Magnetic Disc Draping Tool at Milan Design Week 2014


It’s been a fun week bringing you our highlights from Milan Design Week 2014 – sexy sinks, our Top 4 chairs, chandeliers in light bulbs and wallpaper to die for!

To finish our series we’re sharing these beautiful gems from Sweedish designer Anna Wedin – a magnetic disc draping tool to transform your curtains into a canvas for your creativity.

magnetic disc draping tool
magnetic disc draping tool
magnetic draping tool
Images: Anna Wedin

Carefully handmade in Stockholm, Sweden, these discs come in a range of colours including black, grey, nude, wood and yellow.

“I started my company with the ambition to make creative ideas realistic and doable as I feel that design should be about simplicity even though the process itself can be very complex,” says Anna.

“I really enjoy making the most of the possibilities that light, shade and graphical expressions offer.”

And with her magnetic disc draping tool you can do just that. You can drape your curtains in your own unique way to create your own masterpiece!

If you’d like to pick up a set, you can shop Anna Wedin’s webite or email her for more information at

Magnetic disc draping tool
Magnetic disc draping tool
Images: Anna Wedin


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