7 of the prettiest pink plants you’ll want in your home

Pink indoor plants are certainly trending at the moment and it’s no wonder why. Indoor plants not only enhance the overall feel of a space, but studies show they can boost moods, reduce stress and help clean the air of pollutants.

Not to mention, pink plants look amazing no matter where you place them! With gorgeous colour variations, sizes and forms available, there’s a pink plant for every one.

Don’t quite know where to start? Read on to find the 7 prettiest pink plants to display around your home, most of which are very beginner-friendly!

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pink plants
Image from @ihugplants

1. Arrowhead

The Pink Arrowhead plant, or Syngonium Neon Robusta if you want to get scientific, is the beautiful pink variety of the popular arrowhead family! Their gorgeous arrow-shaped leaves look like pink hearts, bringing colour and love to any room.

As a low maintenance plant, they are incredibly easy to care for, making it the perfect plant even for the most beginner plant parent.

pink synogium
Image via @horaceandhorticulture
prettiest pink plants _ pink plant in pink pot
Image via @foliage_fixation
Prettiest pink plants _ pink arrowhead plant
Photo via @nature.plants.flowers.life

2. Polka Dot plant

Polka Dot plants, or Freckle Face in Australia, are common houseplants with a wide array of colourful displays. The pink splash variant is a super popular option, but they come in red or white too.

Anyone forget to water their plants from time to time? Us too! Luckily, these plants aren’t drama queens. While they love lots of water, they can survive quite well and will continue to flower, albeit less. They will not, unfortunately, survive the winter, especially if you leave them outside.

It is worth noting in Eastern Australian coastal districts, the polka dot plant is considered a weed by local councils. While still easily available at local nurseries, it may not be recommended in certain areas.

pink freckleface plant
Photo from @plantshopmanchester_
Prettiest pink plants _ pink polka dot plant
Image via @crazy_plantwife
pink freckle face plant
Image via @citrine.bloom

3. String of hearts

The sweetheart vine. Rosary vine. Chain of hearts. Whatever you want to call it, this trendy trailing vine plant features lovely pink variegated leaves, perfect for adding colour to shelves and window sills. They also make for exceptional hanging plants!

The colours will change with the seasons and intensity of light and small purple flowers will appear a few times a year. They have a semi-succulent type nature, meaning maintenance is minimal — most plants will only need one or two waters a week in summer.

hanging pink string of hearts
Credit to @shortieandstrings
potted string of hearts
Image via @wildwood_plantlife
prettiest pink plants _ pink string of hearts
Photo credited to @plantaamorla

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4. ‘Pink Princess’ Philodendron

Philodendrons are the ultimate beginners indoor plant — hardy and happy in a warm indoor spot. With stunning foliage and easy care, it’s no wonder there’s been an incredible spike in the popularity of the Pink Princess variation.

With streaks of bubblegum pink, it’s great for adding a touch of pink AND green to your home. Lower variegated philodendrons are easier to find, but may have less pink leaves. Higher variegated philodendrons tend to be more pricey. Ultimately, it’s all about what you prefer. Who doesn’t like a good game of chance?

prettiest pink plant _ pink princess phildendron
Image from @indoorjungle1990
pink philodendron plant
Image via @actuarialaroids
prettiest pink plants _ philodendron pink princess
From @philodendrose

5. Rose-painted Calathea

This bright, low-growing shade plant has stand out oval leaves the feature a bright pink centre, surrounded by dark green. As a new leaf grows, you also get exposed to the gorgeous purple undersides of the plant.

It’s a stunning plant, but one that requires a bit more care. From requiring a special pot mix and specific lighting, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll definitely be rewarded with this pretty pink plant!

large rose painted calathea
Plant from @plant_world_alex
prettiest pink plants _ rose painted calathea in pot
Calathea from @piddlinplantlady
prettiest pink plants _ rose painted calathea
Image from @bardguttiferae

6. Pink Caladiums

This tropical plant has very similar leaves to the calathea. Caladiums come in a large variety of pink plants, from pink lady to apple blossom, displaying some beautiful colour variations.

Caladium’s leaves will only grow larger and more dramatic with maturity. Displaying a lovely coloured inner leaf, whatever variety of pink you choose will definitely catch the eye of anyone entering the room.

pink lady caladium
Pink Lady Caladium by @rooting.for.y0u
Prettiest pink plants _ pink beauty caladium
Pink Beauty Caladium by @praiseroots
pink caladium
Image from @heyheysundays
pink symphony caladium
Pink Symphony Caladium by @dreamy_plantss

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7. ‘Pink Panther’ Callisia

To finish this round up of the prettiest pink plants, we have the popular ‘Pink Panther’ Callisia plant. With muted striped leaves in pink, green and white, this pink plant can add the perfect splash of colour to your home. With succulent-like qualities, warm and bright is the way to go with this one.

Keep it in a pot by itself, hanging over the edge of shared pots or planted out in a rocky garden. As long as there is decent drainage with semi-regular watering, this beauty will thrive!

Pink Panther Callisia
Image from @justanotherplantparent_
prettiest pink plants _ Callisia Pink Panther
Image from @plant.jungle

How did you find our 7 prettiest pink plants? Do you agree with our choices? Do you have any of these pink plants in your home? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Pink plant leaves
Callisia by @verdantlyfe

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