There’s a new bathroom flooring material: Water resistant timber flooring by Carpet Court

When it comes to bathroom flooring (or flooring any wet areas of the home), most people generally think there’s only one flooring option — tiles (or perhaps also vinyl?) — but Carpet Court has just released a new product that’s specifically designed to be used throughout an entire home including wet areas!

Using a similar click and lock system to laminate, the ‘Multilayer Hybrid’ clips together to create a seamless timber flooring finish throughout your home, making it an option for DIY enthusiasts too.

Don’t ask us what they’re made of but somehow they’ve combined the waterproof properties of vinyl with the durability of laminate and the look of timber. Pretty clever.

There’s a wide range of timber finishes to choose from — ranging from light to dark, soft timber grain to heavy, smooth finish to textured — suiting a full spectrum of interior styles from classic Scandi to contemporary industrial.

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The result is a 100% waterproof rating flooring that’s durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, making it a suitable flooring option for all areas of the home.

“Flooring is the basis for any room and any interior style,” says Darren Palmer. “So the fact that Multilayer Hybrid can fulfil the functionality requirements across every space will give renovators the freedom to create a cohesive style that flows seamlessly from one room to the next.”

An additional bonus of this product is that it remains stable in any environment so whether you live in the tropics or snowy mountains, this product won’t be damaged by harsh conditions — even humidity won’t cause swelling.

You can find more information about Multilayer Hybrid on the Carpet Court website here.

Are you tempted to use this water resistant timber flooring in your home?

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water resistant timber flooring


  1. These floors look so good! About to rip up the floors in our new place so I’ll need to get a quote for these… Are they hideously expensive?

    • We were really impressed with this flooring range too and love that it can be used throughout an entire house. I couldn’t tell you the cost though, sorry, but you can use their ‘request a quote’ tool on their website 🙂


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