The Block Triple Threat Wrap Up

Darren and Dea
Winners of The Block Triple Threat

Over the past three months we’ve watched Darren and Dea, Tim and Anastasia, Jess and Ayden, and Josh and Charlotte work themselves silly to renovate that rundown complex into four luxury apartments on The Block Triple Threat.

And tonight we were on the edge of our seats as the auction aired! Would the apartments sell above reserve? Will the couples be rewarded for all their hard work? Who will win?

Seeing those low reserve prices (hidden in a cake of all things) we were feeling good about the auction and had all our fingers crossed.

First off the rank was Tim and Anastasia. Boy oh boy were these guys glad they came back to The Block because they smashed every previous Block auction record, selling their apartment $755,000 above reserve!

Next up was Jess and Ayden. They went into The Block hoping to win enough money to put a deposit on their new home and with the opening bid they had already made enough to build the entire house and some! The bids just kept rolling in until they clocked up $665,000 profit. “Life changing” said Jess who was clearly numb with shock and happiness.

Darren and Dea
Winners of The Block Triple Threat

Darren and Dea were smiling ear to ear when their apartment sold for a whopping $835,000 above reserve! It was made even sweeter when they won the additional $100,000 seeing them win the series with $935,000 tax-free profit in their pockets. WOW. Kind of makes up for last series.

Last up was Josho and Char who were hoping there was still money left in the bank for them. And money there was, seeing their apartment sell for $2,200,000 — that’s $810,000 profit!

So yeah, that Block auction smashed every previous record! Crazy stuff but so exciting for all couples.

What did you think of the auction? Tell us in the comments below!

The Block Triple Threat wrap up


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