The Latest in Bathroom Basins: Kartell by LAUFEN at Milan Design Week 2014

Kartell by LAUFEN

In case you missed Milan Design Week 2014, over the next week we’re bringing you some of our favourites from the fair.

First up, a new line of wafer-thin washbasins from Kartell by LAUFEN.

This new range of washbasins and other bathroom elements designed by Ludovica+Roberta Paloma uses LAUFEN’s Saphirkeramik, a patented ceramic material.

Kartell by LAUFEN

Saphirkeramik is so strong and malleable, its composition is comparable to steel. It allows the super sleek profiles of the basins you see while remaining sturdy enough to last in your bathroom for decades. These basins are also more environmentally friendly and light-weight than most other basins on the market.

LAUFEN is one of the world’s most desired bathroom brands. Since 1892, this Swiss company has been leading the way in bathroom culture.

If you like the look of this range, you’ll be happy to know they have hit Australian shores and are now available at reece.

Kartell by Laufen

Kartell by Laufen

Kartell by Laufen

Images: LAUFEN



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