Triple Threat on The Block 2015

The Block Triple Threat

As soon as The Block Glasshouse wrapped up, we heard rumours that Dee was signing up for the next Block series!

What the?! After she stormed off the show following the less-than-great auction results? We thought ‘surely not!’…

It seems we were wrong.

Today The Block Facebook page updated their cover photo showing three previous Block-star couples returning to the show in 2015 and their profile photo has been updated to “The Block Triple Threat”.

Triple Threat on The Block 2015

Do you recognise all the couples in the photo?

On the left we have Bec and George Douros from The Block Skyhigh. They were known for their New York inspired bedroom, luxurious bathroom and floating bed.

In the centre are Matt and Kim, also from The Block Skyhigh, who became famous for delivering what was arguably the worst room in Block history — you know, the paint splattered room that was dubbed ‘the crime scene’? In the end, they found their style and delivered a beautiful apartment that heavily featured concrete rendered walls.

On the right… well, we don’t need to introduce them do we? Darren and Dee just completed The Block Glasshouse and Dee made a name for herself when she ripped into judge Shaynna Blaze, calling her ‘A bogan from Wantirna’. Love her or hate her, Dee will be coming back in 2015.

According to Jen at Interiors Addict, “Only one of the three couples will get to play against the new couples, who have yet to be announced”.

Of course we’ll be keeping an ear out for more news and reporting back to you. You can also expect us to watch and report back on each room reveal as we did with The Block Glasshouse.


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