The ups and downs of building a kitchen from scratch

The Home magazine

It’s no secret I found designing our kitchen a challenge!

I called on all of you to help me plan the kitchen layout and finishes, and used your suggestions to create a plan for our kitchen.

This week I share the ups and downs of building a kitchen from scratch in the latest edition of The Home digital magazine. The Home magazine is the only free design and lifestyle magazine on iTunes covering home tours, DIY projects, decorating ideas, resources, industry advice and special reader offers.

The Home magazine

Here’s a little taste of the feature…

“Since we demolished our house last year, there have been what feels like a million decisions made, and many of the most difficult ones were about the kitchen. I had a basic plan for the space — I wanted a wall kitchen, island bench and butler’s pantry — and that’s where the plan ended, so there were a lot of decisions to still be made ranging from where to put all the appliances to what type of cabinetry and lighting we wanted. The sheer number of choices, and the anxiety associated with getting them right, was the biggest hurdle I had to overcome.

Kitchens are costly. And it’s a space that needs to stand the test of time. There’s a comforting sureness in going with what’s already been done and safe, but if you don’t want a ‘vanilla kitchen’, it can make things tricky.

“If you’re like me and don’t want your home to look like everyone else’s, you start steering away from the norm, and that’s when it gets scary! The best way to persevere: do your research and collect samples. I went to a range of kitchen showrooms, designer kitchen stores, and trawled Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.”

Read the rest of this story and check out the full magazine by downloading it for free from iTunes.


  1. Oh I’ve just been through a new kitchen design for our Reno, it’s a tricky thing especially if you are on a tight budget. I actually have a similar set up with a pantry /scullery connected to the kitchen – to hide all the ugly appliances & mess 🙂

    A new Home Magazine – I haven’t heard of that one, cheers for that. Downloading now for a peek.

    Mel xx


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