The Block Glasshouse Wrap Up

The Block Glasshouse wrap upThe Block Glasshouse wrap up

Whoa, that was the weirdest Block auction, ever!

First up was Chris and Jenna’s apartment. They were the underdogs during the entire series so anticipation was excruciating when their apartment hit the $1.5 million reserve price within seconds and then sat there, foreverrrrr!

It was nail biting to see if it could tip over reserve. And then, it set off and kept going until they walked away with a handsome $310,000 profit, selling their apartment for $1.81 million. Kudos to their exceptional auctioneer!

Beaming Chris and Jenna can't believe their luck! Image via The Block Twitter
Beaming Chris and Jenna can’t believe their luck! Image via The Block Twitter

That impressive start to the auctions had us thinking everyone would walk away with big money.

The Voss brothers, Shannon and Simon, were up next with a reserve price of $1.575 million, less their $10,000 bonus = $1.565 million. It quickly hit reserve and kept going until they snapped up $335,000 profit, selling at $1.9 million. This was going to be a tight race.

Celebrating their win! Image via The Block Twitter
Celebrating their win! Image via The Block Twitter

Then Max and Karstan took the hot seat with a reserve of $1.7 million, less their $30,000 bonus = $1.67 million. One of the main bidders bought Shannon and Simon’s apartment and the room was awfully quiet when it came to selling Max and Karstan’s apartment. No one could believe it when their apartment sold for just $1.71 million. The huge, north-facing apartment was tipped to sell for the highest price. Max and Karstan couldn’t hide their devastation when it was all over.

Newlyweds were all smiles before bidding. Image via The Block Twitter
Newlyweds were all smiles before bidding. Image via The Block Twitter

Darren and Dee were stunned by Max and Karstan’s result and hoped their apartment would get things back on track. Their reserve was set at $1.4 million but after winning two of the challenges they got a $30,000 bonus = $1.37 million reserve price. We don’t know what their auctioneer was thinking to set such a low opening bid and then go up in only $10,000 bids! It stifled the price early and then it didn’t move. Darren and Dee were absolutely shattered when it was all over and they only made $10,000 profit, selling at $1.38 million.

Darren and Dee trying to be optimistic. Image via The Block Twitter
Darren and Dee trying to be optimistic. Image via The Block Twitter

To say Michael and Carlene were nervous was an understatement. They could see the auction had slowed and with a reserve price of $1.4 million, less their $20,000 bonus = $1.38 million, they were on the edges of their seats. Things could not have gone worse during their auction with it failing to hit reserve. It looked like they would call it in but then they were forced to accept a bid of $1.39 meaning they also walked away with $10,000 profit.

Michael and Carlene tried to put on a brave face before bidding started. Image via The Block Twitter
Trying to put on a brave face before bidding started. Image via The Block Twitter

With that the auctions were all over and brothers Shannon and Simon were announced the winners, scoring an additional $100,000, setting them off with a hefty $435,000!

Meanwhile everyone was in tears and feeling guttered, especially for parents Michael and Carlene, and Darren and Dee, who spent months away from their kids to both only walk away with $10,000. (Sure, some people felt bad for Max and Karstan too but $40,000 is a lot of money, add onto that a free wedding and it’s hard to feel bad for them!)

We can’t believe how the auction took such a big turn for the worse after the boys apartment sold and are devastated our favourites Michael and Carlene didn’t walk away with more. It goes to show the highs and lows of reality television.

We know the best is yet to come though for all the contestants. Former Block contestants have branched out into television, product design (Josh and Jenna lighting range for Beacon Lighting), ambassadorships (Bec and George for Nostra Homes), and interior designer and styling (Alisa and Lysandra, and Bec Douros). This talented bunch will all go on to bigger and better things!

It’s sad to see The Block Glasshouse wrap up! The room reveals of this season were some of the most exciting, well designed and stylish rooms of any Block. Looking forward to doing it all again in early 2015!

Were you stunned by the auction results? Who were you hoping would win? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I watch this show fatefully eagerly waiting for room reveals. I cheered for my favorites Chris and Jenna, Darren and Dee, and the others each week. Then the auction came. I was surprised at how high the reserves were and did not think that the contestants would make as much money as they did last season, but still thought they would make out okay and their hard work would be paid handsomely.
    Wow what a downer the end results were. I felt so bad for all of them. Chris and Jenna and Simon and Shannon did not even get a chance to celebrate their winnings. It was sure rot.

    I live in Canada and I am sure if Australia listened very quietly that night they could of heard my gasp when Max and Karston only won 40k, and the other only 10k. I think anyone watching is sadden for them, and wished that they at least received 75k for all their hard work. They deserve it! I think in the future The Block should make sure the contestants are paid more than $700 a week to compensate them for all their hard work on the show if they are going to make the reserves so high. 2 Million for an apartment is a pretty penny and it does not matter what country you live in. It is just too high!

    • Hi Marlene
      Thanks for posting! Wow, so great to have someone all the way from Canada checking us out 🙂
      You summed it up so well in your comment – it was a total gasp! We hope that the bottom three contestants get rewarded now with some great sponsorship or ambassadorship opportunities. They worked way too hard to just get $10,000 at the end!
      We can’t wait for next season and there are rumours going around that Dee will be on it again! What a surprise that would be!

  2. […] Darren and Dea were smiling ear to ear when their apartment sold for a whopping $835,000 above reserve! It was made even sweeter when they won the additional $100,000 seeing them win the series with $935,000 tax-free profit in their pockets. WOW. Kind of makes up for last series. […]

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