Winners of the Chestnut Pendant Giveaway

Winners of the Chestnut pendant giveaway

We were blown away by how many SC readers took part in our Chestnut pendant light giveaway with Curious Grace!

Literally hundreds of you entered the giveaway by joining our e-newsletter community and telling us your favourite pendant colour on our giveaway blog post, or on one of our social media posts about the giveaway.

Winners of the Chestnut pendant giveaway

We used to randomly select two winners and those lucky people are:

– Jacinta N, and

– Cathy B.

For those of you who were really hoping to win, we hear you! And that’s why we’ve already teed up our next giveaway (or two!) which we’ll announce on the blog very soon. But seeing as you’re already part of our e-newsletter community, you’ll be the first in the know 😉

Congratulations to the winners of the Chestnut pendant giveaway and we look forward to giving away even more fabulous prizes soon!


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