Norsu Interiors upcycle wooden mantel for Feast Watson 2016 Re-Love project

For four years, leading woodcare brand Feast Watson has been calling on Australian designers and makers to upcycle or re-love a second-hand timber piece in their Re-Love Project to raise money for Salvos stores.

This year, the pool of designers has been expanded to seven, coming from a variety of creative backgrounds, each with a distinct style. Designer and stylist Kristine Franklin, iconic furniture designer and maker Mark Tuckey, Melissa Bonney and Margo Reed of The Design Hunter, and the team at Kip & Co bedding are just a few.

Today we’re lucky enough to chat with Nat and Kristy of Norsu Interiors who selected an old timber mantel to upcycle.

We’re huge fans of the Nordic inspired homewares and art at Norsu Interiors and couldn’t wait to see how they would transform this timber mantel… which quite frankly was pretty bland and a little manky. We couldn’t imagine how they would apply their signature Scandi spin on the piece.

Well hold on to your hats people because they have seriously outdone themselves, proving that sometimes all you need is imagination, elbow grease and a lick of paint (or in this instance, liming white timber finish).

Tell us about the piece you selected for the Re-Love Project?

“It’s a gorgeous old timber fireplace mantel which was purchased at the Salvos in Abbotsford for $145,” says Kat.

“This piece stole both our hearts the moment we laid eyes on it because of its uniqueness, beauty and potential to upcycle it with a Scandi twist.”

Norsu Feast Watson

We certainly didn’t see that potential but the way you transformed the piece is incredible, explain what you did.

“After giving the piece a good sand back, we applied Feast Watson Liming White all over the mantel piece,” explains Kristy.

We wanted to highlight the beautiful detail in the centre using pastel pink and inlaying some custom cut marble pieces.

“Then we finished the piece with a matte varnish to seal in the beauty.

“Using Feast Watson Liming White will gives the piece a definite Scandi look and using marble with our signature colour, pastel pink, injects a bit of our ‘Norsu personality’.”

Close up of mantle

What made you want to be involved in the Re-Love Project?

“We love everything this project stands for,” says Kat. “The ability to channel our creative energy into bringing a tired old piece of furniture back to life, while using quality products for a fabulous cause! It’s a win win!

“Most pieces on the market these days aren’t made the way the used to be, so it’s a real treat to inject a modern take on a something classic that has been lovingly hand crafted from high-quality materials.

The best part of a re-love project is that there’s no right or wrong way to tackle it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and finishes that you may ordinarily shy away from. If it doesn’t turn out the way you envisaged, don’t stress — you can always re-love it another way!

The eBay auction for all 7 Re-Loved designer pieces launches on Thursday 25 August 2016 and runs until Sunday 4 September 2016, with all proceeds donated to the Salvos stores.

Close to $20,000 has already raised for Salvos stores in previous Re-Love auctions so we hope you’ll get behind this great cause, helping to raise much-needed funds while potentially taking home a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece. Follow Feast Watson on Instagram or check their website for auction details closer to the time.

Reclaimed timber mantle

Close up of timber



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