Photos and Highlights From The Block Bathroom Challenge: Final Elimination Round

The Block Triple threat final elimination

Ah-mah-gahd what an epic finish to The Block Triple Threat elimination round!

We seriously felt for all the couples — having to complete a bathroom from start to finish in just 72 hours was beyond ridiculous!

Sadly, our fav couple — Ebony and Luke — had a disastrous experience with one fail after another seeing them deliver a bathroom that was nothing like they envisaged. They ended up in bottom place and last night we said goodbye to them πŸ™

Let’s look at the photos and highlights from The Block bathroom challenge…

Tim and Anastasia

Tim and Anastasia bathroom

From just scraping through the previous two elimination rounds, Tim and Anastasia pulled out all the stops with their bathroom and impressed the judges (18 1/2 out of 20).

Neale said it was ‘small but perfectly formed’ and Darren said given the time and size of the space it was a ‘pretty exceptional result’.

They got points for taking risks in terms of their design choices — using three different wall finishes (diamond marble tiles, white rectangular tiles and concrete render) could have gone either way but Neale thought they chose well and created a space that feels luxe and high end.

We loved the diamond marble wall tiles and custom vanity. As you know we’re also big concrete fans and have used that Ardex concrete wall finish to makeover a kitchen bench and side table.

Josh and Charlotte

Josh and Charlotte bathroom

These guys kept things simple which given the time and room size constraints was a very smart move. It meant they could focus their attention on a few ‘wow’ factors — like that impressive in-wall cabinet hidden behind the mirror — and complete on time with quality finishes.

Neale said the room has a sense of zen and that for such a small space it has a great soothing effect. We thought that while all their choices were safe and not picking up any current bathroom trends, they are timeless and complement each other well.

The judges had high expectations for this bathroom and they weren’t disappointed, scoring Josh and Charlotte 17 1/2 out of 20.

Ayden and Jess

Ayden and Jess bathroom

Ayden and Jess stepped away from their playful and colourful design style this week to deliver a Moroccan-inspired bathroom… a bit random but luckily for them the judges liked their bold tile choice.

However, the longer the judges stood in the bathroom, the more they began to dislike or critique some of the couple’s choices. Although the judges liked the tile saying it was spot on trend now, Neale asked ‘is it right for this very small space?’. He felt it was too much and perhaps just having one wall in the bold tile would have been better. The lack of storage (a case of style over substance to an extent according to Neale) and towel rails also scored them down, seeing them finish in third place at 14 1/2 out of 20.

We would have loved to see what kind of bathroom they would have delivered if they stuck with the same whimsical style as the other two rooms. (Crushing on that Marble Basics pot plant though πŸ™‚ )

Ebony and Luke

Luke and Ebony bathroom

Gah, we’re guttered! Our favs had one epic fail after another this week and ended up delivering a bathroom that wasn’t even close to what they envisaged. It cost them the game and they left the show last night on 12 1/2 out of 20 πŸ™

There wasn’t much to be impressed about so we’ll just laugh along with Ebony and Luke at all the fails — from a vanity that was way too big to one that was so small it was comical, the massive tap that Darren likened to a crane, no shower screen, no door, and overall feeling of panic and chaos.

We were really vouching for this couple and wanted to see more from them but sadly that’s the way the game played out.

Now the real Block Triple Threat starts and boy oh boy are we expecting things to get interesting. Stay tuned for more…


  1. GUTTED about Luke and Ebony, I really liked them too! I was surprised Tim and Anastasia won, I didn’t really love their mixed choices, but loved the wood, basin and cut-in shelf. Love, love, LOVE The Block!! And also love your wrap ups, I really look forward to them and often find myself thinking, “Oooh, I wonder what Gina thinks of this room” – hehe!!

  2. He he, thanks Dan πŸ™‚ Yeah, we can’t say Tim and Anastasia have delivered anything we haven’t already seen in previous Block series. Ebony and Luke had so much potential and were really brave when it came to colour – it would have been great to see how they went on a full apartment with more time to do each space πŸ™ Oh well, you know we’ll still watch and love every episode! πŸ™‚


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