Product in focus: LIFX the light bulb, reinvented

It’s hard to believe that ↓ light bulb ↓ is so clever that you can control it from your smart phone — not just turning it on and off, but changing colours and even syncing it with music.

Phil Bosoa is the CEO of LIFX and here’s what he has to say about the product.

Smart phone controlled light

“LIFX is a LED light bulb that’s controlled with your smartphone.

“The idea started with a friend over a beer. He was renovating his house and wanted to have a switch to control his lights without having to cut into the wall. We thought — you must be able to do that wirelessly and that’s really what started it.”

Phil and the other brains behind LIFX (Andrew Birt, Andy Gelme, John Bosua, Ben Hamey, Dave Evans and Guy King) put the project up on KICKSTARTER in September 2012.

“We raised 1.3 million dollars in six days,” said Phil.

Within six months the product became commercially available and you can now buy it online. LIFX is shipped worldwide and designed to work in all countries operating within 100 to 240 voltage range.

“In today’s connected society, there are just a lot smarter things you can do with a light bulb to create a better environment for you lifestyle and that’s the reason behind LIFX.”

Check out this ↓ short video ↓ to see LIFX in action and if you get hooked (like we did!), you can buy yours online here.

Image: LIFX


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