Heritage beachside home becomes a modern holiday oasis

Today's real home tour takes us to a beachside heritage home in Victoria. With the addition of an ambitious extension, this home becomes a true modern holiday oasis. We...
Utensil drawer

8 kitchen drawer organising ideas: Kitchen organisation made easy

Supported by Hafele Home It’s the time of year to organise your home and today I want to inspire you to rethink your kitchen drawers and make the...
Orange Eco essential oil

The top 10 essential oils you need in your home

It’s hard to ignore the current trend of essential oils! But essential oils aren't a fad — they've been used for centuries for beauty care, spiritual and physical wellbeing, and are now...
Britty Flynn_painting

Cotton candy colours and whimsical strokes from artist Britty Flynn

You know when you see a piece of art and it instantly makes you feel happy? That's the emotional reaction we got when we first spied the works of talented artist Britty...
Canvas Christmas tree

17 space saving Christmas trees: Alternative Christmas tree ideas

With December fast approaching, many of us will be decorating our homes for the festive season... but what can we do when there isn't enough space for a traditional Christmas tree? Try...

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