Winners of The Block Shop gift vouchers

Supported by The Block Shop

Well it’s pretty obvious we have Block fans among us 🙂 So many of you took part in our giveaway in partnership with The Block Shop to win one of two $100 vouchers to their online store.

You told us what you would buy if you won the voucher and in hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best way for us to have run the competition because now we have a shopping list a mile long of ‘must have’ items!!

Winners of the block shop gift vouchers

There can only be two winners though so we used to randomly pick those lucky people:

– Aleksandra S. and

– Kristy R.

For those of you who were really hoping to win, we hear you! And that’s why we’ve already teed up our next giveaway (or two!) which we’ll announce on the blog very soon. But seeing as you’re already part of our e-newsletter community, you’ll be the first in the know 😉

Congratulations to the winners of the The Block Shop giveaway and we look forward to giving away even more fabulous prizes soon!


  1. Man, I really thought I would get this one lol. congrats to the winners and always such great compeitions on this blog 🙂

    • Sorry Rach, we wish everyone could be winners! We promise to soon have more chances to win though 🙂 Have a happy Easter!


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