Zakkia unveil their latest range, now including tableware!

Zakkia 2016 collection

We have been long-time fans of Zakkia’s simple, Scandi-inspired homewares and are super excited to discover their latest collection now includes handmade bowls, oversized mugs, spoons, containers and more.

Zakkia 2016 collection

Zakkia office

Not only have they expanded their range of products, founder Sara has introduced a broader colour palette too.

I introduced lavender, seagrass and soft pink tones in this collection. They are all colours I would like in my home and work really well with the concrete and monochrome pieces that Zakkia is known for.

“The seagrass came about by happy accident. We simply applied a light glaze on the stone and fired it a bit too hot, and what we got was that gorgeous colour that reminds us of the ocean.

“That’s one of the things I love about the hand made process and using a traditional kiln to make ceramics – every piece is a little different.”

Zakkia mugs and bowls

Venturing into tableware was on Sara’s ‘to do’ list for quite some time.

“I’ve always wanted to do more of a tableware range,” she explains, “But it took a lot of experimenting and testing, and working closely with our partners in Vietnam to get the range just right.

The speckle range in particular involves firing the mugs and bowls in a few ways and took a bit of testing to get right.

Zakkia white vessels

And her favourite piece in the collection?

“Ohhh, that’s hard,” she laughs, “I would say the raw mugs. I love the shape of them and find myself having to pick one up every time I walk past them. I also drink a lot of tea so the size is great because I don’t have to refill my mug as often.”

Also new to Zakkia is their first product collaboration with designer and illustrator Emma Kate Co.

“This collaboration combines our design aesthetic with the fun-loving spirit of Emma’s handcrafted brush strokes. It includes hand-poured soy candles in handmade glass vessels with ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good night’ hand lettering.”

Available in mid-March, you can check out the new 2016 Collection 01 range on Zakkia’s website or connect with them on Instagram.

Zakkia brass homewares

Zakkia candle


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