Photos and Highlights from The Block Living and Dining Room Challenge

The Block Triple Threat Living and Dining room challenge feature

Part 2 of The Block Triple Threat challenge just wrapped up and didn’t the couples deliver?! Let’s get straight to the photos and highlights from The Block living and dining room challenge.

Josh and Charlotte

Josh and Charlotte's living and dining room
Josh and Charlotte’s living and dining room

In first place again (at 18 1/2 out of 20) are Josh and Charlotte for their industrial yet warm and edgy space. Neale’s reaction when he walked in went like this:

“Can you believe they did that [expose brick wall]?
“It’s beautiful!”

To say he was impressed is an understatement. And Shaynna loved the space just as much β€” with the exception of the under-sized rug that Charlotte placed on a 45 degree angle to try and disguise its size. Sorry hon, they saw right through that trick πŸ˜‰ We loved the painted brick wall and use of timber which added so much warmth.

Jess and Ayden

Jess and Ayden's living and dining room
Jess and Ayden’s living and dining room

Wow, these guys aren’t afraid of colour or mixing patterns and didn’t the results impress?! The judges gave them 18/20 and said the space was ‘youthful, sleek, modern and perfectly styled’! We loved the concept of their custom made mirror and wooden shelf/drawer piece (how would you describe it?) in the entry β€” such a clever alternative to the traditional sideboard. Those copper pendant lights also made our hearts skip a beat. Great work guys!

Ebony and Luke

Ebony and Luke's living and dining room
Ebony and Luke’s living and dining room

We told you these guys were the ones to watch and wowee wasn’t their room amazing!! That pink feature wall is just like the one seen in Haymes 2015 colour forecast β€” talk about being a trend leader Ebony! Neale said he loves the colour and that it’s ‘the return of pink’. If it were up to us, we would have scored this room in first place but 17 1/2 out of 20 is still a great score.

Tim and Anastasia

Anastasia and Tim's living and dining room
Anastasia and Tim’s living and dining room

After landing in the bottom two last elimination, Tim and Anastasia worked hard to deliver their living and dining room, powering ahead of the other couples to finish three hours early! Shaynna’s first words when she entered the apartment were ‘It’s beautiful’. The judges loved the softness of the space, giving the couple big ticks for their artwork, and complimenting them on the high quality finishes (less the uneven curtain rail). Like last week they also scored well for their use of textures β€” especially the paper pendant light and knotted rug. But not having a TV let them down (16/20) and they also didn’t take a big risk like the top three couples… playing it safe when the competition is this high won’t cut it.

Aimee and Brooke

Brooke and Aimee's living and dining room
Brooke and Aimee’s living and dining room

These ladies were feeling super confident coming into this elimination round β€” they scored second highest in the last elimination and while shopping for this space they thought everything they found was ‘perfect!’… Ummmm sorry to speak so honestly but we have to disagree. Like the judges we felt the furniture was the wrong scale for the small space and we were not a fan of most of their choices. Neale said if he were writing their school report card he would put ‘shows promise’. Ouch! Scoring the lowest at 15 out of 20, we say goodbye to these ladies tonight.

Now it’s down to four couples for what will be the toughest part of the elimination challenge β€” delivering a bathroom in just 72 hours. Sooooo glad that’s not us! Good luck to the teams and we can’t wait to see the results soon.

What was your favourite room? What did you love or hate most?


  1. I thought Ebony and Luke’s room was the best too!

    Was Josh and Charlotte’s space a different shape to the other contestants? It seemed more of a box shape rather than a long, thin one room.

    • Hey Natalie πŸ™‚

      You’re right, Josh and Charlotte did have a different space – it was definitely more square and seemed way bigger too… they even had a balcony!

      It will be interesting to watch how all the couples go with the bathroom challenge. We’re hoping to see some new ideas!

      • Hey Ed,

        The flooring is from Carpet Court and is called ‘Regal Oak Doulton’ timber on ‘Timbermate’ underlay. Happy shopping πŸ˜‰

        • Hi Gina, thank you very much for this!

          I actually found my way to Carpet Court earlier, but I would never have matched the samples with this floor on my own.

          Thanks again and great site.

  2. Hi do you know where Charlotte and Josh got their artwork for the living area? The two cow prints can’t find them on the block shop. Thanks Kim

    • Hi Emma

      That’s a tricky one! Do you recall what the vase looked like (size, shape)? We’ll do our best to find out πŸ™‚

    • Sorry Sarah! We scoped out all the top homeware stores they usually buy mirrors from including Mirror Mirror, Freedom, The Block Shop and Clu and couldn’t find it πŸ™ Unfortunately they didn’t keep a supplier list of these elimination rooms so it’s a challenge to find out where all this gorgeous stuff is from!
      If anyone knows, please share! And if we somehow find out, we’ll send you an email, x


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