I recently got my hands on a Cody robot vacuum cleaner and am officially in LOVE so I thought I’d write a review to run through the key features, and pros and cons of this smart little machine.

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Key features

Intelligent anti-drop sensors and smart navigation

You hear a lot of mixed reviews about robot vacuum cleaners and inferior ones have fewer sensors which can mean you have to follow along behind them to constantly get them unstuck or avoid falls down stairs — hardly time-saving or convenient!

These issues are minimal with Cody as it has smart navigation, anti-drop and anti-collision sensors which keep it on track, and help it to navigate out of tight corners. 

Cody has 11 anti-collision sensors to detect and avoid obstacles, and a soft bumper cushion at the front to prevent it from damaging walls or furniture.

Smart navigation means Cody follows a smart path to make sure your entire floor is vacuumed. I like that I’m able to confidently run Cody while I’m out of the house, knowing it won’t be smashed to pieces at the bottom of the stairs when I get home!

Cody robot vacuum cleaner

Smart integration

If you love tech, Cody’s ability to be controlled via the Smart Life app and compatibility with Google Nest and Amazon Echo will probably appeal to you. You can use voice command to tell Cody to start vacuuming your home and it will!

Personally, I just use the remote it comes with or press the single button on the machine which sets it to do an auto clean.

Clean design

Given the robot vacuum cleaner is likely to be on show in your home, you want it to look good, right?! I don’t think they get much sleeker than the design of the Cody, and you have your choice of matte black or white.

As well as looking good, the design WORKS. Cody has a V-shaped roller brush that sweeps and lifts while its powerful motor vacuums dirt and dust straight into its high capacity dust bin. Cody uses a two-stage HEPA filter system to reduce airborne allergens while vacuuming. It works on most floor types including wooden floors, tiles, marble and low-pile carpets.

Scheduled clean

One of Cody’s coolest features is scheduled cleaning. You can schedule when you want it to start vacuuming your home using the app or remote controller. It can also be scheduled to clean every 24 hours at a set time. 

Auto charge

My favourite feature though is that this robot will navigate its own way back to the charging dock once it begins to run low on power. That, along with the ability to schedule cleans, means you can set it and forget it — allowing the Cody to do its thing and keep your floors clean!

Remote and manual


It’s clear Cody is loaded with features and I’ve found it so convenient to have ‘added help’ to keep my house clean. The floors in my home require daily vacuuming — two young children and a dog will do that! — but running my own business and having my hands full with the kids makes it difficult. It’s amazing to have this clever machine take care of vacuuming while I’m out of the house or occupying the kids. 

I was skeptical about how much this vacuum would pick up but it has real power behind it. You can set it at either an intense suction mode for dirty floors or silent mode for daily use and to save power. I use it on our polished concrete floors in our main living areas, timber floors in the hallway and entry, and carpeted floors in the bedrooms — it never ceases to surprise me how much it picks up!

Cody has a range of cleaning modes to choose from, including an edge clean where it will simply go around the walls of a room — ideal for those of us with pets indoors. There’s also a spot clean where it will clean in a spiral pattern.

I also like that this machine comes with a 12-month warranty so should you have any issues, the friendly team is there to help. Oh, and free delivery is another perk!

Cody vacuum cleaner


Having never owned a robot vacuum before, it did take me a little while to get used to the machine and to work out how I could best use it to make life easier. Even with all of the smart navigation and sensors, this vacuum can become stuck around furniture. Once I read the manual and saw how they recommend placing furniture, such as keeping all dining chairs together, it avoided this issue and I began using the machine every day.

Usually, I will do a quick tidy of a room and lift most of the items off the floor, bring in the Cody robot vacuum cleaner and set it to do an ‘Auto’ clean. Then when I return home, I have a thoroughly vacuumed room or zone of the home. I’ll empty the dust bin, allow it to charge and then do the same thing in another section of the house. Simple!

Cody isn’t suitable for all flooring types though, such as high pile carpets or areas that have rugs with tassel details for example. I also have rugs on top of carpet in some rooms of the home and find Cody can get stuck between these two levels (usually because the rug has bunched up and isn’t level on the ground). Once I got used to Cody’s capacity and where it could run into issues, I just became more mindful of where I used it and now find it a really convenient and useful appliance to own.

There haven’t been any issues with the machine though — it’s powerful and reliable, and I love that the dustbin has a large capacity so it can vacuum the whole house in one go. The only cons of the machine are mainly about my understanding of it and working out the best way to use it.

If you’d like more information about Cody or to get your hands on one, check out the website here.

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Disclaimer: this product was gifted.

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