Yulki’s Home Décor, a hidden secret for crafters and makers

I’ve been an amateur sewer for many years but one thing I find even more difficult than sewing, is finding fabrics I want to sew with! That’s why I was so excited to discover Yulki’s Home Decor — a new online store that sells a beautiful selection of Scandinavian fabrics.

Today we chat with Julie, the owner of Yulki’s to find out her story.

Table cloth

“I love fabrics! I started by collecting several years ago and then eventually thought, why not sell them too?” says Julie.

Six months ago I launched Yulki’s Home Décor — a collection of my favourite Scandinavian fabrics and the well known Marimekko fabrics too.

Your store has a lot more than fabrics though, tell us about what else you stock.

“That’s right, not everyone has a sewing machine or is confident using one so I also offer cushions, table clothes and even curtain services.

“One of the best things about the fabrics I stock is the extra wide width so they’re ideal for making curtains or other larger pieces.”


Where does your passion for fabrics come from?

“I’ve been a maker for several years and found sourcing quality and different fabrics was one of the biggest challenges I faced.

I’ve always loved prints and colour — perhaps it comes from my days of studying Fine Art — but eventually my long term goal would be to design my own fabrics too.

What’s your experience been like launching your own business?

“It’s definitely competitive! But at the same time it’s opened up so many channels to this fantastic community of makers and designers.

“One of the hardest things I’m finding is just raising awareness about the store and letting people know they can access high quality fabrics online.

“Quality cushions can cost well over $100 but I want people to know they can make their own using the same quality fabrics for less than half the price and have fun in the process.”

Red floral fabric

We love your collection of fabrics but do you plan to change up the range or expand your offering in the future?

“I’m really happy with the size of the store and don’t want to try and be everything to everyone but I definitely plan to swap out fabrics as new season lines become available.

“Many of the brands I stock, like Spira, have limited season lines so there’ll always be new fabrics available as well as the classic continuous lines that are so well known.”

Thanks Julie for sharing your story with us. You can find out more and shop the range of fabrics and home décor online at Yulki’s or connect on Instagram.

Cushion stack


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