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You’ll find before and after projects of renovations, the best products to style your living room, advice on ways to maximise space and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for ideas to style this room or are about to renovate, we’ve got hundreds of useful articles to help.

One of our most popular living room articles is our top bookshelf styling tips. So popular in fact that we recently shared a part 2 with even more ideas on how you can make your bookcase look amazing.

Also trending are our articles on the top home decor items to style your home, best indoor plants and clever Kmart hacks.

If you’re looking to raise the positive energy of your space, don’t miss our articles on using crystals in the home.

We’ve also got plenty of fabulous home storage ideas to maximise space. For example, how to utilise the back of doors and what to do with that awkward space under your stairs.

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