What’s your top Spring cleaning tip?

There’s only a small proportion of the population who enjoy cleaning, particularly Spring cleaning, so if like me you need a bit of motivation to get into your Spring cleaning… because let’s face it, 7 weeks into Spring you still haven’t finished… then these top cleaning tips might be just what you need.

Over on the EnergyAustralia blog, I’ve joined up with lifestyle bloggers Vivian Panagos of Ish & Chi, Amy Darcy of Eat Pray Workout, and Michelle Thompson-Laing of Keep Calm Get Organised to share our top Spring cleaning tips.

What’s mine you may wonder?

Well each year there are three things I do to refresh my interiors — clean (of course!), declutter and rearrange to find new ways of using existing pieces to make them feel new again.

Top Spring cleaning tip: create an essentials caddy of cleaning products that you can easy take from room to room. Create a plan on how to tackle the cleaning and work through it systematically (don’t forget to delegate tasks to whoever you can!).

Top decluttering tip: simplify your home by donating, selling or getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose. Try to only ‘touch an item once’ before deciding if you’ll keep or get rid of it, and work your way through one zone at a time. Decluttering becomes hard when we keep going around in circles.

Top tip to make old feel new: rather than always buying new decor every season, I like to make my interiors feel fresh by moving things about, creating new arrangements or adjusting the colour palette slightly by introducing only a few new pieces. Interiors are becoming increasingly fashion driven but constantly buying new is expensive and wasteful.

Check out the tips from the other bloggers over on the EnergyAustralia blog here and tell us what’s your top Spring cleaning tip in the comments below… think I still need a bit of motivation to tackle the oven and dusting!


  1. Great tips Gina.

    Just wanted to share an important cleaning task that is often missed – cleaning the gutters. I know your blog focuses on awesome interiors, but gutter cleaning is a task that is so easy to overlook.

    As a suggestion, if you can not safely clean your gutters yourself call in a professional gutter cleaning company. If gutters are blocked up with leaves and debris they will overflow when the Summer storms hit. Avoid expensive water damage by ensuring that water can drain off your roof easily.

    • Thanks for sharing team. You’re too right that clearing gutters is often on the ‘too hard’ or ‘do it later’ lists and it isn’t until there’s house damage that we remember just how important that job is 😉


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