My home build experience

nooks and cranny

For the past year or more, I’ve been sharing regular updates of how our home build is going — the highs, lows and challenges in between.

Today I’m really excited to share my home build experience and top tips for building on nooks & cranny, a fantastic renovation and DIY site.

The team at nooks & cranny have 20 years combined building and renovation experience and they regularly share free resources, DIYs and tips about building and renovating. We recommend the site as one to bookmark!

They asked why we demolished instead of renovated, what the build process has been like, how I selected finishes and where we were able to save.

Check out the full article on nooks & cranny here.

My home build experience on nooks and cranny


    • Such a pleasure to feature on your beautiful site! I hope my tips help your readers or at least make them feel better if their build is taking longer and costing more than they thought 😉


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