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Shay and Dean laundry styling
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The Block is nearly over for another season and all series, we’ve been sharing our favourite design moments and our top product picks from The Block Shop… and now we’re excited to give you the chance to win your own favourite products from The Block Shop!

The Block Shop is a go-to destination for latest homewares, furniture, lighting, art and more!

This competition has now closed.

Congratulations Robyn, Cindy and Natasha who are the lucky winners of this giveaway! Your $100 Block Shop vouchers are on their way to you. Thanks to everyone for participating, we’ll be sure to run more giveaways very soon!

Win 1 of 3 $100 Block Shop gift vouchers!

Timber bed

How to enter

For your chance to win 1 of 3 $100 Block Shop gift vouchers, simply comment below to tell us…

1. Your favourite product from The Block Shop this season (hint, you can search by couple here)


2. Who you thought would win this season of The Block!

This is a game of chance. Competition closes midnight Monday 30 November 2015. We will randomly draw and announce the winners on Tuesday 1 December. Open to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

Here’s some inspiration from us…

Top product picks

Good luck!!


  1. 1. I’m in love with the still framed print from one fine day that is featured in Dean and Shays living room.
    2. I really hope Dean and Shay win because I love their style and everything they do!

    • Ohhh do you mean the dining table on Dean and Shay’s terrace? Love that piece! And interesting pick for the win – although they have the lowest apartment they still have great views and have made some really clever choices for their apartment 🙂

  2. My favourite product was the Natural Similda Solid Oak dining table used by Kingi and Caro – simple, elegant and timeless.

    I think Dean and Shay will win. They have been consistent in their finishes, taste and styling. There apartment has an easy and relaxed glamour and is delightful.

    The girls? That train wreck is going to need a lot of updating. Gold Coast bling has no place in Melbourne.

    • He he, yeah, we’re not tipping the girls for a win either 😉 Although… at a Block auction just about anything can happen! Fab choice of favourite product, that dining table is a great investment piece.

  3. The Twiggy print used in Shay & Dean’s kitchen by Forman Picture Framing. I think Luke and Ebony will win because they’re the only team who removed walls.

    • We love black and white photography in the home and that print is so cool! Luke and Ebony’s apartment has a great feel about it, we hope they do well at the auction.

  4. I love the ​Recycled Spotted Gum Dining Table, as featured on Shay and Dean’s Penthouse Terrace, it’s just stunning! We have just finished building our home and it’s just perfect for our space.
    I think Dean and Shay will emerge victorious, their attention to detail is just spot on!

    • He he, you’ve got expensive taste in toilet paper! Well, if you win a voucher, you’ll be able to stock up on at least 6 rolls 😉

  5. The nocturnalist side tables used in Dean & Shay’s living room are understated and elegant. They tie in with their apartment beautifully. I think Dean and Shay will win, although Luke and Ebony removing those walls was a master stroke so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. On a side note…you have a gorgeous website and great taste!

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment Joanna <3 We adore those side tables too, so elegant. In terms of styling, Dean and Shay are closest to our taste so we kind of hope they win but are big fans of Luke and Ebony too 🙂

  6. Im backing dean and shay, oh wow the block shop has so many gorgeous products bug I love the /dhurrie-rug- Delhi such a gorgeous piece

  7. Love the nocturnalist side table. Know exactly where it should go in my house! Think that Dean and Say should win as finishings looked great and who could fault Shay’s style.

    • Great choices Elizabeth. We featured Wood Melbourne on the blog over a year ago when they just launched and are so happy the’ve made it onto The Block 🙂

    • Wow, we haven’t seen that rug before Cleo, so serene and beautiful 🙂 We reckon Luke and Ebony are in with a great chance to win… their open plan design is amazing!

  8. I think Dean and Shay will win! I love the little things that make a huge difference to styling such as the gem salt and pepper shakers.

    • We’ve watched every season of The Block and have never seen a couple with such incredible attention to detail. Hopefully it pays off at auction!

  9. I love the ‘Styx’ Mountain Ash Vanity, used in Whitney & Andrew’s ensuite. The stylish natural colour palette really appeals.
    My money is on Shay and Dean to win.

  10. I think Dean & Shay will win, but anything could happen. I love Suzi & Vonnie’s Louis Armchair I just think it’s glamorous

    • That’s so true, anything can happen at a Block auction… like remember The Block Glasshouse when Chris and Jenna nearly won and three of the favourite couples made next to nothing?!

  11. The Warwick Aberdeen sofa in orange is my favourite piece, it’s vibrant and brings the room together. I also think Caro and Kingi will win the block!

  12. I love the concrete Dala horse. It’s so simple but placed in the right spot looks stunning.
    I think Caro & Kingi will win the Block 2015 🙂

    • Looovveeee that chair <3 And you might be right with your prediction... if their reserve is low, they've been consistently good throughout the season!

  13. 1. I love the double copper flower pot Dean and Shay used.
    2. I’d love Caro and Kingi to win, but I really think it will go to Dean and Shay.

    • Caro and Kingi have had a great attitude the whole way through and we’ve enjoyed watching their confidence grow and style evolve. Although their style is a lot more industrial than ours, we’d be happy to see them win too 😉

  14. I absolutely LOVE the sunset storm circle print, it would go just beautifully with my bedroom decor.

    And I think Dean and Shay will win this season of the Block.

    • Ohhhh that artwork is ah-mazing (and so well priced!)… Oh man, every time we run a Block Shop competition our shopping list grows, ha ha!

    • He he, yep, Dean and Shay sure do have expensive but incredible taste! Seems Shay’s not a fan of that dreaded B-word either 😉

    • We thought Caro and Kingi were in with a good shot, it was really nice of Luke and Ebony to swap their auction order for them. There was so much incredible art this season, any particular favourites?

    • They came really close! If Dean and Shay didn’t take that 15k off their reserve it would have been neck and neck. Gorgeous photography artwork!

  15. I was expecting King and Caro to win, they put a lot of value into their apartment with their custom made vanities and rendering. How funny was ttheauction? Suzie looked so out of it. My favourite product was the Wood Melbourne tap ware Dean And Shay used.

    • Ha ha, the auctions are always fun to watch! Caro and Kingi’s apartment was great but we can see why Dean and Shay won, their interiors seemed to appeal to a broader group of buyers. Love love love Wood Melbourne, fab choice 🙂

  16. There were so many great items but my pick would be the gorgeous Black Silicon Pendants with the Amber Diamond Light globe. I was hoping Luke and Ebony would win with their open plan living space – well deserved 2nd place getters though!

    • It was great to see Luke and Ebony pick up their game this season and finish with such a great result – we were pretty worried for them for a while there 😉 Gorgeous pendants too!

  17. I’m a big fan of Dean and Shay – love their attention to detailing, styling and great finishing touches. They were my pick to win (either them or Luke and Eb with their open plan) and I am so glad they did!!
    As for a favourite piece – I had never seen the wood Melbourne Leo round Brass and timber taps before and they are amazing!! So luxury and on trend.

  18. I am absolutely in love with the Ballerina Art Print, so pretty, and would look perfect in my bedroom. I’m wanting to group a few pics above my bed head and that’s a great focal piece to start with. Being a Perth girl was hoping Luke and Eb would win but always knew deep down Shay and Dean had it in the bag.

  19. These give-aways are great. The bar stools in D and S kitchen were my favourite Block Shop products. Great design and suited the architectural space. Thought their high reserve would see them just miss out on top spot to L and E so good on them for the win!

  20. 1. Fantasy dreaming in plum framed print it sums up the Aquarian in me.

    2. Caro & Kingi’s natural feels and welcoming outdoor area makes me feel right at home. Wished they had of won. Congrats to Dean & Shay.

    • We thought they were in with a good chance too! It was great to see Caro really find her style and grow each week – she’s a natural talent!

    • He he, that’s a lovely way to look at it! We were in shock at the amount each couple won, incredible! What’s your favourite piece from The Block Shop?

  21. Love the giveaway, and the Messmate Coffee Table even more! I thought Shay and Dean would win (even without the benefit of hindsight).

  22. Love the Evie Blackwood coffee table, a girl can dream! As much as I loved kingy and Caro I did think that Shae and Dean had it all along. Great mainstream decorating, quality work and products and it’s the penthouse.

    • He he, if you win a voucher you’ll be one step closer to making that dream reality 🙂 Wasn’t it a nail biting auction? We were so worried for Luke and Ebony for a while there!

  23. My favourite pice was the Coral Water framed art in Dean & Shay’s apartment.

    I wanted Dean and Shay to win and they were great competitors throughout the show.

  24. I looooove MERANO NATURAL OAK BAR STOOL BY TON. They’re beautiful!
    I thought Luke and ebony would win because of their open plan apartment

    • Very cool bar stool, love that design! Luke and Eb did so well with their apartment and we’re so happy they did well at auction 🙂

  25. Without a doubt my money was on Dean & Shay. They have been so consistent with their style.
    My favourite product from the season was the Ben-Tovim Design Rough Diamond Chandalier!

  26. I thought Luke and Ebony would win. I’m so glad though that all of the couples did amazingly well at the auctions 🙂 My favourite item from The Block Shop is: Jackson 3 Seater Sofa in Charcoal.

    • It was great to see all couples do so well… The Block seems to get harder and harder each season and they were certainly put to the test! That sofa is so elegant 🙂

  27. Absolutely loved the Jenny Liz Rome artwork in Dean and Shay’s challenge apartment, Bright Pink Part 2. Just stunning! And i hoped that they would take the win, well deserved and well done!

  28. 1. The Leather potty in tan – amazing it would go with anything.
    2. I really thought Kingi and Caro would win, I guess it’s hard being on the bottom.

    • What a cute way to display indoor plants or would you use the leather potty for something else? We thought Caro and Kingi were in with a good chance to win too but pretty sure they won’t be too upset with their winnings 😉

  29. Dan Isaac Wallin Havang Print, simple but amazingly breathtaking.
    I always thought Shay & Dean would win because of their Scandi / Contemporary style appealing to a wider range of buyers. Also the penthouse was sure to be a winner!

    • So true Michelle, they were always in with a very good chance to win (unless their reserve was ridiculous!). And that print is absolutely breathtaking!!

  30. I adore the Merino Sheepskin – I have both a black and a white because I love the texture, softness and natural aspect of it.

    I thought Shay and Dean would win, simply because I liked their style best.

    • We adore sheepskins too – they’ve been on our wish list too long! He he, love your reason for thinking Shay and Dean would win 😉

    • That was the piece they used in their challenge bedroom (that Darren said Ebony and Luke copied, ha ha). Kingi and Caro were consistently good all season… except maybe for that living room 😉

  31. I thought Kingi and Caro would win… but alas the curse of being the judge’s favourite struck again! Can’t go past Dean and Shay’s artwork though – how great is the pink pop in Jenny Liz Rome’s piece: Bright Pink Part 2!?

    • We haven’t heard of that curse… do you think it was Michael and Carlene last year? That artwork is beyond amazing, a few people have picked it as their favourite piece 🙂

  32. Dean and Shay FTW from the start. They have the best taste and execution to match. The Rough Diamond Chandelier is my favourite.

  33. Wow – the Block shop is so fun!! I love the garmi monstera deliciosa print I would team it with a collection of the bob brown glass bottle vases and the Gold paper bags. I loved Caro and Kingi – but I loved the whole show as always!

    • Yep, it’s fun but also a little dangerous, he he… So many incredible products on there and love how they constantly introduce new items 🙂

  34. I loved the open plan design of Luke and Ebony’s apartment, but thought Shay and Dean might win. I like the simplicity of the Shay stool.

    • It was incredible how Luke and Ebony made their apartment feel so different by simply removing some walls… definitely food for thought when planning a reno or new build! And YESSSS that stool is top of our wish list, love it!

  35. I love love love the Oh Deer
    The first time I spied it I shed a tear
    So nice on my wall
    Shay n Dean was my team winning call

  36. I love that retro sand table dining set! Looks like my Mums but in better condition, and colour!
    I had a feeling Dean and Shay would win, they were always on this winning streak!

  37. I am so desperate for a mark tuckey egg cup stool, They are just sooo beautiful. I totally guessed shay and dean would win. their scandi style is just so bang on trend at the moment 🙂

    • Mark Tuckey is such an incredible furniture maker and we love how every piece is unique. Dean and Shay’s apartment was so on the mark, they really deserved the win!

  38. Dean and Shay wow what a beautiful apartment they have both designed.
    I have always wanted some comfortable and stylish stools for my kitchen bench.
    I especially love the custom made stools they had from quazi design.

    • We would take that apartment any day of the week… we can dream right?! And there are few things better than custom made furniture, so beautiful!

  39. My “wow” item was Dean ans Shay’s “Twiggy” print it was something i would never imagine using but so perfect in that space and its memorable! I always had Dean and Shay picked as the winners though Luke and Ebony had an amazing living area and deserved to be close behind! 🙂

    • Black and white photography is so striking and that ‘Twiggy’ print is fab! The layout and design of Luke and Ebony’s living room was so clever, definitely a winning room 🙂


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