ve inspired a home organisation or cleaning hack? Share it for our #stylecuratormademedoit challenge

Things you need to know

Did you know most #stylecuratorchallenge winners have generally uploaded multiple photos throughout the month? Show us your space styled in a few different ways, or take photos from different angles. It makes sense, the more times you enter, the better your chances!


Images must be uploaded to social media between 1 – 31 July 2021, including the #stylecuratorchallenge and #stylecuratormademedoit hashtags. You must also tag Style Curator (@stylecuratorau) in your entry. 

Only Australian residents are eligible to win the prize but everyone is welcome to join the #stylecuratorchallenge. We will select the winner by 7 August and announce it on the Style Curator blog.

We can’t wait to see what you share this month!