PET Lamps rocking the Colourful Safari trend

PET lamps

There’s a new decorating trend that’s making waves and some are dubbing it ‘Colourful Safari’.

If this is a look you love, today we’re introducing you to PET Lamp which is not only bang on this trend, it’s made using environmentally conscious techniques combined with ancient artisan textile traditions. Curious? We sure are!


Pet Lamps are created by reusing PET plastic bottles and turning them into delightfully quirky lighting crafted by local artisans — you could say it’s an example of industrial design righting the wrongs of the industrial process!

Designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon started the project in 2011 in Colombia as a way to try and resolve the issue of plastic waste contaminating the Colombian Amazon — turning products with a short and specific lifespan into a product enriched by the cosmogony of the local culture. Over the past four years the project has spread across South America and Africa and there are plans to expand further.

Each lamp is unique, from the colour, pattern and cord selected, and you can view the available collection at Sarfari Living. For over 10 years, Safari Living has been sharing unique finds with an edge sourced from across the globe.

Safari lamp

“Each carefully considered piece reinforces my passion for making everyday luxury accessible, and a dedication to a sense of adventure, new discoveries, and quality materials and craftsmanship whilst positively impacting the environment,” says Felicity Rulikowski, Founder of Safari Living.

The PET Lamp project has received a nomination for the London Design Museum as best product of the year and a string of other awards and nominations including the German Design Award 2015. Ticking all the boxes of stylish, ethical and ecological, it’s easy to see why they are generating so much hype!

Interior Stylist and blogger, Chris Carroll of The Life Creative, shares his top tips to rock Colourful Safari:
– Dark walls are a great base for this trend (blacks, moody blues, deep purples etc)
– If your walls are white, opt to bring in bold curtains or frame and hang colourful fabric
– Cluster African-inspired objects on your walls and create your own art installation
– Look for materials that feel organic (rattan, wicker, feathers, rope etc)
– Colour clash your décor, sit bold colours of the same tonal value side by side
– Hunt out décor that feels handmade, like glazed pottery or baskets
– Geometric patterns are a good idea here.

What do you think of these lamps? Are you loving the Colourful Safari trend? Tell us in the comments below!

Safari PET lamp


  1. One of my clients’ wanted lamps in her drawing room. However, the walls were white and I advised her to get more colorful and bold curtains in order to get the things looks good and brighter. Now she’s got dark blue curtains and with lamps hanging on her head while she rests on the oceanic-colored couch.


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