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Welcome to STYLE CURATOR, a blog about the pursuit of a stylish home.

We are here to share our love of interior design and decorating, renovation and home improvement tips, insights from experts and tours of beautiful homes.

This blog is for people who appreciate design and want regular inspiration and ideas to create a more stylish home.

At STYLE CURATOR you’ll find original articles about upcoming artists, how-tos, top finds for your home and interviews with people in the industry.

Along the way, you’ll also get to follow Gina’s journey of building and styling her new home.

STYLE CURATOR was started in June 2014 by Gina Ciancio as a passion project and has now become her full-time job, along with Interior Styling work.

About us

About Gina

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs of one sort or another (engineers, beauty therapists, designers…) and it was always my dream to join the club of crazy cats.

One day, after a tough day at work, I thought it was about time to get moving on finding my life passion. I thought If I could do anything in this world, what would I do?

As most people would know, that’s not an easy question to answer…

I thought about all the parts of my job as a Social Media Adviser I loved and would want to continue doing — writing, engaging with people through social media, blogging and web design — as well as what really makes me feel inspired and happy.

I’m here to share my love of decorating and design to help you create a more stylish home.

Looking around my living room, home magazines, art books and plans for our new home were piled high. The answer was glaringly obvious.

That evening I founded STYLE CURATOR because I know there are other people out there just like me: who continually redecorate rooms in their home, are hooked on home improvement TV shows, get goosebumps when they walk through stunning homes and save their pennies to buy beautiful home decor.

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