So I think I’ve become an Ikeaholic…

I can’t believe it’s already been five weeks since we moved into our new home!

As much as I’m loving it, settling in has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. Our garage is overflowing with ‘stuff’ I still need to sort out and there isn’t one room in the home I’m completely happy with — hence the lack of ‘room reveals’ (but I promise they will be coming soon!).

I think I had quite unrealistic expectations that I would move into the new place and within a couple of weeks, I would have received all my new furniture, styled all the rooms and even hung all the artwork… let’s just say the estimated shipping time for a lot of furniture isn’t that accurate so I’m caught in a bit of a limbo state where I know what I want to achieve in my home but haven’t got what I need yet to pull it off.

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Home office Ikeaholic
Corner of my home office starting to take shape

To be honest, it’s been a bit frustrating. So what’s a girl to do? Well, I’ve become an Ikeaholic.

In the past week and half, I may or may not have gone shopping at IKEA four times! It’s probably a combination of the novelty of finally having a local IKEA store and the instant gratification — seeing, buying and walking out of a store with the products I want — of shopping there… plus their Christmas ginger bread biscuits are too darn good. (I’m pregnant, you can’t judge me!)

So what have I bought you may wonder? Oh you know, storage solutions, kitchen utensils, window furnishings, cushions, decor, lighting. Yeah, I’ve identified I have a problem.

Fingers crossed the items I have on order from other retailers arrive soon or my house may soon resemble an IKEA catalogue.

A little while ago we asked some of Australia’s top designers and stylists what their number one style tip is and Julia Green wasn’t joking when she said creating a stylish home takes time and patience!

I’m excited to start sharing room reveals of our home soon and in the meantime you can keep up to date over on my Instagram account 🙂

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    • Hi Anthea,

      YAY! I’m so glad you’ve got a move in date, you must be so excited! I know I was so over waiting to move in by the end of our build and the constant delays were always disappointing.

      Ha ha, I can totally relate to the overwhelmed feeling and I just try to remind myself I’ll get there eventually. I didn’t want to keep any of our old furniture for this house so when I look around I can see how I want the interiors to look even though they’re not quite there yet. I think it’s better to take your time and get things you love and know will work rather than just try to fill every space quickly.

      Selecting window furnishings is such a headache… I feel like it will be the window saga all over again, lol. I got a quote for what I thought was quite a modest solution and it was almost 20K… so for now that’s out of the picture. To have some level of privacy, I just got some temporary blinds from IKEA (only $5 each!) which filter the light and offer some privacy but these will all be replaced when we get to finding permanent window furnishings.

      Bubba and I are going well 🙂 I’m due in mid-Feb so it’s starting to get real!

      Best of luck with your move!

      Gina xx

      PS – That lamp is actually from Kmart (only $20) and I got the globe from IKEA!

  1. Haha, you made me laugh! Yay for Ikea!

    We finally have a move in date of next weekend and while I’m very excited that we are almost in, I also feel a bit overwhelmed about getting everything set up and organised. I also still have lots of furniture and storage solutions I would like to get. We’ve orders window furnishings for the kids bedrooms but we haven’t ordered anything for the rest of the house yet – still debating exactly what to get. I’ll be interested to see your Ikea window furnishings.

    And when is bubba due? Hope you are keeping well.


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