Winner of the Duchess & Deco pool umbrella design competition!

We are so excited to announce Christine Tingay as the winner of the Duchess & Deco pool umbrella competition we recently ran!

Big thanks to everyone who shared their designs. It was incredibly difficult to pick a winner with so many beautiful and creative entries submitted.

Ultimately, we all loved this tranquil Shibori design by Christine which oozes of poolside relaxation and reminds us of patterns the water makes in a pool when the sunlight streams through.

Currently completing her final year at ISCD in Diploma of Visual Arts, Christine is also a qualified landscape designer and has operated a successful Landscape Design & Construction business for 20 years.

Tell us about your design?

“I love the moments when you are enjoying the warm sun, gazing at the water and you capture the moment when the reflection and refraction of light hits the water, and it creates glistening, repetitive diamond patterns, paved across the surface,” says Christine.

“My thoughts took me to the repetitive diamond patterns formed by the Shibori techniques, a form of resist-dyeing on fabric. There are numerous ways to fold the fabric and each way results in different patterns.

“I’ve learnt various fold techniques and I used a particular diamond fold for this project. The initial fabric was dipped in my Indigo Dye Vat. I then used the desired fabric and placed it into Photoshop, refining the pattern and changing the colour to a teal green, a colour that is associated with “reflection”, calmness, sophistication, serenity, wholeness, creativity, tranquility and balance.

“I’d like to think that as one looks up to the umbrella, that it will take them to a place of reflection. Would be nice to also see these patterns applied to outdoor tiles.”

Winning pool umbrella design

You’re currently finishing your design studies, talk to us about that.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The studies have helped me cement the creative direction my heart was calling me to.

“Learning new skills, predominately the colour theory and digital design aspects, has given me the confidence and ability to bring together my various creative skills.

“With the incredible encouragement from my educators, I’ve also discovered my creative direction, and what is at the core of who I am as a designer and visual artist — an intermixing of primitive and modern techniques, and digitally enhancing these patterns to create contemporary art.”

Christine will be launching her own design business and we look forward to checking back in with her later this year to find out more about that.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed designs to this competition!



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