Mother’s Day giveaway with Murphy & Daughters


Being a mum can be smelly business. New mums (and dads) enjoy numerous nappy changes a day along with whatever other fluids these little humans produce… and once that phase passes, it’s onto other not-so-pleasant-smelling jobs such as washing sports gear and discovering old lunch boxes…

So we think mums deserve something nice to smell. No, something DIVINE to smell!

That’s why this Mother’s Day, we’ve partnered with the lovely team at Murphy & Daughters to giveaway a luxe gift pack!

The prize

— ‘Just Rub It In’ hand cream

— ‘Bon Bon’ soap

— travel candle

— ‘Luscious’ lip balm

And because we know how hard it can be to win a prize and then have to give it away (even if it is to your mum), we’ve also got a second gift pack just for YOU! Winner gets to choose their favourite fragrances for each set.


Hand cream

Lip balm

Bon bon soap

How to enter:

To win these two pamper packs, simply subscribe to our free weekly e-newsletter community using the sign-up form below and comment at the bottom of this post ↓↓ to tell us — What’s the smelliest thing your mum has had to clean up?

We’re looking for funny or squeamish answers that show your mum is the most deserving to win this gorgeous pamper pack!

This giveaway has closed. Congratulations Anna A. who won, telling us about her mum who had to deal with dead rodents to save the night for her as a teenager. So many hilarious stories in the comments, thanks to all of you for sharing!

*Note: if you are already a subscriber you do not need to subscribe again, simply comment below. Giveaway open to Australian residents only. This is a game of skill. Competition runs from 23 April 2017 until 3 May 2017 and the winner will be announced on 4 May 2017.

Treat your mum to this gorgeous gift pack, hurry and enter now!


  1. To enter, just tell us ‘What’s the smelliest thing your mum has had to clean up?’. Remember, most creative or squeamish answer wins!

    • My mum has had to clean up my constant vomit missing the toilet bowl after a big night out. Also vomitting into a sink and it not being able to drain so she had to scoop my chunky vomit out with her hands ??

    • I always used to wear Beijing fabric shoes and every time it rained, my shoes took a long time to dry and over time they stank…whilst on holidays I only brought these shoes and needed them to dry so mum got the hair dryer and got to work! The hotel room was so foul!! And mum and I were in stitches from laughter.

  2. I was boiling eggs when my youngest brother sliced his forearm open while building a wood model airplane. I rushed him to the bathroom spraying blood up the walls and doors then rushed him to hospital. Sometime after we left the eggs boiled dry and exploded. The roof, walls, mums rack of cook books the floor ALL had egg on them. Mum arrived home from work to find egg and blood everywhere. 26 stitches later we came home and explained the mess. The house smelled of rotten egg for some time.

    • OH my goodness! This paints a scene of a comedy film. Your poor brother and your poor mum. Stinky egg is the worst and can’t imagine it mixed with blood!

  3. Poor Bonza left inside AND doggy door jammed;
    Mum returns home to find a hell for the damned!
    Excrement, poop…twas found in every room;
    Too mooshy, too sloppy for dustpan and broom!
    So Mum was duly punished for locking Bonza in;
    Scooping up poop from everywhere he’d been!!!

  4. The concoction of bleach powder and peroxide I mixed to dye my hair. Boy did that go wrong!!! It was so strong! Mum kindly cleaned up so we didn’t get overcome by the fumes and helped me rinsed it off while I screamed “my scalp is burning off!” Those scalp blisters and the whole experience have seen me as a natural brunette ever since. Thanks Mum x
    I’m sure she could tell you about plenty more but she takes it all is her stride, is always there to help and I love her for that and so much more.

  5. A few months ago I noticed a smell in the kitchen every time I opened the fridge. I commented on it to hubby and suggested he clean the inside. As I had just come out of hospital I could not oversee proceedings as well as I would have liked and when he had finished the smell was still there. An argument ensued as to how he had cleaned it and if he had cleaned every nook and cranny. I then instructed him to clean the seals and place a new batch of baking soda inside.

    For weeks after the smell was still there, despite trying every remedy I could find, and even ringing the manufacturer of the fridge. Hubby checked all food in the fridge and assured me everything was OK. Then the smell moved up into the freezer as well and I then started looking at buying a new fridge.

    Just as I was about to place my online order for a new fridge hubby screamed out, “I’ve found the problem!” Turns out the culprit was a piece of Brie (which hubby says he checked!) was quite expired and quite OFF! Needless to say we still have the same fridge minus the smell and the Brie!

  6. My sister once did a big poop in her underwear but she was too scared to say anything so she threw her undies into the laundry basket..poo and all! So my Mum got a nasty surprise when she was sorting out the laundry for the washing machine!

  7. What could be more funny than one of her own babies runny poo? The kind that runs out of babys diaper and down Mums clothes? Mum put up with seven of us and I give a toast to her!

    • Oh that liquid poo is the worst! And we all know mum would have a change of clothes for bub with her but rarely for herself ??

  8. Sitting waiting for immunisations with bubs and my mum, she was holding my son.  She described it as a feeling of warmth of cuddling, number’s called and realised number two’s had exploded on her white cashmere sweater, the nurses had a giggle not my mum though.

  9. Baby formula vomit from baby car seat because everything stuck to it and the smell putrid. Smelly and disgusting.

    • Ewwww yep, know that one – the worst is if it gets stuck in the buckle too! Hopefully the funk didn’t hang around for too long!

  10. The fishing bait I put in the back of the cupboard and forgot about, sticky, juicy and very rank indeed – week old cockles anyone? 😉

  11. My two year old daughter was ill and vomited all over the floor. I tried to clean it up but kept on gagging so my lovely mum who was visiting me at the time cleaned it up for me. Love you mum!

  12. My poor attempt of baking biscuits I thought adding a lot apricot jam would make it yum. It just turned them into a hard, crystallised mess that mum had to spend ages scraping off her good tins. She was proud of my attempt just wished I’d asked for help! Was trying to be grown up beyond my years!

  13. Like most parents, who hasn’t thought an innocent romp around the cot without a nappy would end up looking like a mud cake food fight. Sorry mum!

  14. Dad’s diahorrea!!! Pooh is smelly at the best of times, cat pooh, dog pooh, kids pooh too, but Mum said old mans pooh (to use a nicer word than she did) is the worst! He’s nearly 70, had a bout of gastro. And men knowing best, as they do, he thought it had passed as he was feeling much better, sooooooooooo the silly old bugger thought he could sneak out a silent dose of gas, in bed, next to Mum, late that fateful night (in bed, flannelette pj shirt on, bottoms off because he was hot), and yes sir, runny shite all over the sheets, the doona, the woolen underlay and himself. To make this story even funnier, after she’d cleaned the bed AND him up (by shoving him into the shower), she had a ‘Depend’ sample someone had sent her in the mail, and she made him put it on hahahahaha!!!
    Now if only dear old Dad knew how hilarious Mum found his most gross, vile, stench filled situation, and I would very much so love to show him Mum telling me blow by blow, because when she came over to relay her rendition of what had happened, we were trying out the new dashcam in the house, and captured Mum’s cheery face as she laughed continually, ever so descriptively filling me in, detail by detail, all the way making me swear I’ll never tell him I know. And what made her laugh the most, was that when he did it, he was so in shock, he sort of blew himself out of the bed, hitting the floor with a thump. Oh yes, she had to clean old man’s diahorrea off the carpet too!!!

  15. My 4 month old Bonds Suit. We noticed a nappy explosion while waiting for take-away in an Indian restaurant. It went up to her shoulder blades. Note it was the middle of winter in Canberra and we drove with the windows down. I would have thrown the suit out but my Mum insisted on hand washing it!

  16. We could smell something really yucky, like something dead, we searched everywhere until we found the source, which just so happened to be a present from the cat left under the bed to rot. it was a bird and had been there a while as maggots were crawling on it and it stunk. Needless to say mum in her bravery and occasional gagging cleaned it up being, the brave mother she is.

  17. I will never forget the time my Mum had to pull apart the pipes under the sink to unblock it. She put a bucket beneath it but didn’t pull her hand away in time. The foulest, stinkiest sludge fell from the piping onto her hand at the precise moment I walked in the room. I was in stitches! Poor Mum <3

  18. As a kid I would hide my school lunches in my bottom draw in my bedroom, mum found my stash 6 months later , the smell of mouldy cheese and Vegemite sandwiches was not pleasant , neither was scraping the growing mould off the wood ?Poor mum !

  19. When a cow wandered on to the verandah while we were out and the dog scared it ,so it bolted through the fly door charged all over the house dropping huge pats and wee’s.

  20. The worst thing ever my amazing mum cleaned up was me . Mum said whatever you do , don’t drink with a broken heart, didn’t listen, after a couple of whites and an Asian box of noodles, I was a mess, and with noodles every where including my hair , she helped clean me up and soothed my broken heart.

  21. When I was about 1 year old I’d decided that my poo was very interesting so I smeared it all over my cot, on the wall and all over myself… my poor mum still talks about it to this day and I’m 44! So she must really have been traumatised by it…

  22. We went for a long weekend away in Darwin and Dad turned off the main power switch before we left (we lived in an atco at a mining site) – We came home to the smell of rotten meat and food, the freezer had defrosted and there was blood leaking down the fridge into the centre of the atco! The most disgusting thing I have ever smelt and mum and I had to clean it up because Dad was hung-over…….

  23. My mum is amazing, the smelliest thing she’s had to clean up is my 5 stinky boys haha…..I love when she visits! Even my twins CLOTH nappies aren’t of limits…would love to spoil her with this!

  24. My nanna,actually. I was about 3 years old and had a really horrid reaction to something I’d eaten, I simultaneously projectile vomited and explosive pooped all over nanna and the doctor. It was pretty

  25. My mother had to clean kangaroo meat off the walls and ceiling after the pressure cooker blew a valve. It was hanging from the ceiling and sliding down the walls.

  26. What an awesome giveaway thank you and this may actually be my very first Mother’s Day as I’m just a few weeks away from my due date!
    I accidentally turned my parents deep freezer off which was packed with food and my poor Mum discovered it and had to empty it out not only dealing with the smell of rotting food but also the cost to replace it all! Where was I? Well I’d accidentally turned it off just before heading off on a weekend away unknown to me the mess I’d left behind for my lovely Mum to clean up!

    • Awww that’s so exciting! Wishing you a very special first Mother’s Day! Meanwhile… your poor mum, that’s a mess and a half!

  27. My Mum was Pet sitting my Dog when she got into her bag of Fish Jerky. It went straight through her as she ran around the house freaking out. There was Sloppy Dog Poo on the carpet, walls, and furniture. It took Mum the whole day to clean it up, while my dog was locked in the laundry finishing her Gross eliminations in confinement. The smell stayed for weeks and no amount of cleaning can remove the stains 🙁

  28. Mum babysat my cat when I went on holidays and she (the cat, not Mum) got a bad dose of the runs. Evidently it was everywhere!

  29. Massive amounts of vomit… which was hard because the smell of vomit made her vomit, so then she had twice as much to clean ?

  30. A bottle full of my babies milk that had fallen out of the baby bag in her car. It was missing for 2 weeks before she found it under the seat and had curdled and turned really nasty! I would have thrown the bottle away but not mum, she cleaned it up beautifully

  31. Cleaning up after my dog when she was dog sitting and poor pooch got into something she shouldn’t have.. I don’t think there’s much worse than the smell of doggy diarrhea – especially when it was in little patches all over the house and she got home to find it at the end of the day.. Not sure I’ve ever completely made up for that one!

  32. Our pet dog had gastro and left foul smelling vomit and diarrhea all over the house which made my mum continually dry retch as she cleaned it up

  33. I honestly can’t remember in regards to my own mum but as a mum when my daughter was 2 she got a really bad virus and I learned the expression ” coming out of both ends ” all too well. Poor little thing ended up in hospital on a drip over night.

  34. Is there any worse smell than a forgotten banana left behind in a school bag? I think not and I left that surprise for my mum often.

  35. My sisters projectile vomit – all the way from the back seat to the windscreen of her new car and everywhere in between!!

  36. My brothers ‘food jerky’ (as he called it). Basically it was the dried skin from off his feet that he’d peel off and leave on any flat surface he liked. It was disgusting!

  37. We have a small Koi pond in our entry way and in January we went on a 2 week holiday to New Zealand. When we came back we discovered a smell that made me vomit in the front garden. A Koi had jumped out of the pond and died on the tiled floor while we were away. It was very hot, being January and the house had been shut up tight and become somewhat of hot house. It was so gross, Mum used a dustpan to remove the remains of the fish.

  38. My Mum was looking after my dog one weekend while my husband and I were away. The dog got into some of her protein bars whilst she was asleep and had a runny bum all over the place. She woke up the next morning to her house stinking of dog poop that was slightly sickly sweet smelling because of the protein bars. The worst part was that the protein had made the poop harden like rock and she had to chip it of her floorboards with a spatula, heaving all the while!

  39. Mum loves to remind me that she had to clean up one of my musical toys that I had painted with the contents of my nappy. it came back to bite me when my daughter dis similar when she was an infant.

  40. Oh Mum! If only my nose coped with smells of all sort,
    I thank you in advance for everything you have possibly taught!
    However, my etiquettes seems to dissolve at this smell,
    If only a sweet lullaby or nursery rhyme could cast an enchanting spell.
    Each of my babies umbilical cords she would dry and purify,
    I would be peeping behind closed doors, resembling a secretive spy,
    The cord oozed an odour that caused me to feel faint!
    Mum! You are my “Sweet Scented” and deserving SAINT!

  41. We just had new carpet installed in our house and my toddler said she needed to vomit. Without hesitation, Mum pulled the bottom of her t-shirt forward and said “Do it here!”. She then carried herself off to clean it up whilst trying not to vomit herself!

  42. My mum had to clean all those tupperwear containers I would leave to stew in my school bag so gross poor mum

  43. When we were kids we had 2 backyard chickens. Sadly one night a fox discovered and killed them. But he took only the heads (a connoisseur of chicken maybe?), leaving the rest for poor mum to bury them before we could see them. The amazing things mum’s do!

  44. My daughter hadn’t been long toilet trained when I heard a scream from the toilet. I raced in and was confronted by a 360 degree cascade of diarrhea. I don’t know how but it was everywhere – even on the ceiling! That took some cleaning up.

  45. Cat vomit, that cat food smell is disgusting and it lingers. It was on a sofa and it had slipped down between the cushions. We left her to it!

  46. I had an impromptu going away party after when I was a teenager… the back yard was full of my rowdy classmates and someone got onto the hose. The backyard was completely destroyed and turned to mud. Let’s just say I was very happy to be on a plane out of there the next day!

  47. I had an impromptu going away party when I was a teenager… the back yard was full of my rowdy classmates and someone got onto the hose. My mother had just put down fertiliser (manure), the backyard was completely destroyed and turned to big patches of ‘poo mud!. Let’s just say I was very happy to be on a plane out of there the next day!

  48. Mum went to bake, started to preheat the oven, it smelt revolting! Mum said “maybe I need to clean the oven.” An absolute understatement! None of the Grandkids were tempted by the batch of newly baked biscuits or cake. Later that week Mum phoned and told me she worked out what it was stinking out the oven, a mouse had been cooked and incinerated in the back of the oven!

  49. Mum reckons it was combined dog and child vomit. The Christmas our dachsund Sam sniffed the presents under the tree and ripped open and scoffed half the chocolate, so we kids scoffed the other half. We all vomited, one very displeased Mum had to clean up, vet visit requred, no choccy allowed for ages after, lol!

  50. Growing up my mum was always so stylish and so beautiful and I wanted to be just like her so when I was 4 I managed to climb up the bathroom vanity and into my mums beauty cupboard. There I was covered in her bright red lipstick and about to splash on some of her Chanel No 5 when mum found me. I instantly dropped the bottle which smashed and poor mum had to clean up her favourite perfume from the bathroom floor. Sorry mum! xo

  51. I think vomit has to be it,
    That isn’t a hit!
    As a child and as a teen,
    Would make anything else a dream.

  52. I’ll preface this by saying I grew up in the country. As a cranky teenager I had a favourite dress, that had a tulle petticoat to give it shape. Living on a farm we were no strangers to rats and mice in the house, but the absolute worst was when a big rat caught it’s leg jn the tulle of my dress and died in it. I discovered this when I wanted to wear it out and it was obviously the worst thing that had ever happened (cue teenage hysterics). It was awful. So gross. But it was my favourite so my amazing mum extracted the rat (the smell! The feel!) and used special mum laundry knowledge to eventually get the scent out and make it wearable. Such a champion! Although it was probably easier than putting up with my drama!

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