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Carly and Leighton lviing room fireplace
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If you’ve been watching Reno Rumble, you would know the show is all about getting a design brief and coming up with a creative solution.

Today we’re so excited partner with our friends at The Block Shop to launch the Reno Rumble competition!

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You know we love to spoil you and with a $300 Reno Rumble Shop voucher (aka Block Shop), you’ll be sure to treat yourself to more than a few new goodies for your home.

Reno Rumble competition

How to enter:

Your design brief is ‘Naturally Nordic’ and you need to select 4 products from The Block Shop that fit this brief.

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Competition closes midnight Wednesday 1 July 2015 and we will draw and announce the winner on Thursday 2 July 2015. Open to Australian and New Zealand residents only. You can enter as many times as you like during the competition period provided each entry is valid and unique.

This is a competition of skill and we will select the winner based on the person who we think best ‘hits’ the brief.

Have fun and hurry to enter now!

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Carly and Leighton lviing room fireplace


  1. Ohhhh what fun!! Ok, I’ve decided to style the dining room and I would purchase:

    The dining table 167 for it’s Nordic design features and warmth of natural timber (

    The Julius chair ( is a beautiful contrast to the timber dining table and introduces black which will anchor the room.

    The Salt and Pepper artwork ( is perfect in the black/white/grey timber scheme.

    And to finish the dining area, I would add a range of accessories including the Ollie Vase ( 🙂

    • Ohhh fabulous choices Carly! Great idea to use black in many of your pieces, really hits the brief, and so does the combo with timber!

  2. Such a great prize!!!

    I pick the bedroom and would use:

    Home concepts Nordic Bed – beautiful piece in the must needed oak.

    Great Dane Reindeer hide – only because the reindeer has already been used for meat and is a sustainable product. It gives the bedroom warmth and is very natural Nordic piece!

    Koh Brass oval Mirror large – to continue the Nordic feel to the bedroom wall – practical and beautiful.

    • Gorgeous, definitely picking up on your natural and Nordic vibe Emma 🙂 Do you have a fourth piece you would select?

  3. This is the winning entry for the Block Shop competition.

    My Nordic bedroom:

    Simple 4 poster bed – light timber, airy and would look fab with washed linens

    Merino sheepskin -warm and natural and gorgeous draped on my occasional chair

    Karpenter vintage bedside table – simple, classic and absolutely timeless

    Hug occasional chair – the charcoal provides balance to the lighter hues and this is a classic shape.

  4. For a bedroom that prompts sweet Scandinavian dreams I’ve chosen the Felix Scandinavian bedside table, Karpenter Vintage rectangular mirror, Ruben Ireland print ‘The Mound’ and Reindeer Hide.

  5. I’d love a Nordic styled lounge room so I’ve picked my favourite pieces:
    Juno scandi sofa
    Nordic Finn entertainment unit
    Marmoset cloud bowl,
    And the Pori print for a little splash of colour.

    Great comp Style Curator! That was lots of fun 🙂

  6. I have a little corner sitting nook with the…
    Hug occasional chair
    Crosses throw smoke
    Vassa Avril Scandi Style nest of tables/ oak top
    Scoop pendants set of 5.

  7. Oh how I long to snuggle up in my perfect Naturally Nordic bedroom.

    The Karpenter Vintage bed would be minimal cosiness personified with the gorgeous Callela Quilt Cover (and you might as well throw in a couple of Pony Rider X cushions while you’re at it!)

    A Great Dane Reindeer Hide would finish the picture perfectly. Who needs colour when you have all these delicious textures??

  8. Well, lately I am really in love with funky and unique-looking lights and this one in the picture is stunning. I think it really adds life to any living space. I would pair it with my red 8-seater sofa because I love colour!

  9. Nordic Love going on here 🙂
    1) Bambi daze cushion
    2)blossom wall clock
    3)porter bedside in natural ash veneer
    4) bear warrior by Ruben Ireland Girclee Print
    …lets get ready to RUMBLE 🙂

  10. Scandinavian and Nordic design is what I have designed my own home around, it is such a beautiful elegant interior design style! I would redesign my bathroom with these dreamy Nordic pieces:
    A Timber Vanity by Christian Cole with a cluster of 3 Scoop pendants by Stephanie Ng Design to one side, a few Zuster wood turned hooks along the wall to hang garments and finally a white grow hanging flower pot by Anne Black to add a touch of greenery and nature to the bathroom!

  11. For the living area, I would pick –
    Vittoria porta 3 seater sofa in shell
    4 Jasper chairs
    Doffee table
    Nord Coffee Table in White

  12. Love the Natural Nordic style, my picks are for a bedroom, the Nordic bed, with American Oak Bedside Tables, Ombre vases in 3 styles and colours and the wonderfully soft Reindeer Hide.

  13. My bedroom could do with a makeover and I love the Nordic style so I would use the Sunny four poster custom timber bed frame – the sand blasted timber is beautiful and raw and would be the hero piece. Styled with the Calella quilt cover and a scatter of cushions.
    The simple design of the Remilled Marri floating bedside table is the perfect compliment to the bed and would house a collection of Nordic accessories including the Tom Dixon Orientalist candle. Don’t you love it?

  14. Ooh this was so much fun! I picked the following for a lounge room:
    A gorgeous painting bringing in a subtle colour pallette: ‘PORI’ DESIGNED BY SARAH BROOKE
    A cozy blanket for those cool Nordic nights: BOBO PLAID BLANKET
    An attractive natural cushion bringing in some warmth: LARGE LEATHER CUSHION
    A lovely deep sofa to curl up on: VITTORIA 3 SEATER SOFA

    • Yay! Glad you found it fun too! And what a beautiful lounge room you styled 🙂 That large leather cushion is one of our all time favourites!

  15. I love a good design challenge and what a beautiful brief! Since the lounge room is such a centre place of living for the home I have chosen to design there.
    To start off I would include the beautiful, crisp and spacious Sheldon sofa 3.5 seater. On the wall as a stunning hero piece to set the tones for the room I would place the amazing ‘unnamed – hand painted artwork’ by United artworks. This brings into the room not just your usual Gray scale Nordic colour pallet but also some depth of colour with hints of blue/grey, pinks and Browns which i believe bring in some of those natural tones. For an occasional chair my choice would be the Alexa arm chair in charcoal. As a small side table I would use the ever stunning scope teak stool. I don’t think you can more ‘natural’ while still fitting so nicely with the Nordic style. These would be my four hero pieces. To style these, in addition to the couple of white ones that come with the lounge chair, I would use a variety of cushions In charcoal, grey, that beautiful soft Nordic pink brought out from the painting and perhaps some dark brown leather to continue to bring in those natural elements. On the side table I would place a cement pot with a draping gorgeous in door plant to give the room a fresh breathe. The occasional chair would be completed with an animal fur drapped over the back. All in all this would be the start of my stunning ‘Natural Nordic’ lounge room space. What fun I would have to continue to style it and complete this room! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity, Kacie

    • When I say charcoal cushions I really mean black! Just clarifying haha 🙂 Since the charcoal occasional chair looks pretty close to black in the images.

      • Wow Kaci, love it all! That hero art piece is so on brief, great choice! You’ve created a gorgeous lounge room <3

  16. Great blog and great competition. My choices for a Nordic man cave are Benetta leather sofa, Pumice Sierra Weave rug, Archer lamp and Soaringly Acryclic framed print. The grey tones in the items and natural materials of wood, leather and natural landscapes is my idea of Naturally Nordic. Cheers

  17. Just realised I can enter more than once.. So I might just do that! 🙂
    For a beautiful ‘Naturally Nordic’ bedroom I would select the Karpenter Vintage Queen sized bed in oak, the multi silk Aqua rug, the Indigo Deer canvas which Iwould pay to have boxed with an oak frame and lastly the Mathilda Clahr Leather Strap in natural. I would order four of the leather straps, two for each side of the bed which I would use to create hanging bed side tables by putting black boards so that the leather straps hold these up. Of course I would all that’s necessary to ensure these aren’t just loose in the straps but are properly attached. For bedding I would use predominantly shades of black, white and teal to go with the rug and painting.

    • Awesome Kacie and good on you for entering more than once 🙂 Very clever idea to make your own bedsides out of the leather straps and what a bold rug choice!

  18. They say first impressions count so in our entry I’d use the Flinders console styled with accessories including Scanda marble and leather vase. Hanging above would be the Clondrisse tree artwork and to the side a scatter of Muuto wall dots. I like the way the blush tones of the wall dots complement the tan in the leather vase. Black and white artwork is very Nordic to me. Thanks for the opportunity to enter 🙂

    • First impressions most certainly do count and what a great one you’d make with this entry! We seriously love those wall dots and the way you’ve combined your items is fab 🙂

  19. Love this comp! Scandi is my favourite style and given I need to do over my toddlers bedroom, I am going with a Nordic babes room. I want a design that can be updated as my little one grows without having to do a complete overhaul so I would use the Alexa Armchair in grey with the beautiful oak legs and simple design. I would use the cross blanket to keep us warm, the merino sheepskin under foot and Muuto wall dots in blush create a functional feature.

  20. What a lovely competition!
    Nordic is all about neutral pallet and is one of my fav styles, simple and cosy!
    For a living room I would pick:
    4. I would definitely add a spark of fire

    A wooden floor would be an extra add to this space

  21. This is fun!! Haha this one will be the masters bedroom. The four items I have chosen would be the Portbou Quilt Cover (love that one!!), Tadao Point Top Concrete Pendants to hang either side of the bed. Textured cushions in charcoal and grey with two feature cushions will be the Mongolian fur cushion and block cushion cover in pink. I think I like this one better than my last room 😉

  22. I love the Nordic style of design!! But making me pick only 4 awesome products in the block shop was so difficult 🙁 but I was able to come up with the following top 4
    – Sne design felt storage basket with leather handles
    – Ombré Copper and Gold Black Design
    – Vaasa Avril Scandinavian style nest of tables (no wonder they sold out – they are awesome!)
    – Vaasa Tyson Modern Danish Style Console

    I hope you agree!!!

  23. Wow! So many amazing things but I’ve fallen in love with the Geoscapaes plant stand by Ivy Muse. It’s absolutely beautiful and really interesting.

  24. My naturally Nordic picks create a stylish little vignette perfect for any room of the house. I’m starting with the Reindeer Hide by Great Dane on the floor, then I would add the Vaasa Marlon sideboard. Behind the sideboard I’d hang the grey and charcoal sailor’s knot print by Emma Clein, and to light up my space I would hang the Scoop pendant by Stephanie Ng design. Love!

    • Ohhh amazing Hayley! Emma of Lumiere Art & Co is one of our favourite artists and that print is so gorg. All fab choices!

  25. I too love the living room as it’s a place to enjoy special relaxed moments with those you love. For the ‘Naturally Nordic’ theme I’ve chosen:-
    1. BOX DAY BED BY MARK TUCKEY, as I believe the use of wood and the neutral tones fit so well into this brief (and it’s just divine).

    2. EGG CUP STOOL BY MARK TUCKEY as it reminds me of beautiful pines found in the Nordic countries and compliments the seating.

    3. LA21 LUNAR ABSTRACT SIZE X-LARGE by Designer Boys Art
    as it’s simple, striking and again conforms to the required style. Also I am a person who would rather have a painting on the wall than food in the cupboard (can’t live without).

    4. NORDIC LIGHT 4 ARM CANDLE-HOLDER by Sedonia because I’ve always loved this piece. It’s classical and contemporary at the same time, it picks up the wood from the other pieces as well as the black in the art and is so Nordic! Love it.

    • Really classic and elegant choices! Loving them all Sandy 🙂 You’re the first to use any of those products and love how you’ve combined them to make such a warm space <3

  26. For a lovely corner of a living area I have chosen the Carl Scandanavian style armchair with the duo throw black drapped over it with a black cushion, the Remilled Marri Floating Shelves completed with a couple of black homewares and starring the super sweet Tiny Landscapes Set of Four by Auf Wiedersehen.

    • Beautiful space Kacie, especially loving how you tied the colour of the Tiny Landscapes in with the chair 🙂

  27. For a Naturally Nordic kitchen space the Merano Natural Oak Bar Stool, Replica Tom Dixon Beat Light Tall Pendant Lamp in grey, Remilled Marri Floating Shelves and the Nordic Tapas board in white.

  28. For the dining area I have selected the Stelvio natural solid oak dining table, Merano natural oak dining chairs, replica Tom Dixon Beat Light Wide pendant lamp in grey and the Concrete Tray Round in black to eco the round pendant lamp above. 🙂

  29. Hi!
    I found all the elements for my dream “Naturally Nordic” entrance hall on the block shop 🙂

    Starting with the Vaasa Tyson Modern Danish Console in beautiful light oak.
    Add a touch of nature and colour with Mara Girdings ‘Sun Mountain’ print.
    The area will be lit by a Honeycomb Concrete Pendant Light
    And finished with a practical touch of Muuto The Dots coat hooks.

  30. I would love to create a serene corner in the lounge room to curl up in with a book. I would use a backdrop of a Black Beech wallpaper mural, add a Kraesten armchair in soothing jade green, a Tesla retro solid ash round coffee table-walnut brown (for my cup of tea and box of chocolates), and an Alvar Aalto collection tall green vase (filled with masses of white lisianthus & lush greenery). *exhale*

    • Thinking outside the box with your wallpaper choice, very cool Bec! And all beautiful furniture and accessories, what a gorgeous serene corner 🙂

  31. For a ‘Naturally Nordic’ entrance that sets the tone and catches the eye my four chosen pieces would be the Ethnicraft Oak Nordic 4 Doors Sideboard, framed above with a white border and slim black frame the stunning Ruben Ireland Marianna Art Print (that would simply be leaning on the wall in typical Nordic fashion rather than hanging), a few Mathilda Clahr leather hanging strap in black to hang your bag/ mail/ keys and in the corner a beautiful single plain white scoop pendant!

    • Ohhh we really like this one Kacie, especially the way you rested that print on top of the console – a great combo and very Nordic 😉

  32. I keep coming up with more combination I love!! Haha can you tell I have so much fun designing things??
    For a lounge room I would use the Retro Contemporary Lounge, Tripod Floor Lamp in black, ‘Rose’ by Jenny Liz Rome would start a black and white gallery wall and the Replica Lindsey Adelman Bubble Chandelier 9 hung horizontally. Black and white heaven!

    • Great to see you having fun with our styling competition Kacie, that’s what we like to see 🙂 You can never go wrong with a monochromatic colour scheme like your lounge room, nicely done!

  33. For a guest bedroom I would feature the Monochrome Series 2 Square Print 2 and the Monochrome Square print 3 by Inkah Art framed side by side above the bed with gorgeous Ragnar Pendants by Beacon Lighting as bed side lights and the Replica Wishbone Chair in the corner. Each of these elements share in both the Nordic style and display beautiful natural elements in their shape and patterns. The bed of course would be layered in monochrome textured bedding, perhaps with a dash of colour (that lovely Nordic pink no doubt).

  34. Okay this willbe my last one – promise!! This one will be a Naturally Nordic baby girls nursery 🙂
    Feature items included the ‘by Nord Deer Cot Quilt Set’, Wave the Flag cushion in Peach, Muuto the Dots Coat Hooks (Rose) and the Le Sac En Papier Paper Bag. Thanks so much for running this competition – safe to say I’ve had fun and successfully/ creatively wasted some time while my husband has been finishing off assignments this week! 🙂 All the best to the entrants!

    • He he, Kacie, good luck with all your entries 🙂 Ohhh loving blush pink and grey tones in this nursery, gorgeous!

  35. For a naturally nordic design brief i have chosen four pieces for a baby/kids room (can you tell I’m deep in the “nesting” phase), including the OWN path canvas wall banner, the By Nord Deer cot quilt set, sheep skin rug and the Alexa Arm Chair in grey…. ahhh

    • Ahhhhh how gorg! All great choices Hailey and congratulations on bub 🙂 Love the combo of the grey chair and sheep skin rug, so warm and cozy <3

  36. I think naturally nordic encompasses a sleek freshness with all textures and patterns in natural fibres. When I think of keeping things natural I envision a nursery where this style would create a cosy nook of feng shui-ed perfection. I would add:
    Edgar chest of drawers in Natural Oak- Brosa
    Felt panel clock from Top3 by Design
    Played rug- pink from Hali Rugs
    Leather basket in natural from Curious Grace

    • Ohhh Krissy love this feng shui-ed nursery, so cozy! Do you mean the platted rug? That felted wool look and colour is gorgeous <3

  37. I have no idea why, but in my head the quantity order (in terms of homewares at least) is either three, six or eight. Need some funky bowls for the kitchen… the minimum is three! Need some artwork for the wall… magic number is three!

    So with that in mind, I’d choose the following items for perhaps an entrance hall. I’d display the prints above the sideboard with a statement piece on one end of the sideboard.
    1. John Martono “Essence”
    2. John Martono “Talk and Move”
    3. John Martono “Intrigue”
    4. Vaasa Marlon Danish inspired wide sideboard.

    This logic goes out the window though when it comes to statement pieces!!

    • He he, love that you’ve come up with a rule for success! Those John Martono inky artworks are so moody and beautiful! Such a statement entry 🙂

  38. Oh wow this was fun!! For naturally Nordic I couldn’t go past the mark tuckey day bed in beautiful wood and natural tones to lounge on an egg cup stool for my coffee and magazine. A long haired sheep skin thrown on for texture and warmth and the Crimean pinecone pendant light emmiting the softest warm glow to make the space even more inviting. So amazing!!!

    • So amazing Melissa! Love the natural materials in all your choices! We would loooove a living room with these pieces <3

  39. I love the design brief Naturally Nordic and had a lot of fun looking at the products on the Block Shop website. I can image a living room that is cosy and warm, where you can sit back and relax. I have chosen four products to fit this idea:
    1. Reindeer hide.
    2. Baha sofa occasional chair
    3. Limpopo side table.
    4. Nordic light 4 arm candle-holder.

    Make me want to sit down with a warm mulled wine

    • He he, sitting with a mulled wine in that living room and with this frosty weather sounds just perfect! Gorgeous choices Julia 🙂

  40. I’ve always loved the freshness of scandi design. A nice twist for me would include an Alexa Armchair in grey, Rubén Marianna Print, Tripod floor lamp in tan, and the classic Scandinavian coffee table. Sooo many possibilities!

  41. When I envision my Natural Nordic brief I think the design should appear effortless, with a clear expression of form. I want a clean look, with use of natural materials. The four products I have chosen for my dream dining room are:
    – Replica Moooi Heracleum Suspension Light
    – Natural Jutland Solid Oak Dining Table
    – Monochrome Series 2 Square Print 9
    – Facet Vase Set Of 3

  42. In this ‘Naturally Nordic’ nook, every piece is made from or partly from natural materials. Starting with the beautiful American Oak love seat by Cranberry Design, I would layer textures and tones with the swoon-worthy Reindeer Hide draped over the chair. A Large Leather Cushion would provide a sense of warmth and luxury to compliment the natural hide. To add height and detail, the Up Up Ceiling Light with patterned clay beads would dangle to the side. Light, airy, natural and uber-Scandi! x


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