Top 10 Must-Have Home Decor 2015

The other day we read Chris’ hilarious 10 Home Decorating Trends You Need to Retire in 2015 post on The Life Creative blog, and it got us thinking about what’s in this year…

We have come up with our list of the Top 10 must-haves in home decor 2015. Do you have a favourite? Tell us in the comments below! Or is there another item you would put on the list?

Top 10 Home Decor 2015

Shop these items:

1. Zebra decorative box $148 from Jonathan Adler

Decorative boxes are timeless home decor item that are trending in a big way at the moment. While there are a stack of different boxes on the market, this high-fired white porcelain box with hand-applied gold surface finish from Jonathan Adler is a luxe item that’s worth investing in.

2. Stylish tray like this ‘Fractured resin tray’ $650 from Kelly Wearstler

Another investment item is a stylish tray. Again there are more affordable options on the market but anything Kelly Wearstler will have longevity in your home (even Greg Natale has invested in her pieces in his apartment).

3. Fresh pendant lights like this Chestnut pendant light $159 from Curious Grace

Hand folded in the Netherlands and made from FSC certified butterfly paper, this pendant light is a fresh change from the industrial and metallic pendants that dominated 2014. Available in a range of colours to brighten up any space.

4. Marble book ends $115 from Marble Basics

Marble continues to be trending hotter than ever in 2015. The ladies at Marble Basics have an ever-growing online shop with trivets and trays, decorative boxes, and ‘The Marble Step’ which can be used as a paper weight, book ends or even a door stop.

5. Bold rug like this limited edition Ninja rug $2100 from Fenton & Fenton

We’ve long admired Mr Fenton’s limited edition dhurries and in 2015 bold and colourful rugs are right on trend. Take some risks this year and introduce tasteful amounts of colour into your home.

6. Natural belly basket $29 from Olli Ella

These baskets are an instant way to add warmth to your home. Not just for storage, we’ve seen stylists use them to put pot plants in too!

7. Limited edition art prints like this ‘Knot’ print from Kristina Krough $169 from Norsu Interiors

Chris says those ‘City’ wall prints are one of the decoration items we need to retire in 2015, so what to hang on our walls instead? Well if fine art is out of reach (which lets face it for most of us it is!), then picking up a limited edition art print is what we recommend! Love this abstract and geometric print from Kristina Krough.

8. Natural reindeer hide $329 from Cowhide Rugs Online

Ok, we know this item won’t be on everyone’s must-have list but we love these sustainably-sourced reindeer hides for a striking feature in your living room. Pull off Scandinavian-chic with ease with these hides imported from Finland.

9. Brass candle holder $24 from Zakkia

Beautiful and simple, these candle holders create the luxe feeling without the price tag.

10. Natural cushions like this ‘Fringe’ cushion $240 from Jardan

Last year’s cushions were neon and metallic, and this year there’s a noticeable shift back to more earthy materials and natural fibres. We love this cushion from Jardan with fringe edging, it’s a little bohemian without compromising on style.


  1. YAY!! I’m on trend!! We bought a reindeer hide from Finland when we were there Christmas 2013. I can’t WAIT to get it out and use it once we move into a slightly bigger place! It’s so beautiful and feels wonderful

    And just in case people get funny about them, in Finland, they eat reindeer so they are not killed for their hide – that’s just a bonus.

    • Ohhhhh soooo jealous, Dan! We’re yet to get our hands on one. We’d love to see how you style it when you move into your new place 🙂


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