Hack: Create wood and colour candleholders

Candle hack

You may of heard of an Ikea hack before — where you buy a product from Ikea and do something crazy to give it a whole new look or function — well today we have a Bunnings hack for you!

Yes, you heard right.

Browsing through the aisles of Bunnings we discovered these natural timber geometric blocks with a handy hole already in place to fit a candle. Queue light bulb moment.

While these blocks look beautiful left in their natural form, you know we love colour and in 2015 a big homewares trend is bold patterns and geometric shapes in strong colours so we have added a few pops of colour to our candleholders.

[ingredients title=”Items you will need”]
  • Wood blocks (we found these in the curtain section of Bunnings and the code is ‘SQ Bun Foot Tapered’ by ‘Leggz’)
  • Paints (we used Haymes Ocean’s Running, Charlotte and Cool Canteloupe from the ‘Relaxed Replay’ colour forecast)
  • Masking tape
  • Paint brushes (easiest if you have one brush per colour)
  • Dinner candles

Items you will need

[directions title=”Steps:”]
  1. Decide how you want to apply the colour and masking tape those areas. Tip: We think it looks best when the colour carries over at least 2-3 sides of the block i.e. run the tape from one face of the block over the top and carry it down the face of another side. This creates more dimension and allows you to add larger blocks of colour.
  2. Paint inside the taped areas and once dry to touch, apply a second coat.
  3. Tape and apply paint

  4. Remove tape and insert candle sticks (you may need to shave away some wax from the bottom of the candle stick for it to fit in the hole, depending on what candles you buy).

Close up of candle sticks

Candle hack

How easy is that?! And just in time for Valentine’s day 😉

Do you have a hack of your own? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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